6 Most Profitable Cow Business Ideas

6 Most Profitable Cow Business Ideas

India, the mystical land wherein cows are preached to be the holy mother. People have high regard for Cattle, especially in Hinduism. If one reads our scriptures, they’d realize people associated with the cow business are in a better financial situation than others. Cow business startups have rendered themselves to be extremely profitable, globally, since all Cow products are exceptionally useful.

As per the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Indian dairy market values at around $30 Billion since India produces 160 million tonnes of milk and caters to more than 75 Million dairy farms per year. Having the largest cattle population in the world, Indian farmers highly depend on the Dairy industry to incur profits. After the United States, India holds the position of second-largest milk producer in the world.

Currently, a number of youth startups are pacing up as the government of India promises countless cow business loan, investment plans and schemes to introduce a quality wave of income in our farmer’s pockets.

Livestock Population Share of major species
Livestock Population: Share of Major Species

Agriculture/cow business ideas and animal husbandry startups, especially cow rearing would help a range of small farmers. Since cow products are naturally beneficial to the human body, a low investment cow business startup dealing with such sustainable products would be profitable to everyone. So if you’re planning to start a cow business in India, go ahead!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to the formation of a committee that would be dedicated to the conservation and protection of cows. The Kamadhenu Ayog, 2019 focuses on enhancing the growth of the livestock industry with an initial investment of INR 500 Crore. Encouraging youth successfully into a Cow Business Startup, the Rashtriya Kamadhenu Aayog is functioning suitably. Some of the ideas cow business startups are:

Milk-Based Products Startup
Pest Repellants and Fertilizers Startup
Cow Urine Products Distillation Plants
Religious Cow dung products
Natural Beauty Products
Breeding and rearing of local cow breeds
Frequently Asked Questions

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Milk-Based Products Startup

Milk-based products of Desi Cows like Ghee, Cheese, Butter Milk, Lassi, Paneer etc are highly popular as individuals and companies require them on a daily basis. The dairy business profit is high, as a wholesale supplier of any of these products would be quite beneficial as a business.

Since this would be a B2B, you’d save tremendous amounts of money on marketing and advertising. A business idea for dair farm would require minimum advertising but good contacts. Having your own farm and produce will always be recommended as it helps you be in control of the demand and supply efficiently. And as milk is something that almost everyone consumes, milk business ideas are never going to go out of fashion.

Pest Repellants and Fertilizers Startup

The cow dung business in India is profitable, as Cow dung and cow urine of native cows are often used as Fertilizers and Pest Repellents by locals for a long time. These are suitable for manure in organic farming as these consist of beneficial microorganisms and earthworms that keep the crop safe.

With your cow dung business ideas, you could make these products available for gardening enthusiasts living in cities. Since it’s a natural and trusted fertilizer that will be provided by you in a hygienic and properly packed way, people with a love for gardening are more likely to purchase such products.

This could be a great cow business idea since you’re meeting the demands of your customers efficiently. Also, the trust value for ‘Cow dung as a manure’ is already established in the market all you have to do is remove its typical stinky image through your cow dung startup’s branding. So how do you start a cow dung business? By planning and researching a perfect cow business plan.

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Cow Urine Products Distillation Plants

For a flourishing farm, Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizer should be made available for the agriculture industry. India being an agriculture-oriented country definitely, needs such products.

Cow urine being the most beneficial and natural pesticide/ fertilizer if made available to your nearby farms can tremendously change the scenario of your cow business setup. Cow urine mixed with neem oil is preferred by Indians to eliminate fungal infections and insects. It is also used to eradicate parasites and nematodes.

Selling properly packaged Cow urine in rural areas can also be rendered as a quality idea due to its religious value amongst the Hindu Community. Since it is being used in various rituals and customs, making it available neatly and safely will also help you make a bank. Here’s a secret that many don’t know, one might find it disturbing, however, here it goes.

Consumption of distilled Cow urine or ‘Gomutra’ actually helps your body in unfathomable ways. Some of the benefits of consuming cow urine involve increased immunity, weight loss, detoxification, and control of cholesterol. Gomutra also helps in repairing damaged cells and tissues and help to tend joint pains.

Usage Of Cattle In Indian States
Usage Of Cattle In Indian States

Religious Cow dung products

Cow dung or commonly known as ‘Gobar’ have been used in Indian households since time immemorial since they have several important uses. From mending the house to celebrating festivals to creating a pyre, Cow dung is used almost everywhere, and having your cow business catering to this need will also be rendered beneficial.

Cow dung is an exceptional option for making religious products such as incense sticks, dhoop batti, Gobar pats etc. At times, Hindus burn logs of wood as a homage to the god of fire during rituals and ceremonies. This, however, isn’t eco-friendly as it raises Carbon dioxide levels in the air.

Replacing these with Gobar pats and other religious items made up of Cow dung will definitely be of help. Your innovative cow business for religious products will be considered fantastic as you’re saving the world, reducing costs as well as maintaining the religious believes of the community. This is another one of many cow dung business ideas you can look into!

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Natural Beauty Products

Beauty obsessed much? Well, the answer is yes. Obviously. We have to look amazing no matter what, it’s okay if you don’t. However, to ‘glow and lovely’ yourself, it’s always advisable to use natural beauty products instead of expensive coats of makeup. This right here is an opportunity for you that will help people achieve their look goals.

Skincare products are a huge industry globally. People love using natural products since the trust of nature is definitely more than mere companies. Taking into account the excessive demand for beauty and skincare products your startup could manufacture products using milk. You could also include varieties of products that cater to hair and skin. Milk-based, dung based, urine-based products could be made available for people of all ages.

Breeding and rearing of local cow breeds

Cattle rearing and breeding are considered to improve farmers' total income and boost their living conditions. While breeding and rearing Indian cow breeds also cow with advantages as their products can also have medicinal benefits. Breeding specifics native cow breeds will increase the volume of dairy products being produced.

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Since cow-based materials are rich in proteins and amino acids they do not irritate the skin. They can be used on sensitive skin types as well. Several startups have already started growing their business in Cowpathy by manufacturing products like soaps, shaving creams, face washes, toothpaste, cleaners etc. The opportunity in this market is amazing, one just has to hit the bull’s eye! All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cow farming a profitable business?

In India, dairy farming is definitely a profitable business venture.

How can I start a cow business?

To start a cow business you must make a cow business plan after research. The cow business model will include a good location, essentials tools, cattle, veterinarian doctors and employees.

Is the cow milk business profitable?

Yes, the dairy business profit is high as 416 litres of milk are obtained daily from these 35 cattle, while the cost of one litre is Rs 60. So the daily income can range from Rs 24,960 while the total expenditure per day comes to Rs 14,900, which is a huge profit.

Which cow is the best?

The best cattle breeds in India are Gir, Red Sindhi, Rathi, Ongole, Deoni, among others.

How much does it cost to start a milk business in India?

In India,  a dairy business investment will cost an average of 10 to 20 Lakh Rupees minimum.

What can milk be used for?

In terms of business milk, can be sold as s standalone item or it can be changed into Ghee, Cheese, Butter Milk, Lassi, Paneer and more. It is also used in the beauty industry for its natural benefits.

Who is the largest milk producer in the world?

India is the world's largest milk producer with 22% of global production.

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