How To Stay Productive Amid Pandemic

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
May 1, 2020 4 min read
How To Stay Productive Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 has not given us anything where as a long span of free time. This time can be either utilize this time or can waste this precious time. It is the well-known fact that- It takes only 21 days to change your habit i.e. you can add any good habit in your habit collections or you can delete any of your bad habit. The choice is yours, in which you want to work. Let us see about the positive sides and discuss some of the productive ways, how to stay productive amid pandemic.

There are some of the ways- how to stay productive amid pandemic which are followed by most of the people including the market leaders and many other who wants to be in such position. They are:-

1) Learn a new skill

Stay Productive with learning a new skill
Stay Productive with learning a new skill

Whenever, you are bored by the work you are doing, you always think to learn a new skill in which you are interested. It can be anything i.e. coding, dancing, singing, photography or anything else. Now it is your time where you are having a good amount of time to learn a new skill. So, you can invest this lockdown period in improving these skills so that you are better equipped to make progress with your project once the world is back to normal and can be act as a value addition in your personality. There are many online course platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity, Udemy, etc. which are giving you offers on your favourite courses that you can choose from. Some of these courses are affiliated to universities so, you will be getting the Certificate which can be include in your CV. Check today about the discounts on some of your favourite online course platforms during the pandemic which can help you in getting a new skill.

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2) Build connections

Stay Productive by building connections
Stay Productive by building connections

The COVID-19 has only one solution i.e. social distancing from other people. This is the time where people are spending their most of their time on social media taking care about social distancing. Take advantage of this opportunity to build a great networks and connections. Try to make your social media presence stronger by participating in different talk with the people, you want to make connections.

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If you are thinking about- what to talk to a person sitting far from your home then, I can give you an instance which will get fit in all situation. This instance can be about COVID-19 as, everybody is now talking about COVID-19 and sharing the challenges they’re facing, so it’s really quite easy to join the conversations right now and make yourself known. Since everybody's working from home and likely missing having people around, they would be more open to engaging in conversations and will make you and the person talking with you, more comfortable.

3) Keep yourself updated

Stay Productive by keeping yourself updated
Stay Productive by keeping yourself updated

While working, if you are not able to catch up all the updates about anything you want then, now is the time to look up on those updates which you have missed. You can bookmark or manage all the items, you want to serious complete it. This is also a new and alternative way to give yourself a break from reading COVID-19 news. Now this can be the best time to keep track of the goings-on in the world by staying up to date with industry news and trends and which can help you in taking your future decision at any point of time.

4) Planning

Stay Productive by planning for your future
Stay Productive by planning for your future

Plan your future steps of your career or your any part of life. This the ultimate time where you can take time to decide every step of your life and work according it to get a great success in your future life. You can also about all the mistakes you have done in your life and how you can overcome them if they comes in front of you in the upcoming future.

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This planning can also consist of the financial planning which can be very beneficial in your future. You can plan about the investment options and many other options where you can grow or multiply your savings of your life. The ultimate goal behind this planning is just to grow in your life and donot have such situations in your life, whose solution is not there in your mind.


The ultimate goal behind this section of blog is to guide you to properly utilise your present moment of time as, such free time will not come in the future for such a long span of time. Once you able to make a good you of this time then there can be no looking back i.e. you will be able to get a good output in your upcoming life due this time where you have worked on yourself and not on such thing which you don’t like or don’t want to do.

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