How to Start a Personal Training Business

Souvik Dey Souvik Dey
Nov 02, 2020 7 min read
How to Start a Personal Training Business

If you are enthusiastic about working out and being fit?  Then become a personal trainer with this starting a business with this will be very much profitable for you. Personal trainers work with an individual to help facilitate diet and fitness goals. Personal trainers help a variety of individuals to achieve diverse goals regarding their health. The market for fitness training is large and includes all ages, body types, and goals. Increased awareness of the importance of fitness has made the industry stable. This profession gives you the chance to connect with people on a personable basis and help change their lives for the better.

Starting any sort of small business is difficult.  It takes dedication, hard work, and determination. If you are a beginner or already started then this article will help you to how to build, grow, expand, or market your personal training business.

There are many great things about becoming a personal trainer like:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Satisfaction
  • Low Overheads
  • Lot of options
growth in fitness sector
growth in fitness sector

1. Training And Qualifications

A personal trainer is not an athletic trainer. A personal trainer can work with people of any age in strength conditioning, cardiovascular exercise, the physiology of muscles which includes stretching, motivation, and finally physical fitness.

  • The skills needed to become a personal trainer are spread across several areas like great people skills, self-management abilities, drive, a strong work ethic, and good health. The job of a personal trainer is to work directly with people, sometimes one on one and sometimes as a group to increase fitness in various ways.
  • Most prospective employers for a professional personal trainer want to know you are "certified" and hold a certificate from an accredited program.
  • You should also have a basic understanding of the structure of the human body and especially the bones and muscles, the effects of exercise, nutritional basics, safety, and some of the science behind what you will be doing.
  • Before you decide on where you want to get your certification or training, you need to examine your vision and goals.

Characteristics of a Good Trainer

Personal trainers need to have a multitude of skills. Just some of the characteristics that will help you include being:1

  • Analytical
  • Motivational
  • Nurturing
  • Organized
  • Patient
  • Persistent

2. What Kind Of Training Do You Want To Do?

You might think that personal training is quite a straightforward thing, but there are a lot of options to choose from. The first and most important decision you will have to make is what kind of training you want to do. It can be broken down into different methods, such as:

Fitness Instruction - Teaching fitness classes is a high intensity an in-demand skill that it almost always pays to know. Fitness instruction can take on all sorts of disciplines.

Working In Business Offices - It is a slightly rarer form, some personal trainer work in busy office buildings, giving the people who work their access to fitness training as a perk of the job.

One On One Training - One on one training is what most people think of when they hear ‘personal trainer’. Here, you build up many clients who you work with one on one for a set amount of time each week.

Hotel Or Spa Training - Many hotels and spas will often hire personal trainers as a way of expanding their offering to clients.

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3. Decide Your Structure

Now, you will need to decide how you want to work and plan business according to that.. Personal trainers are always in high demand, so there are many options open to you. If you don’t want to be employed directly by gym or club then you have two main option – one is either you can set up your own or buy a franchise. Both of these options work well for different people, and there is a lot of growth and success in each of these.

Go It Alone

If you want complete ownership of every single thing of your business, from the name to what areas you operate in, you are much better at forming your business from scratch. You will be able to choose what direction you take the business in. You will also be responsible for sorting out your insurances and other activities. Remember, if you choose this option, you will need to register your business as a sole trader or a limited company.


The other option is to buy an existing business in the form of a franchise. Instead of starting from the beginning on your own, you buy a franchise of existing personal training business. However, it’s often not the cheapest. Unlike running your own business, where you get to choose where your money is spent and how much.

4. Market Research

Once you have conducted your market research, that data will help you how to plan your business strategy around the services you offer.

  • By using your existing network via your email list or your social media channels you have access to many audiences. If you need a broader audience for your survey, you could ask a specific demographic to share your survey.
  • In your planning for your personal trainer business, you need to be confident that you are putting your efforts into the right things. By doing this you can improve the quality of your business decisions.
  • Using online surveys determine what your clients want to learn more about and get more support. With this, you can make sure that you are giving them what they want.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have options to post polls. Posting similar surveys across each platform can give you a good idea of how to plan further processes.
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5. Invest in Right Equipment

At some point in set up, you’re going to need to spend some money. A personal trainer who will be seeing most of their clients either at their own home or in an outdoor environment might need:

  • Dumbbell and weight sets
  • Sandbags
  • Boxing equipment
  • Kettlebells
  • Body weight leverage training systems
  • Steps
  • Stability ball
  • Balance trainers
  • Battle ropes
  • Weight machines
  • Flooring (you will need to invest in proper flooring for both stability)
  • Gym clothes
Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment
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6. Marketing of Personal Training

  • Industry Blogs - A great way to showcase your expertise in health and fitness is by writing for reputable topics. Make a list of various websites and magazines in the industry and reach to them in charge of content.
  • Build an Email List - In the marketing world, there’s a saying, “the money is in the list.” As a personal trainer, building your email list can end up being your number. And send frequent emails.
  • Engage with Clients on Social Media - Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, starting (and continuing) the conversation with people who interact with you on social media is crucial.
  • Apply to Every Personal Training Directory - A simple Google search and you’ll find that there are tons of personal training directory listings to help you get more exposure and allow your services to be seen by more people.
  • Brand Your Personal Training - Branding your specific exercise strategy is a great way to separate yourself from the hundreds of other personal trainers competing for clients.

7. Payment methods

The range of payment options you have for fitness services and online personal training. The best solution always will be a compromise between what your clients trust the most and what works best for your business management strategy.

  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Recurring Payments
  • Card Payment
  • Online Payments( Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay)

Be More Than ‘Just’ A Trainer

Of course, there’s no such thing as ‘just’ a trainer. You can turning yourself into a more attractive offering and making your clients more ‘sticky’ to you. Here are just a few common examples of extras you could offer as a personal trainer:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Meal planning
  • Massage
  • Competition training
  • Holistic training
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