JIO Users Get Disney+Hotstar Subscription For One Year

Avantika Bhardwaj Avantika Bhardwaj
Jun 5, 2020 5 min read
JIO Users Get Disney+Hotstar Subscription For One Year

One of the super giant telecom industry of India, Reliance JIO, has announced a teaser saying that it is going to release a bundle offer with Disney +  Hotstar for free soon. The most important feature of this offer is- accessibility to one year subscription of Disney Plus Hotstar VIP for free. It is not the first time that JIO customers will be provided with an offer to get the yearly Disney + Hotstar subscription. Back in 2017, JIO had provided it's users the Hotstar subscription where JIO subscribers can watch  Star TV Network channels  via Hotstar app for free.

reliance gives Disney+Hotstar VIP for 1 year, COMING SOON
teaser banner

The new offer has been listed as " coming soon". Though they have provided the Hotstar Premium subscription earlier , however, this will be the first time that  JIO customers will get the annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for Rs. 399 a year. It will bring access to Disney+  shows, movies and Kids content alongside exclusive Hotstar Specials and live sports including cricket, Premier League and Formula1.

However, there is no clarity on whether the bundling subscription will be limited to specific plans or all plans can use them equally. The Telecom Operator has yet not informed about the launch but the teaser banner does mention that it is  "coming soon".

The Teaser banner was first reported by telecom focused "Only Tech". But it's sure that this will increase their user base.

Over-Taking  Airtel

JIO overtakes Airtel

It is clear that JIO is going to compete with Airtel soon. JIO appears to be taking on Airtel by offering similar Disney+Hotstar VIP benefits for prepaid users. Last month, Airtel brought the Rs. prepaid recharge plan with the Disney+Hotstar VIP subscription for a year. The plan also included 3GB high speed data and a valadity of 28 days.

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Disney +  Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is one of India’s largest premium video streaming platform. Disney plus Hotstar was recently launched which means that users don't have to download a secondary app for Disney+ shows.  The app offers both free and premium video contents which include 50,000 hours of TV content and movies across 8 languages. It let's you access to its vast library of movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic & kids shows such as Doraemon, Shinchan, Chacha Chaudhary and more. The Disney+  Hotstar premium subscription is priced at Rs 199 per month which brings all the exclusive and latest American television shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ and latest movies after they have been aired in America.


Is Hotstar Premium and VIP Same?

NO, they are not same . The premium plan of hotstar is more expensive and gives you access to all the content on hotstar including Hollywood, and movies from across the world. It adds a special feature where you can change the language of the audio with subtitles whereas, VIP account doesn't permit it.

The Hotstar VIP plan is way cheaper than a premium account whuch is amost one-third of a Premium plan. A Disney+  Hotstar subscription is availaible at Rs.365/ a year, whereas a Disney+  Hotstar premium plan can be purchased at Rs.999/year. The Hotstar VIP account gives you access to all sports content which include TV movies and Shows.

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JioTV is a live streaming service app that offers access to more than 300 TV channels including 42 HD channels across languages and genres. On this app, a person can live-stream TV channels and watch episodes of TV shows, aired in the past 7 days. This partnership will bring Reliance Jio customers who are subscribed to JioTV services to get direct free access to Hotstar premium membership. This, in turn, allows Jio customers to access all the Star TV channels, other exclusive American TV Shows, and movies for free.

jio tv

When the Internet becomes more and more affordable, then you need lots and lots of content to consume. That’s the case of high-speed 4G users, especially the users under Reliance Jio 4G preview offer. The upcoming Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has partnered with Star India to offer free premium membership to popular video streaming service Hotstar via JioTV. This will bring a wide catalogue of Star TV channels along with exclusive Americal TV shows and movies for Jio customers.

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Disney+  Hotstar
DISNEY+ Hotstar

How to get Hotstar Premium free with Jio?

  • Open up the JioTV app and tap on any Star TV channel.
  • You will be then redirected to Google Play Store/ iTunes to download the latest Disney+ Hotstar app.
  • If you are an existing user then you are provided with an option to upgrade or reinstall the Disney+ Hotstar app.
  • On upgrading, you will be asked to connect with your Jio account.
  • Once connected, you can use either the JioTV app or Hotstar app to watch Star TV channels and other TV shows. (clicking Star TV channels on JioTV app will automatically open up in Hotstar).
  • You can also use the Hotstar directly to watch all other premium TV shows and movies.

According to a report, it is being said that Indian Telecom Operator is now diverging from Disney+  Hotstar and is offering free one year Amazon Prime membership worth INR999 to its JIO Fiber users.

Though the company hasn't made an official announcement but I think finally good days are coming . Whatever it's going to be JIO users  will get some entertainment benefits from the telecom industry. JIO subscribers claimed of seeing a banner on My JIO App which states the activation one year Amazon Prime membership and that too free. Although the offer is valid for a year only and after this users have to get a paid subscription.

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