5 Most Successful Recurring Payment Gateways In India

Sweta Sweta
Feb 25, 2021 8 min read
5 Most Successful Recurring Payment Gateways In India

Customers find ways to make their life easy by subscribing services they need. This is why subscription and recurring payments are the parts of busy lives. If you are also one of them who is looking for a recurring payment gateway to receive subscription payments in India or overseas, read on.

In this article, we will tell you how to identify ways to collect money. This can be done using an auto mode which is a monthly subscription and recurring payment system enabled. This is done by the recurring payment gateways.

What are Recurring Payments
Recurring Payment Process In India
Recurring Payments System and it's Need For Subscription
1. CCAvenues
2. RazorPay
3. PayPal
4. LotusPay
5. PayTM Subscription
Final Words

What are Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are transaction that offers the merchants to process authorizations. These are multiple authorizations for the same customer. A recurring payment can be either multiple or fixed payments. It can also be repeated billings.

Recurring payment gateway

Global digital services providers also offer where the user pays for subscription on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. such providers are MailChimp, AWS, Aweber, and many more.

The service providers outside of India charge money in US dollars. They charge a subscriber regular without any intervention from the service provider. But in India, a customer has to authenticate payments with the second factor. An automatic subscription fee system was not possible for Indian service providers.

Recurring Payment Process In India

The situation in India is a little complicated as we have undergo a two-factor authentication system. Therefore, we need a recurring billing processor. Recurring payment processors don't allow online payment without OTP (one-time-password).

Everyone in India are used to OTP to process any online transaction. When we see one-click transaction on Ecommerce platform like Flipkart, Amazon; it's not a amazon application rather a payment gateway. Those who're aware of payment gateways found that OTP is a must process which is mandatory and can't be skipped.

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Recurring Payments System and it's Need For Subscription

Subscription Vs One-time payment

When you buy a product or service, you pay for it. Most of the time you pay for once. And also can be done online using a payment gateway. There are various such payment gateways that are available. You can use one of them to grow your business. Yet, several business models are encountered. When you need to pay at regular intervals. Such as for the Netflix subscription or Disney+Hotstar subscription. The subscription and recurring payments need a manual by customers to exit.

A customer needs to authorize its bank to make automatic payments. For such services and hence it saves a lot of time. This can be a great option for businesses as this doesn’t need to follow up users.

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How does this work?

Generally, a customer buys or sign up for a service using a payment gateway. The customer needs to pay for the service at a regular interval. However, these intervals can be weekly, fortnight, monthly, and even yearly.

features of recurring payments

The customer needs to provide payment details such as credit card or debit card at the time of first payment. The given payment details are then recorded by the payment gateway (not by the merchant). As bank allows any transaction, subscription, or recurring payment gateway. They have already arranged such an offering with the banks.

At the time of subscription renewal. The system sends a request to the payment gateway for the payment. According to the previous authorization, it secures the transaction. And process the money to the merchant.

Recurring payment gateways in India

1. CCAvenues

Using CCAvenues you will go beyond billing and to the recurring invoices. This delivers an automated subscription experience that is awesome to use. You can create a subscription plan that matches your business. Also, this collects recurring payments using many payment modes.

CCAvenue features

It simplifies the payment process for the users and ensures timely transactions. CCAvenue saves you from the complex calculations. There will be no delayed transactions with automated CCAvenue subscriptions.

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2. RazorPay

You can now set up recurring payments using the UPI. UPI AutoPay or UPI recurring allows merchants to set the instrument for debit users. This not only helps existing businesses giving you a wider audience. It allows businesses to explore new revenues to incorporate up-autopay.

Pricing for Razorpay

Compatible with major UPI Apps -

UPI recurring is giving adaption across major UPI Apps. it is supported by BHIM, HDFC, iMobile, and upcoming more support.

Razorpay for digital platforms -


All digital platforms have a subscription model to offer better user retention. currently, the only option for subscription is using cards. This limits the target and potential of their platform.


UPI Autopay helps digital platforms to reach out to the new segment of users. These users do not use cards but want to subscribe to the platform.

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Razorpay for insurance -


Insurance providers in India have been trying to make insurance more affordable. There is a demand for premium payments. And opposed to a bulk payment made yearly.


Razorpay UPI Autopay has offered Indian insurance providers to meet the demand. By giving them the option to set monthly premiums for insurance.

Razorpay recurring payment Charges

The standard Transaction fee for Payment Gateway:

| Plans | Pricing |
|--- |--- |--- |---
| Indian debit and credit cards | 2% per transaction|
| Net banking from 58 banks | 2% per transaction |
| UPI & Wallets | 2% per transaction |
| Dinners, Amex, International cards & EMI | 3% per transaction |
|Additional charges on subscription | 0.9% charges to every payment |

3. PayPal

Approximately 200 million global users use PayPal to accept payments online. It controls over 35% of the global payment. This is a great choice to receive payments for memberships and many more.

Subscription working in PayPal

PayPal subscription offers to manage recurring payments for a given service. Using this type of payment, it provides options to set billing interval, frequency, and many more.

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4. LotusPay

LotusPay is the recurring payment solution for businesses in India. NACH platform provides simple dashboards, REST APIs, and mobile SDKs. This is all to manage users, plans, subscriptions, payments, and settlements. It collects the funds securely and payout to you quickly. Everything is automated.

Pricing for LotusPay

How it works -

  • You will get to create generic plans using different amounts, frequencies, and durations. You can even get to create a plan for variable payments. Custom subscription can also be created for specific users.
  • Users will get authorization links on your branded page. You just need to add your details. And authorize the mandates.
  • The process is done securely using banking channels. It will be get activated in 1-2 working days. When the payments are due, it automatically debits the user’s bank account. This is done as per the subscription schedules. They pay out the collected funds to you.

Pricing of LotusPay -

| Plans | Pricing |
|--- |--- |--- |---
| Standard charges | 1% per successful transaction |
| Maximum fee | Rs.50 |
| Minimum fee | Rs.5 |
| Monthly fee | Rs.0 |
| Setup fee | Rs.0 |
|GST taxes applicable |

5. PayTM Subscription

PayTM allows subscription payment flows which helps merchants to collect recurring payments. This is done without explicitly going again for the repurchasing process. This process is used for products that are consumed on daily basis. The transactions are made periodically by the users.

PayTM business steps 

Final Words

Debit and credit cards are the first choice for a digital transaction in India. Therefore, all of this can change using UPI. UPI(unified payments interface) will be easier for recurring payments. This allows pull-based transactions.

Using this, the merchant only needs to initiate the transaction to debit subscription payment. Then the subscriber will receive the authentication request wit an m-PIN. this is what it makes it more easily without requiring account or card details. Recurring subscription payments happens only on credit cards. Today, there’s a possibility that it can happen in debit cards as well.

I hope you may have understood the recurring payment model.

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