5 Most Successful Recurring Payment Gateways in India

5 Most Successful Recurring Payment Gateways in India

Customers are able to ease their lives by signing up for the services they require. This is why subscriptions and recurring payments are integral elements of our hectic daily lives. If you are among those who are seeking a recurring payment gateway to receive subscription payment in India or any other country, read the article below.

We'll explain how to collect money. This is possible through an auto mode, which is a monthly subscription with an automated payment system that is activated. This is accomplished through recurring payment gateways.

However, before you jump into the list, let us understand what is a recurring payment gateway.

What is a Recurring Payment?
How does Recurring Payment Work?
Which are the best recurring payment gateways in Inia?

  1. CCAvenue Payment Gateway
  2. Razorpay Payment Gateway
  3. PayPal Payment Gateway
  4. LotusPay Payment Gateway
  5. Paytm Payment Gateway


What is a Recurring Payment?

Recurring payments are transactions that are performed repeatedly and regularly over a specific time.
Recurring payments are transactions that are performed repeatedly and regularly over a specific time.

The recurring payment is the type of transaction that gives merchants the chance to process authorizations. These are authorizations that could be different to the specific customer. A recurring payment can be fixed or multi-faceted. It could be also repeated billing.

Digital service providers around the world also offer services that allow users to pay for a subscription on a month-to-month basis, quarterly, or annually. These providers include MailChimp, AWS, Aweber and many others.

Service providers who aren't located in India charge customers with US dollars. They will bill the subscriber monthly amount without the involvement of their providers. However, in India customers must prove that they have paid by using the second method. Automatic subscription fees are not possible for Indian businesses.

How does Recurring Payment Work?

The situation in India is somewhat complex due to the two-factor authentication procedure. This means that we're required to use recurring billing processing. Recurring payment processors cannot accept online payments without an OTP (one-time password).

Every single person living in India uses OTP to process every online transaction. When we consider the transactions that are made with one click on the e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. that isn't really the same as an Amazon app, it's the payment gateway. Anyone experienced with payments gateways knows that their OTP is a procedure that must be followed and can't be avoided.

Features of Recurring Payments
Features of Recurring Payments

Typically, a customer purchases or registers to a particular service by using the payment gateway. The customer needs to pay for the service at a regular interval. These intervals could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

The customer must provide the payment details like debit or credit card at the time of the initial payment. The payment information provided is then entered through the credit card processing system (not from the retailer). The bank is able to take any kind of transaction, either through a subscription or a regular payment gateway. They've already accepted such an offer to banks.

When the subscription is due for renewal, the system transmits an email to the payment gateway to process the payment. Based on the authorization previously granted that it has secured the transaction, the funds are then transferred to the seller.

How to Receive Recurring Payments From Your Customers

Subscription Vs One-time Payment

If you buy a product or service, you have to pay for the item. In the majority of cases, you only pay once. You can also choose to pay via the internet by using a payment processor. There are numerous payment options accessible. You can take advantage of one of them to grow your business.

But, there are numerous businesses where you need to pay on a regular basis. For example, subscriptions model businesses like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, etc. Subscriptions and recurring payments require authorization from the customer to be paid off.

A customer must allow his bank to make automatic payments automatically. This is the reason why it is faster. This is the best option for businesses because it doesn't require following up with customers.

Which are the best Recurring Payment Gateways in India?

There are various recurring payment gateways in India that allow customers to make payments online. Some of the popular ones are:

CCAvenue Payment Gateway

CCAvenue is among the most popular payment gateways used by Indian merchants.
CCAvenue is among the most popular payment gateways used by Indian merchants.

With CCAvenue, you'll be able to move beyond traditional invoices and billing. This provides an uncomplicated subscription service that is enjoyable to use. It is possible to build a custom subscription plan to meet the requirements of your company. It also permits recurring payments using various payments options.

It makes the process of payment simpler for users and guarantees prompt transactions. CCAvenue helps you avoid complicated calculations. There won't be any delays in transactions when you use CCAvenue subscriptions that are automated.

Razorpay Payment Gateway

Razorpay UPI Autopay allows merchants to collect payment anytime.
Razorpay UPI Autopay allows merchants to collect payment anytime.

It is now possible to create recurring payments using UPI. UPI AutoPay (also known as UPI recurring) lets merchants select the debit card for users. This is not just beneficial to existing businesses but also provides an even wider market. It also allows businesses to look into new revenue streams by incorporating the possibility of up-autopay.

UPI Recurring is providing adaption across all major UPI Apps. It is supported by BHIM, HDFC, iMobile and is expected to get more support.

Razorpay Recurring Payment Charges

The standard transaction fee for payment gateway:

Plans Pricing
Indian debit and credit cards 2% per transaction + GST
Net banking 2% per transaction + GST
UPI & Wallets 2% per transaction + GST
Diners, Amex, International cards & EMI 3% per transaction + GST
Additional charges on subscription 0.9% charges to every payment

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PayPal Payment Gateway

 PayPal Recurring Payments allow invoicing your customers for digital and physical items as well as services.
 PayPal Recurring Payments allow invoicing your customers for digital and physical items as well as services.

About 200 million users around the world utilize PayPal for online payments. PayPal is the largest provider of 35% of all world's payments. This is a fantastic option to accept payments for memberships, and more.

PayPal subscriptions let you manage the recurring payment for specific services. Using this type of payment, you can establish billing intervals, frequency and other options.

LotusPay Payment Gateway

LotusPay helps to automatically collect recurring payments from the customers' bank account.
LotusPay helps to automatically collect recurring payments from the customers' bank account.

LotusPay provides a recurring payment system for companies located in India. NACH platform is a simple dashboard with REST APIs, as well as mobile SDKs. All this is to manage subscriptions, plans, users, settlements and payments. It secures the money and then sends them to you promptly. All of it is fully automated.

How does it work

  • You can make general plans that include different amounts, frequencies and lengths. You may even design a plan with flexible payment. Custom subscriptions are also designed for specific customers.
  • Users will receive authorization links to your page. All you have to do is add your personal details. Then, authorize the mandates.
  • The process is secured through banks' channels. It is active within 1-2 days. When the due date for payments is reached, it will automatically debit the account of the user. It is done according to the schedule of subscriptions. They then pay the money to you.

LotusPay Recurring Payment Charges

Plans Pricing
Standard charges 1% per successful transaction
Maximum fee Rs.50
Minimum fee Rs.5
Monthly fee Rs.0
Setup fee Rs.0
GST taxes applicable

Paytm Payment Gateway

Paytm lets you make subscription payments that aids merchants in collecting recurring payments. This is done without having to explicitly go through the repurchasing procedure. This method is utilized for products that are used on a regular basis. Transactions are performed periodically by the customers.

Paytm gives merchants seamless ways to take the subscription payment from their clients.
Paytm gives merchants seamless ways to take the subscription payment from their clients.

Paytm Recurring Payment Charges

There are no one-time or recurring charges for setting up and running your Paytm for business account.


Credit and debit cards are the most common method for conducting a digital transaction in India. This was made possible by the advent of UPI. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has evolved into an alternative for continuous payments. It lets transactions be dependent on the pull.

The seller is only required to begin the process with the intention of deducting the subscription each month. Subscribers will be enrolled using an m-PIN. This allows the seller to make it simpler to avail of the services without needing the card or account information. A recurring subscription is purchased with a credit card only. There's a chance it could be purchased with debit cards too.

Hope that you've grasped the concept behind recurring payment gateways.


How do recurring payments benefit consumers?

Recurring payments are more convenient for customers since they have to enter the billing information only once. The recurring payments begin there and they then deduct the amount out of their account at exactly the appropriate date on the day of their bill.

How does recurring payment work?

Recurring payment allows the customers to authorize the merchants to draw funds from their accounts regularly for purchases and services that they receive on a regular basis.

Which payment gateway is best in India for startups?

These are just a few of the most well-known payment gateways that are popular in India.

  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • LotusPay Payment Gateway
  • Paytm Payment Gateway

Is recurring billing good?

A recurring bill is a system that allows businesses to accept ongoing payments however, it is able to obtain the card details from the customer just once. Recurring billing is beneficial for business owners because it guarantees an unpredictable flow of cash while the automated configuration can cut down on time and costs.

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