Some Awesome Business Ideas For The Beach

Rishita Jain Rishita Jain
Oct 21, 2020 5 min read
Some Awesome Business Ideas For The Beach

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Beaches are beautiful and almost everyone under the sun will agree with this fact. From entertainment, commerce, transportation to recreation and relaxation, all purposes are fulfilled here. The point with beach business is that you have to be socially relevant and economically sound and aware to operate a business here. Also, beaches require you to have appropriate licensing requirements and being conformed to certain standards of quality, precision, and duties.

Most people opting for vacations, choose beaches for unwinding and spending time with family. This makes beaches one of those touristy places that have huge traffics and are characterized by on and off season.

As an entrepreneur, you have the option of creating a business that fits with the lifestyle you want. And if what you want to spend your days at the beach and earn money by dipping your toes into the water, here are some profitable beach business ideas for you.

Beach business

Beach Business Ideas

1) Food Shacks

Beaches thrive on food. People who come at the beach, want to try all sorts of food from local cuisines to international dishes. Local food can be a great connector due to its ethnicity and it helps develop a bond with the customer. Shacks with good comfortable sitting and a variety of food options make one stand out. But you will have to face competition. So having a sector that stands out as a special attraction is important. You have to provide offers and properly market it with effective strategies.

2) Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the major concerns of tourists, the hospitality industry is a great option for a new business. If you have the required capital, consider starting a hotel, guesthouse, motel, and so on. Starting a hospitality business is a great long-term investment for you especially in the beach community. The value of real estate property is expected to increase drastically in the near future. So, now is the best time to get in.

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3) Surf Shop

If you are planning to build your business around surfing beaches, then you can make money by opening a surf shop stuffed with various surfing equipment. Tourists and local people like to catch a few waves during their visit, but they usually don’t have all the necessary equipment. If you open a surf shop that provides surfing equipment, rentals and lessons, it will be a hotspot for tourists in both summer and winter season.


4) Hostels

These are affordable options that work best on small tracts of land. They cater to mostly youth and those looking for budget travel options. Pricing is very important here as there is competition and also one has to offer allied facilities like Wi-Fi, food, walking tours, etc. to capitalize on the business. The facility has to be extremely hygienic as a number of people live there.

5) House-Sitting

Many houses in beach communities are unoccupied during the winter season as they were deemed to be summer homes. So, during winter, owners of these houses often aren’t around to take care of the place. You can allay the security fears of these homeowners by offering home-sitting services. Working as a house sitter requires little or no capital. And you will have a lot of business to do in the beach community.

6) Cruises

Beaches offer various options like cruises where people can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. This is a high investment-based plan. For those who love meals on water, dinner cruises can be started with great lighting systems and good music. Pricing is pivotal here as there is competition in this field. One should effectively market well and create customized packages for target populations.

7) Rental Shop

A store that rents out scooters, bikes, bicycles, and boats can be very profitable in beach towns. Providing items at competitive rates and group discounts is a way to earn money. These are mostly in demand due to conveyance issues and for self-exploration. Distributing pamphlets, sticking posters, and effective advertising which catches the eye of commuters is important. Also, the quality, make, and type of vehicle plays an important role in making decisions.

8) Selling Local Merchandise

Most of the time, tourists buy local items to take back home. They are particularly attracted to items that are unique and are not available in their hometowns and cities. So, you can start a business that sells local merchandise and souvenirs to tourists.

9) Cafe/Restaurant

While on vacation, tourists definitely want to have a feel of the food experience in beach communities. So, you can make a lot of money catering to this need. To survive the threat of competition, you need unique culinary abilities that can help you stand out. You can have different menus for summer and winter to ensure that people get exactly what they crave.

10) Fishing Tours

If you own a boat, you can turn it into a money-spinner. Most beach communities are fishing hotspots, and fishing is one of those interesting activities that tourists don’t like to miss while on vacation. You can offer fishing tour services taking people out to the reef. People will absolutely love the fact that they have a local guide who can take them to all the good spots.

Booming Beach Business Example

Some other beach business ideas include:

  • Photography and Photo Booths
  • Gift Shop
  • Welcome Centres
  • Boat Rentals
  • Child Care
  • Pet Boarding Business
  • Travel Blogger

Beachside businesses thus offer valuable business opportunities. You need the persistence to work upon details and significantly create businesses that can sustain the wrath of competition. Although the seasonal crisis is huge and most businesses set up their price lists accordingly, that is, peak season and offseason.

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