10 Real Estate Business Ideas for India

The business of real estate is serious business and today, it is almost become a gold mine. Truth be told, there are many entrepreneurs who have tapped into it and are making millions. People are always on the lookout to buy houses and buildings and are either looking to buy or rent. As of 2019, there is 3.7 million square feet of commercial land used for real estate businesses. Also, according to some reports, the real estate industry will worth over $1 Trillion by 2030. It is for this reason why this industry stands with plenty of business opportunities.

We get many people in our community asking about real estate startup ideas. if you are here probably you are looking for the one. You may not know this but there are niches within the industry of real estate that are untapped. If by any chance, you are eyeing this industry for a long time and are on the lookout for a suitable opportunity to tap into, here are ten Real Estate startup ideas that you should consider in India.

Before proceeding, you can also have a look at the list of top Real Estate Startups in India.

Real Estate Development or Construction

Real Estate Development or Construction

This is a multifaceted business, which is known to encompass activities that ranges right from the re-lease and renovation of the existing buildings to the sale of the improved land to the purchase of raw land. If you have the financial gene in you and a good team, it is recommended that you should venture into development or construction of real estate.

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Real Estate Management Company

Now, even if you don’t want to venture into the development and construction of real estate, all is not lost. You can still be in the industry as a real estate management company. Many people who owns multiple properties find it hard to keep track of everything on those properties let alone managing them. In this case, it will be the job of your company to maintain as well as manage the property of your clients and that too, on a commission basis while making sure that the cash flow from the client’s property stays positive.

Property Styling

Do you know that the property stylists are professionals who are known to prepare buildings for sale or rent? Yep, that’s true. Such business does exist. If you are a property stylist, you will be called upon to add finishing touches to any house or building that is available for sale or rent, so as to make the house or building visually appealing to the customer.

Interior Design

Interior Designing firm

Of course, who haven’t heard of the term ‘Interior Design’? As an Interior Designer, you will be expected to beautify the internal aspects of the house. If you are interested, you too can join the team of those who are known to specialize in designing the spaces in the homes of the people while earning a living from it.

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Personalized Services

There is nothing that will beat the idea of personalizing the services for the customers. Do note that it is extremely important to recognize the individual differences among the clients and based on that, you can offer numerous services that will suit their unique needs. Keeping this in mind, you can start the business which gel up with the customers and solve all their real estate related problems.

Renovation and Repair

Scope of repairing service

There have been a lot of natural calamities and disasters in the recent years. Based on that, it would be a good idea if you manage to provide repair as well as construction services along with your real estate business. It goes without saying that this growing market will surely bring a whole lot of profit to your company.

Going Green

Now, this is a trend that has going on during the recent years and has been dominating quite a scene. A home that is not only environment-friendly but is also designed to help lower the consumption of electricity is something which will attract the customers in hordes. If you can somehow come up with an innovative idea and also make it visually appealing, people will be ready to give you whatever you will quote. Be sure to include such features in your homes too.

Online Real Estate Marketing

You can offer online marketing services for the real estate brokers as well as for the agents. By doing this, you will be helping them in running online marketing campaigns through the various media channels. If you have a background in online marketing, then, all the more reason to deviate towards this business idea.

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It is the architects who are known to draw as well as design houses and other structures before they are begun to built physically. Today, the field of architecture has seen a huge advancement with the introduction of 3D design software packages such as AutoCAD. If you have an eye for design, then you can opt for this business idea by helping people come up with great designs.

Real Estate Appraisal Business or Valuation Company

This is another niche in which you can tap into.  Now, many of know that by merely seeing a property, it is quite impossible to tell its true valuation. If you are experienced enough can tell the actual value of any property, then you can start this business. You will be expected to determine the estimate of what the property is worth, before it is bought or sold by your client.


Keep in mind that there are numerous business opportunities in the real estate industry, and if you have the passion, know-how and the required capital, you will never go wrong with any of these business ideas. If you know any other real estate startup ideas please comment below.

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