Business Ideas For Vacant Land To Make Money

Souvik Dey Souvik Dey
Dec 7, 2020 6 min read
Business Ideas For Vacant Land To Make Money

Many times people thought about what can be done with vacant land. Whether you bought land as a form of investment or having some landed properties then there are lots of business ideas with vacant land. Many people are very much curious to know about the practical applications of raw land.

With some creative thinking, there is a lot of opportunity for those who are interested in becoming landowners. Few factors would determine the nature of the business that you can do.

  • Zoning laws of the area
  • Location of the land
  • The size of the land

Below there are business ideas that you can use to make money from your land on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the type of business you will go with.


Agriculture is one of the most growing and demanding sectors in todayโ€™s world. Agriculture business means producing and marketing agricultural commodities such as livestock and crops. Your motivation for starting a farming business is the thing that will directly impact your strategy. You can plant food crops that you can sell locally or export. Every agriculture-related business is done with passion and commitment can reward you with a very good income.

Outdoor Advertising

If your land is beside the highway or in any other strategic location. You can put up billboards on the land and charge advertisers for putting up their adverts on your billboards. This type of business can earn you consistent passive income over a long period.

Storage space or Warehouse

Starting a warehousing business is not possible without hard work. There are two sides to this business first is constructing/ providing warehouse space and the second is offering warehousing services.

Some points you have to consider before starting this business:

  • Location of the warehouse
  • Land should be flat enough so that there is no landfilling required
  • Should have excellent approach road to the land/plot
  • The plot/land should have good width on the road for better movement of vehicles
  • The layout of the warehouse depending on the shape of the land ideally it should be square or rectangle
  • Land/plot should have the facility of water and electricity
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Real estate. This industry is all about interpersonal relationships. Numbers,statistics, data, and all other aspects of a typical business are renderedirrelevant unless you are skilled in bonding with people. Real estate deals withsome of the most important moments in a personโ€™s life- like buyingโ€ฆ

Plant Nursery

The world today has a great sense of fashion in everyday work. Gardeners are now showing more interest in finding new varieties of plants. The nursery business is very profitable and demanding you can easily run your own plant nursery business. The primary step is the availability of land. The basic qualities of land for farming should be present. A successful nursery offers a wide variety of young plants to their customers who purchase the plants individually or in bulk quantities.

Firewood Business

If your land is stocked with trees, you can use it as a source for timber or firewood to sell. Firewood is moved from one location to another, there's an opportunity for unwanted pests to move off of the firewood and into nearby trees. Processing firewood requires specific equipment that needs to be purchased if you donโ€™t already own it.

Build a Spec House

The demand for housing is strong and real estate markets are booming. Building a single-family house, a multi-family dwelling could be the best use for vacant land. Investors typically make their money on spec homes in one of two ways. They can finance a percentage of the construction costs (lend money to a builder) and earn interest or share in the profits once the home is sold.

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โ€˜Buy land, they are not making it anymoreโ€™ a quote by Mark Twain, emphasizes theimportance of Agri-Realty and its immense value. Agriculture as an asset classfalls under the broad investment category of real assets which are physical innature and provide hard tangible ownership. Agriculture land โ€ฆ

Amusement Park

Amusement park business is perfect for the fun-loving, passionate individuals who want to establish a profitable self-rewarding business. The amusement parks industry has grown strongly over the past five years. In the coming years, growth is expected to continue and have a positive influence on the industry. In starting an amusement park preparing a business report is a must. It provides important physical planning guidance and physical parameters such as total land size needed, building space required, etc.

Events Center

The special events industry has grown very much in the past few years. According to research profits in this industry continue to rise. The average profit margin can be as much as 40 percent.

Special events occur for the following purposes:

  • Celebrations (fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Education (conferences, meetings, graduations)
  • Promotions (product launches, political rallies, fashion shows)
  • Commemorations (memorials, civic events)

Training Grounds

Your land could be perfect for organizations, such as fire departments and construction firms, to train their employees. As training is more important to train the employees and make them perfect.

Childrenโ€™s Educational Centre

According to the Global industry, the private learning and tutoring market is experiencing rapid growth. Starting your educational learning center allows you to get involved with a business trend that is headed in the right direction. Starting an educational learning center also gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of children every day.

Athletic Fields

Another business idea is to set up an athletic field where people can pay to play, and train for games like football, basketball, volleyball, and other field sports.

Golf Course

Golf is one of the leading sports around the world. It promotes health and fitness. Many golf courses today are opened to cater to the needs of every golfer may it be for sports, hobby or simply just spending time with friends and family. The place is one of the most important factors one must consider in establishing a golf course business. Hire hardworking, courteous, and honest employees in your golf course business.

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Railroad Storage and Access

You can earn money by allowing access and storage of railroad cars to the railway system. Also, consider leasing to other transportation systems such as buses and trolleys.

Restaurant Garden

Gardening business is a fast-growing business idea that can save money and beautify the landscape while also helping the environment. Gardens can be traditional outdoor plots or formed on a smaller scale with containers. If you have a passion for gardening and a desire to help others get their gardens started, a small business as a ย gardener may be the perfect garden business idea for you.

Cell Phone Towers

Monthly rentals from mobile tower installation may range between Rs 8000 per month and Rs 1lakh per month. The amount may differ according to the height, size, and area of the property. The mobile tower agreement may vary from 12 months to a few years, but the owner may extend the lease to leverage a long term benefit. The installed tower may positively impact property values.

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