How to Boost Productivity- Make Every Minute Count With These Hacks

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Dec 2, 2019 13 min read
How to Boost Productivity- Make Every Minute Count With These Hacks

Life has become super fast and each day passes away like its just a matter of a while. Although a day is of 24 hours specifically 1440 minutes to boost productivity which seems to be very little time to complete all the given work efficiently in an entire day. We know that time cannot be changed nor it can be rewind but our dreams and expectations remain constant. We have always heard that life is short and uncertain, without any guarantee or warranty. Undoubtedly you have thought about what to do in order to achieve all our dreams and boost productivity in this half ended life? Nonetheless, you might be thinking that working 18 hours a day or even more will make you valuable & worthwhile. However, this misconception will shorten your already half-used life and you will definitely feel mentally tired and irritated.

To be constructive and profitable giving up on your dreams is not the right solution. To accommodate all your dreams and boost your productivity you need to learn positioning and prioritizing. However, if you spent all your day working hard and the end result isn’t worthwhile, then all your hard work goes in vain. The conclusion determined here is that it’s not about how hard you work or how many hours you give, what counts in the end is, how you excel in the task. It’s important to make every single minute of the day get counted, rather than just doing a task and completing it. This Mantra will boost your output towards work and that’s how you will become successful and makes your dreams come true.

What is SWOT Analysis?
Secrets of Having a Productive Morning Routine
How to be Productive at Work?

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis

Although the next question that must be rolling in your mind is, how to make every minute countable and how can we judge that what we are doing is sufficient or not. We can go little technical here, there is no science or art developed which can give you the sure shot formula of success, but we can take a formula from the nearest approximate science. The economics can be considered to evaluate human science in terms of productivity, as it provides deep insights into real-life situations and consumer behaviors. In economics, a criteria is analyzed for any new product, which is termed as SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis means drawing the four points of a human being or product on the basis of its Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. One needs to analyze all the four points individually before making any conclusion. So, in our case, our product is our life and how to make every minute of the day productive. By analyzing it on these four parameters will provide us the point’s that strength our life, points which make us weak, point to grasp the new opportunity and points that are a threat in our way of success, so without wasting any time lets analysis our life to make it productive.

Strength of life

In this criteria, we need to analyze all those parameters which one need to strengthen to improve the productivity of life. In lieu to make your every minute countable you need to strengthen the following :

  • Believe in yourself and your dreams, as they have the potential to destroy you and succeed you in life.
  • Have a strong vision in life and if you don’t have one, go now and make one immediately.
  • Make a mission in the life and put all your energy into achieving it.
  • Always be focused on the big picture of life and don’t let small bumps scare you.
  • Always multiply numbers to see where the impact is maximum.

Weakness of life

Everyone has a weakness in life and they always try to hide them. This is the biggest issue, one needs to face every freaking weakness of his own and find out the way to overcome them. To put control in life and make it countable, it’s important to get closure to the weak points of it.

  • Make a plan for the day and write it down for the further comparison at the end of the day.
  • To Organize your life organize your house and workplace first.
  • Take a time from your busy schedule and analyze yourself, as only you can find out the real weakness in you.
  • Always stay calm when a difficult situation comes and don’t let your insecurities lead you on.
  • At the end of the day always evaluate all the activities for that day and note down the flaws and add them in NOT TO DO LIST.

Opportunity for life

Life is an occasion of opportunities which throws new possibilities in our daily life, but we tend to not get them. So it’s about opening our eyes and grasping the right opportunity projected on our way and make it worthwhile.

  • Always seek for new opportunities in your career, don’t stick in one place due to your comfort zone.
  • New opportunity doesn’t knock on your door, it’s your attentive nature will help you to catch hold of it.
  • If don’t you find any opportunity which is not possible but then creating your own opportunity makes you smarter.

Threats of life

Well, here we are going to enlist the hurdles in the way of making our every minute countable. We can call them distractions or whatever it suits you. They are like:

  • Too much of  Social media sucks you in. Showing off your vacations, your eateries, and hangout places signify the fact that you aren’t enjoying what you are doing instead just want to influence people.
  • A wrong companion can lead you to a dark future lowering your productivity.
  • You hate routine.
  • You want to feel more accomplished.

List your SWOT in the same way as narrated above and analyze it to overcome the fallback and to boost productivity and be time efficient. These four points are the basic framework on which you should rule out your life to make it countable and coherent. Just take out this structure and map out your life to make it worthwhile according to your personal goals. However, an unexpected surprise to our readers to give you deep insights into productivity we have narrated articles on Mental Sharpness, Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs, Tips to Stay Active after work hours and many more which you can find in Tips.

Secrets of Having a Productive Morning Routine

The best start of a day will help to succeed. The Productive Morning Routine help to become more efficient with the limited time and energy available. But is there anything to do first thing in the morning and before the workday to become more energetic more focused and more productive? There are some strategies that will help to start a good day and help in Productive Morning Routine.

Wake early in the morning and early to bed

The people who are working in daytime are more productive when compared to those who are working in the night. Some study says that people who wake-up on time and go early to bed develop mental strength. The people who wake up on time between weekdays and weekends were more proactive i.e. those who got up at the same time every day are considered to be more proactive.

Think first at night

Sometimes people who wake up in the morning are not able to think clearly of their plans. So, some extra bit of planning at night before going to bed will help in the Productive Morning Routine. It will minimize the morning stress and give relief from strains. An idea to do this thing is setting the timer on the coffee maker and preparing breakfasts or lunches ahead of time and then starting the productive work and making the day better. This is one of the most important things to have a Productive Morning Routine.

Healthy food makes wealthy life

Food is important for being energetic in work. So, take healthy food to eat and that will help to work more productive and have a Productive Morning Routine. The food taken in breakfast may decide the energy level of the entire day. Remember that the body has been fasting for the past seven or eight hours and jump-starting your system with protein-rich breakfast is recommended. It can help you to go endlessly about the daily work. Some quick and easy protein packed options include cottage
cheese, almonds, eggs, protein shakes, and Greek yoghurt.

Self-Control helps productivity

The mind is like the central processing unit which can be set according to energy. People who have a strong internal control to set the mind to be proactive can reach their destiny. Start the day with expectations and work towards achieving them.

Do exercise regularly

Exercise - Boost Productivity
Exercise - Boost Productivity

Healthy food sets the mood. Doing regular exercises in a day will help to improve the mood and an increase the ability to deal with the demands of work and help in Productive Morning Routine. The people who have a habit of doing exercise regularly have a peaceful and constant mind. They don’t worry about little hindrances and just kick it away and go about the next work. Exercising before work can improve the mood and increase productivity levels throughout the rest of the day.

Meditation brings perfection

Meditation - Boost Productivity
Meditation - Boost Productivity

Meditation is also one of the greatest things to do things perfectly. A Productive Morning Routine starts by meditation, prayer, yoga and quiet time. These are all great practices that can get the day off to the right start. The structured and proper meditation helps in prosperity and happiness.

Pre-plan the list of goals

Start the day with a prioritized list of tasks, actions and goals to help make productive decisions throughout the day. Everyone must set goals and targets and make the mind ready to achieve it. So, more productive work is gained only by a prior set of list of actions done in one day, week or month.

Set time for everything

Reaching office at the correct time is the best disciplinary practice. So, setting the correct timing to  reach office is important. Setting prior times will make the day productive and helping you to have Productive Morning Routine.

How to be Productive at Work?

Ask the man living in the modern world what commodity is dearest too him and you get ‘time’ as the reply. And there’s no second opinion to it. Shortage of time can easily be included in the list of problems everyone across the world complains of—rich or poor, young or old; the problem is same for all. An important component that is associated with time is productivity. One can be productive only when he uses the limited span of time available to the maximum possible extent.

This article will give you some ideas and tips that will guide you on how to be productive at work.


Multitasking - Productivity
Multitasking - Productivity

Not everyone has the dexterity of performing multiple actions in parallel. It is a skill that comes with experience. Many out there would be inclined to disagree with the concept of multitasking citing that only one task should be focused on at a time. Well, that’s not wrong but provided you know how to prioritize tasks one over the other, making time for doing two things at a time isn’t all that difficult. This also reveals the next tip i.e. prioritizing.

Prioritize the Work

A common mistake that people commit and end up doing less than they had expected is not knowing which tasks need to be completed immediately and those that can be ignored for the time being. Prioritizing things which are more important over those which are less important helps you stay more productive at work. An effective way of deciding which action to place ahead of others is by analyzing the future outcomes. If the punishment of not doing Science homework is more severe than the one you would get for not completing the English assignment, which one are you going to do first?

Avoid Procrastination

To be honest, procrastination is a double-edged sword; you either get the work done by the deadline or ultimately end up not doing it. By staying away from procrastination, you can be more productive in life. Mind you, it’s going to be a difficult task, similar to asking a smoker to give up his addiction. But look at the benefits—a procrastination free individual would never take things for granted. He or she sees a job at hand and conquers it immediately.

Introspect and Retrospect

To improve efficiency at work, take time to look back at your past. Your past is your best teacher and prepares you for the present and the future. At times when nothing seems to go as planned, it’s best to take a break and introspect in isolation. Maybe the solution to all the problems has been clouded by the monotony of daily life or the regular grinding at the office. Take some time out and think about what went wrong. Going over the reasons for your past work being ineffective and inefficient would turn out to be a savior for the ongoing tasks. It stops you from making the same mistakes again and again.

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Ask Others

This may give the other guy a sense of superiority and maybe even evoke a condescending response from him but sometimes, others’ opinions turn out to be decisive. There’s no need to feel humiliated in asking others as to why you are lagging behind in terms of productivity. Don’t hesitate to take some work efficiency tips from someone who works with you or observes you at work. The answers may be vitriolic but then medicines tend to taste bad!

Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep yourself motivated to stay more productive at work. There will be times when you will feel lethargic. At times you will not feel like working. Keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself about the benefits of doing your work on time. Reading motivational books by entrepreneurs, a note with an inspiring quote by some great man on your work desk or some inspiring video, find out a way to keep yourself motivated and work your way to success.

Define Your Own Deadline

Don’t wait for someone else to give you deadlines. Challenge yourself, define your deadline and try to do things faster. As the famous quote says, “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Try to work better and faster every day. Competing with yourself and doing serious effort for self- improvement is one of the best ways to improve efficiency in the workplace.

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Take Cues from the Next Person

No, don’t imitate others. Rather, observe how people around you function. There’s a high chance that you may stumble upon some technique to be more productive.

If there is someone around who is faster and better at work, observe in what way he works differently than you. Try to adopt those habits and techniques and you will surely become a more efficient worker.

Have a plan

Plan - Boost Productivity
Plan - Boost Productivity

Having a plan to utilize any given day or week goes a long way in keeping things organized and at the same time allowing ample room for accomplishment. As mentioned before founders have a lot of things to do, and planning about getting it done could be overwhelming. Creating a list of thing to be done in a short time is an essential step to attaining proper time management. A list will give an air of clarity even if it is long and overwhelming. At the beginning of the week, make a weekly plan that will list the key objectives to be accomplished in the week. This will act as a guideline for the daily plan. Any activity that is not directly related to this guideline in accomplishing the weekly objective has to be analyzed and removed. A successful entrepreneur is able to identify these actions, thus having a great impact on their business.

Keep distraction to a minimum

The key to becoming a successful business leader is the ability to stay focused. The power of focus is undeniable for any successful entrepreneur. Being able to have a focus on commitments is an effective strategy for time management and proper utilization of time.

Tackle undesirable tasks first

Every now and then there are going to be some tasks that are least desirable on the to-do list. However, they have to be completed so it is better to get them out of the way first. Putting them off will only make the work more tedious and reduce overall productivity.

Cool your aggression

Being aggressive with the timeline of work, if done in the right way, can be great quality. However, pushing the boundaries and missing out on the timeline constantly can be a source of negativity in the long run.

Learn to say "No"

Do not become a people ‘pleaser’ just because of the fear of offending someone or missing out on an opportunity. Learn to say ‘NO’ when required and it will become easier to reach goals. Saying No to fewer potential partnerships will surely help in the long wrong, hence saying NO as an entrepreneur is important.

Share your responsibilities

Responsibilities can be shared by empowering the employees and assigning a different role for everyone. This will not only make the employees feel like are part of the team but also improve the company’s morale and productivity. In case there is a need to micro-manage the team the hiring process must be re-checked.

Immediately finish the simple tasks

In case there is a task or a mail that can be finished in five minutes, do it right away. Do not put it off because it will cost more than five minutes in the long run.

Ascertain the purpose of each task

One way of prioritizing tasks is by defining the clear purpose of the task. There are two questions which need answering for this. First - why does the task need to be done? Or what is the intended outcome of doing this task? Second - Is there a requirement for personal involvement in the task? The first question answers the clear purpose of the task. The second helps to ascertain if the task can be delegated to other employees.

Use technology to make the task simple

Try out new apps or tools to see how it affects productivity. Often apps and tools help in completing the task more efficiently and stay organized. Keep checking for new apps and tools to find if some might help the company.

Automate and systemize

Find a way to automate and systemize the process of running the day to day activities of the business. Identify every moving part of the business, let's say the marketing process or customer acquisition, and create ways to make every step easier.

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Finally, everything seems easy going in theory and the tips stated above are no exception. It is going to take a good amount of efforts to actually bring these suggestions into practice. But be sure these techniques will surely make you more effective at work.If you have any other tips that helps you improve your  productivity at work, do share with us in the comments below.

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