How to manage stress during the Second wave of corona

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
May 10, 2021 6 min read
How to manage stress during the Second wave of corona

As we entered the new decade, the pandemic took a major turn. Being stuck at our home with the deadly virus outside has made lives really tough for people. It resulted in anxious behaviour and massive depression symptoms.

People are suffering from a huge breakdown during the pandemic. The second wave of Covid-19 is majorly affecting the mental harmony of people. As the cases are rising, things are getting more difficult and concerned.

What if I am next? Will my family survive this never-ending pandemic? How should I prevent my mental health? And plenty of such questions are stuck in our mind on loop. Our mental health needs proper caring and concern.

To our knowledge, we can’t control the global pandemic situation on our own, but what we can do is prevent ourselves by following safety measures and taking care of our mental health.

When we feel anxious, we prefer taking a walk around the park or meeting our close ones. But due to this dreadful situation outside, it's better to take care of ourselves at our home. It's okay not to be okay during such tough times! But, do not lose hope over these rising numbers. It is a tough time, indeed, but stay positive and take care of yourself. This too shall pass!

Well, before coming to any decisions, take a pause and think about what makes you happy. This pandemic has allowed us to take a break from our busy lives and give ourselves some time. Focus on the pros before you list out the cons.

Here are some tips and methods that you must take a read, for your mental wellness.

Focus on your skills and work
Learn from the first wave experience of yours
Reach out to your mental health needs
Write down your emotions
Don't believe WhatsApp forwards

Focus on your skills and work

Things have absolutely changed as compared to before Covid situation. Many startups and businesses are going through some major downfall. The revenue and responses are degrading and the true potential of entrepreneurs cannot be discovered. Meanwhile, the cases are rising with dreadful speed. But, we know it's not entirely in our hands, so instead of stressing over the corona cases, focus on brushing up your skills and your work through a digital platform.

Utilize your time and energy towards the productive aspect of your life. Learn new skills and work on the digital platform for the uprise of your business and work. Seek out every opportunity and utilize it by being productive over your work. Evaluate your working performance and strategize on the areas where you lack. This would help you to be a productive and better version of yourself.

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Learn from the first wave experience of yours

When we look back to the first wave of the pandemic in the year 2020, we think about the chaos and the non-productive activities. Through the year 2020, we wasted a lot of time and ended up being entirely inactive. But, now as we again go through the same phase, we need to be more proactive and not repeat our mistakes from the first wave.

We went through some rollercoaster of emotion back then, but now we need to focus on our priority and deviate our mind from the stress to something we like doing. Take a tiny step ahead and get started with what you need to utilize your energy in.

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Reach out to your mental health needs

We are all different from each other and so are our minds. Every human being is made structurally, emotionally, mentally, and physically different from others. Therefore, the requirements and needs for each individual are different and special.

We need to identify those special and distinct needs of our mental health and strategize our way to have them. Our mind is very delicate, so it requires special care. Every individual has their way of dealing with situations.

Some like working on themselves to cope with mental stress while others might need some alone peacetime with themselves. We all are unique and special in our way. So, focus on your mental health needs.

Mental Health Tips
Mental Health Tips

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Write down your emotions

Not everyone is a writer, well, that's true. But, writing your emotions doesn't mean you have to show them to someone, you are doing that for yourself. You are fighting your battles and you are expressing them in your writing. You do not have to write a masterpiece or something.

Just write down your emotions and work on your mental peace. Writing is an excellent form of expression that helps you gain mental resilience. Psychologists say writing is an incredible therapy that lets your deepest emotions come out on paper. Write about your thoughts, frustrations and experiences on the pandemic and how it is affecting your mental health.

When we feel anxious, writing is the best way to calm down. This would absolutely help you in knowing facts and things that are majorly affecting your mental health.

Our mental health is affecting the most during the pandemic and for that, we need to work on ourselves to face those devastating consequences. Writing is the best way to cope with it. Try it and you will feel the difference.

Don't believe WhatsApp forwards

There are a lot of rumours out there that we are making so much panic among the people. When we know that there is still hope outside and doctors, bed are absolutely available for those who are suffering and people are helping, it helps our mental stress to calm down. And we get the comfort that we need. But, those rumours spreading around are making things worse for people. It is affecting our mental health so much.

It's not that you should not keep yourself updated, but don't obsess over the numbers and situations. Check once to keep yourself informed about the situation but, don't believe everything that comes on WhatsApp. Check the updates from an authentic source. And, stay safe.


What are the 7 components of mental health?

The Seven Dimensions include Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Vocational, Social, Emotional and Spiritual health.

How can I improve my mental happiness?

Manage your stress levels, Boost your self-esteem, and Talk and share, These tips will help you improve your mental happiness.

Does mental health bring happiness?

According to the Origins of Happiness report, eliminating mental health issues such as depression and anxiety would increase happiness by 20%.


We don't have any specific idea on when this pandemic is ending. But,  we should not lose hope for it. We do know this will be over. And until then, we need to take proper care of our health as well as our mental health. Stay home and stay safe.

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