List of Private Companies That Manufacture Defence Equipment in India

List of Private Companies That Manufacture Defence Equipment in India

Indian military is one of the world's most advanced and High-tech military, with a vast number of military personnel serving actively and in reserves. With the increase in threat from neighboring countries such as China and Pakistan, the Indian military has prepared themselves accordingly. The government Companies such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and DRDO are the base developers of military equipment. Along with them, the ordnance factories work hand in hand to provide quality arms.

But in India, the private players have always contributed to the design and development of modern warfare equipment. Most of these companies are well-known Indian Multinational companies trusted across India. From Ammunition to Shipbuilding and from small devices to large bulletproof armored carriers, private players always work as a backbone for the defense industry in India.

Private Companies Manufacturing Defence Equipment in India

  1. TATA
  2. Reliance
  3. Mahindra
  4. Adani
  5. Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems
  6. Larsen and Toubro
  7. Ashok Leyland
  8. Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.

How profitable will be the private sector for the Indian defense industry?

Top Defence Manufacturing Companies In India


TATA Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
TATA Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

When it comes to manufacturing, we cannot forget the name TATA. Probably the most trusted company in India, TATA has manufactured a wide range of defense equipment for Years. The TATA Advanced systems limited(TASL) delivers quality missile systems, radar systems, UAVs, and other security solutions to the Indian military forces. Tata Power SED helps in the upgrade of defense equipment. Also, it provides digital software engineering solutions to the armed forces, border security sensors, underwater naval equipment, etc.

Apart from these, who doesn't remember the TATA armored trucks used for several years? The TATA Aerospace and defense helps in the development of Aerospace defense equipment. Also, TATA has manufactured and designed armored vehicles for the Indian Army.


Reliance Industries Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Reliance Industries Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

Reliance group is known to all for its widespread business and manufacturing across India. The Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited of Reliance Industries has one of the largest engineering infrastructures in the world.

Reliance Naval group helps in Naval systems development and Shipbuilding. It owns a large shipbuilding facility with a dry dock. The Navy and coast guard of India has got modern Hi-tech simulators and Weapons from Reliance Naval. Also, Reliance Naval is the first private company to receive contracts from the Government to build giant warships.


Mahindra Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Mahindra Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

The Mahindra group has manufactured defense vehicles for a long time in India. In today's date, the Mahindra group has expanded its services in the defense sector. Along with armored carriers made for the Indian Army, the Mahindra group grows in other formats. Mahindra Aerospace is owned by the Mahindra Group and focuses on aerospace solutions related to the defense industry. The group mainly focuses on Utility aircraft and aerospace structural developments. This group is also associated with the production of quality steel products for the same.

Some of the well-known defense equipment by the Mahindra group are communication systems, border security solutions, radars, mine-protected vehicles, etc.


Adani Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Adani Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

The Adani group is one of India's largest conglomerate companies. The Adani group has been an active participant in manufacturing and delivering quality defense equipment. The Adani Aero Defence and technologies limited has excellence in military design and systems integration services. The Adani defense manufactures UAVs and exports them to global markets as well as for usage In India. Along with this, the group also manufactures small arms for the military.

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Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems

Kalyani Group Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Kalyani Group Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

The Kalyani Group is an Indian private company partnered with the Israeli Rafael Advanced systems to manufacture defense-related equipment. Recently the company received their BARAK missile kits for both the Indian Army and the Air force.

The Kalyani Group has partnered with some other companies to build a robust military infrastructure in n India. The group also got the responsibility to manufacture the ATAGS Howitzer guns for the Army. Bharat Forge under the Kalyani group develops and manufactures Armoured vehicles for the Army. Also, it Serves its technology in the aerospace sector.

Larsen and Toubro

Larsen & Turbo Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Larsen & Turbo Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

L&T is known across India as a soul engineering and construction company. But Larsen &Turbo also undertakes manufacturing and production of defense-related equipment and weaponry.

The skilled engineers of L&T manufactured Missile systems and launchers for the Indian military for years. Also, it helps in the design of many weapons and systems by working along with DRDO.

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Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Ashok Leyland Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

The solid and rigid stallion troop carriers are one of the best military vehicles offered by Ashok Leyland's Defence wing. Ashok Leyland has manufactured thousands of pages, such as big armored trucks for the Indian Army. Ashok Leyland's Diesel engines provide power to boats and generators for the military.

The group has also developed Mine protected vehicles and logistical support vehicles with modern technology available. Also, the group has supported the Artillery regiment by manufacturing cars for them to carry the artillery.

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Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Alpha Design Technologies Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company
Alpha Design Technologies Defence Equipment Manufacturing Company

The Make in India project and India's Government's exposure to private entities have proven fruitful. Alpha Design technologies will produce electronic gears, assembly lines, simulators, and many defense-related structures for the Indian defense forces. Many other private companies (small and medium scale) also manufacture several small and essential equipment for the defense industry and support these private giants.

How profitable will be the private sector for the Indian defense industry?

Private companies are not new to the Indian defense market. Since the beginning, the Army, Navy, and Air force have been using equipment manufactured by private entities. But with extensive modernization and technology development, private companies are becoming necessary to support the defense industry.

With much more equipped infrastructure, better manufacturing capabilities, International collaborations, ànd a skillful workforce, the private players will be a gift for the Government. In today's date, many new defense-related startups are emerging and are collaborating with private giants. The private sector also acquisitions a few public sector defense facilities to expand their production, resulting in much more advancement.

The private players are stepping in to make India a massive market for indigenous production by manufacturing new weapons and vehicles such as Kalyani M4 vehicles, ATAGS Howitzers, Surveillance radars, and many more.

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With time, the Indian defense forces are getting more and more equipped with modern weapons and vehicles. India till today also has a high import rate in defense products, but the exports are comparatively lower. The private players will prove to be the most significant part of the military development in India. The Government, on its part, is putting its best efforts into introducing private entities in many defense-related fields and hopes to become fruitful shortly. And our defense forces will become more robust shortly with these developments for sure as it's just the beginning.


What are the Defence equipment manufacturing companies in India?

Here are the list of defence equipment manufacturing companies in India:

Private Companies

  • TATA
  • Reliance
  • Mahindra
  • Adani
  • Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems
  • Larsen and Toubro
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Government Companies

  • DRDO
  • Bharat Dynamics
  • Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers
  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVANI)
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

What are the equipment needed in Indian Army?

Some of equipment of the Indian Army includes:

  • Individual Protection Equipment
  • Infantry weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Artillery
  • Missile systems
  • Air defence
  • Aircraft
  • Radar

How many defence PSUs are there in India?

There are sixteen Central Public Sector Undertakings under the administrative control of the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence.

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