12 Reasons Why You Would Open a Fitness Startup in 2020

12 Reasons Why You Would Open a Fitness Startup in 2020

Health and fitness is the biggest treasure for every person. Without it, all other treasures like wealth, or property is nothing more than a heap of dust. Imagine you have lots of money and an enormous property but you are so ill that you can't even stand or move. What will be the need for that wealth? The concept is crystal clear and understanding the gravity of the topic, more and more people are getting aware of the need for health and fitness.

As more people feel it important to maintain good health, they find up ways to stay fit and the best way for that is healthy eating and daily exercise. The eating habits of most people are unhealthy and unbalanced which makes their body a hub for diseases. This makes them more stressed about their health. And all these factors have contributed to the rise in demand for health products, gyms, yoga centers, organic cosmetics, and much more.

As soon as there was a hike in demand, the supply has to be increased so that equilibrium can be brought into society. To do so, more and more organic food and cosmetic companies, yoga centers, and gyms are coming up.The entire thing has paved the way for health startups.

Fitness startups
Fitness startups

The health startups have seen a great evolution since the last decade.

  1. If we look into 2010, there were traditional fitness centers like boot camp-style workouts, fitness boxing, and classes like Β Afro-Cuban, Zumba, Bollywood, and ballroom dancing. There flourished an idea to involve people in physical activities differently so that they can have fun alongside a good healthy body. The trainers had to teach such techniques to people using traditional practices. Since 2010, personal training has increased by manifold in popularity. The demand for such training was not just by rich and famous, but also by everyday gym users.
  2. Then, from 2011 to 2013, the growth of fitness clubs became skyrocketing. The trend of different programs and physical activity opportunities was almost doubled from 2010 to 2013 since 2008. It was the time when the concept of fitness started circulating enormously. The people started to think of numerous ways to stay healthy and fit and as a result, intermittent fasting, low carbohydrate, and gluten-free diets came into the trend and are popular even today. Wearable technology has evolved during the same period that included fitness tracking devices and it became easier for people to track their health.
  3. 2013 to 2016 was the time when a great wave of fitness trends was seen. Primal, body-weight training, and movement-based, everything became popular. Traditional equipment used for exercise was also used by then but a new range of equipment including kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension, and much more has also come up. Fitness centers started to come up in every nook and corner and more people got conscious about their health and fitness status.
  4. From 2016 to now, the trend of a vegan diet has come up from several documentaries as well as films, especially on Netflix like The Game Changers, What the Health and Cowspiracy, everyone has seen more and more people becoming Vegan. People have also replaced dairy milk with almond and coconut milk. Moreover, vegan clothes that are completely plant-based. Even the biggest brands like Adidas have started producing such clothes. More and more fitness gyms have come up because of the Instagram hashtags. Youngsters started to feel the gym to be an important part of life.

This is how we all have reached here. The demand, as well as the popularity of fitness products or fitness centers, have never fallen in the last decade. It is increasing and just increasing on a more rapid scale. From clothes to food, from gyms to fitness devices, demand is growing endlessly. New instruments are coming up and are getting famous in no time.

Now, any company can see this situation in two ways. Either it may believe that the competition is so high and it can't survive and the other is that there is a huge opportunity for high profits in the future. The companies which look at the competition, will not even dare to take the risk but the company which looks at the opportunity, will not stop from the fear of loss. Success comes to those only, who dare to take risks. Whatever the situation, everyone looks at that with their way or mindset. So, it's up to you that you are considering it as an opportunity or a big threat.

The field is an opportunity from my point of view. You can earn heaps of profit from this business and will not have to repent in the future about the same. Here are the 12 reasons that will make you think the same:

1. People want to invest in fitness

The fitness craze has raised to such an extent that people are having a keen desire to spend on it. The sedentary lifestyle of people has paved the way for more fitness equipment and products as more and more people are becoming conscious about their expanding waistlines and fitness. So if you provide them with good facilities and the endurance of positive results, people will not think much to invest in your business. They are ready to pay any amount but what they want in return is fitness. You ensure them to make them fit and success will be at your hands. Provide them a fit and active lifestyle, weight loss solution, and a perfect body as they are ready to take out time from their busy schedules so that they can visit the gym and are willing to invest money.

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2. Good deed

By opening gyms or providing other fitness products, you are doing a good deed which will provide you mental satisfaction along with huge profits. You are contributing to the health of innumerable people and are making them ready to fight any disease, you are removing their inferiority complex by bringing their body to the perfect shapes, you are improving their overall personality and confidence level. What can be better than that? There are many businesses which fool people to earn but you are making them fit and healthy, to earn. You will feel positive and energetic that your source of income is such great work.

3. Subsidiary income sources

Suppose you are having a gym, you can sell supplements, proteins, and much more so that they can focus more on their health and get the desired body. Moreover, you can give them weight loss products, or branded gym apparel, or even technological health devices and add to your profits. Once you are training the individuals, if you suggest any protein shake or any other such things they will be willing to purchase it from you and you can sell it without much effort. Moreover, if people visit the gym daily, they would require good clothes so that they can share their pictures or videos on Instagram. So they will be keen to buy branded apparel or smartwatches and other fitness equipment.

4. Not seasonal in nature

Unlike many other businesses like manufacturing woolen clothes, the fitness business is not seasonal in nature. The trend of fitness never gets old as it is a lifestyle. Once a person understands the significance of fitness and starts gyming, there is no way back. He will become more and more dedicated to his health every day. So, the business is not seasonal which means that you will never get out of money. Your profits will be spontaneous throughout the year. Moreover, there will be a sudden hike in the gym users during the new year as most of the people take a resolution to be fit and healthy for the upcoming year.

5. Never out of trend

Your business will never get out of fashion unlike the clothes and most of the things today. The trend will keep on increasing without looking back. So, you will be running a safe business that provides you with the security that your profits will never crash but keep on rising, and that too on a large scale. So, once you have settled your business and settled to bring customers regularly, there is no going back. You will fly higher in the future without chances of coming down. The area is definitely a powerhouse of success and you will not repent.

6. All sorts of people

According to FitnessVerve, The fitness business is not limited to a particular class, caste, religion, or gender. Everyone is interested in it, irrespective of their ages. From teenagers to youth to middle-aged to old aged, from women to men to transgender community, from Hindu to Muslim to Sikhs to any religion, fitness is the right for everyone. So, your profit will come from all the directions. Everyone wants to stay healthy, fit, and disease-free. So, your business has a target audience that involves everyone. You can take your business to great heights, taking the benefit of the situation.

7. Several options

The fitness business is not limited to just gyms today. You may undertake a fitness franchise, produce fitness apparel, invent a fitness device, and much more. You can even start your fitness cafe for only people following a vegan diet. So, whatever field you belong to, you can become a part of the fitness business and earn easily.

8. Small or large scale

You can run your business on a small or large scale, whichever you want. You can expand your business whenever you want and that too without much effort. If you have doubts in your mind about whether you should invest in the business or not, you can start it on a small-scale and expand it once you have earned enough profits and have enough demand. It will not give a pressure of more investment for your startup as you can start it with the money you have.

9. Success rate

Everyone wants to do a business having high success rates. The fitness industry is emerging to be one of the highest success rates in providing industries. As the demand is continuously increasing, the supply must be increased so that equilibrium can be reached. The demand for fitness is more than ever before and this has paved the way for the fitness business. You need not fear much if you are associated with this business. You just need to do your best and success will automatically come to you.

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10. Less need for marketing

Suppose you have built a beautiful gym with amazing design and great facilities. People will come up and click their pictures or videos while workout and post them on social media platforms. Many people will come across the picture or video and will be attracted by the facilities and design and will inquire about your gym. So, such businesses don't want much marketing as the existing customers themselves will do it.

11. The balance between personal life and work

Often, the manager of the gym need not stay there for the whole day. He can focus his attention on any other business or his family as he need not spend his time managing the gym. This keeps a balance between the personal as well as the working life of the manager. Moreover, you can enjoy a vacation without any stress of who will handle the work or how will the deadline be achieved? You can enjoy it the way you want.

12. Growth prospect

Everyone wants a business that not only earns enough profits but also has chances of future growth. The fitness business is so easy to expand and manage that it can be expanded to any desired limit without much effort. You can expand your business as soon as you find out that the demand is high and that too without stressing about it.


The fitness craze is skyrocketing. Just take the benefit of the situation and consider it as an opportunity. Just start your business and soon, there will be no going back.

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