Goa Startups | Entrepreneurs and Startups in Goa [Exhaustive List]

Goa Startups | Entrepreneurs and Startups in Goa [Exhaustive List]

Cheap Beer, amazing beaches and astonishing nightlife, you just can’t dislike this place. But let me amuse you with more reasons which totally justifies the statement “Work hard and Play Hard”. Although, we would share the story of some successful entrepreneurs of Goa who are running their startup successfully. Quietly lurking in the shadows are the Goan entrepreneurs sprouting out their startups in Goa.

They are purely justifying the statement of The Economic Times, “Goa has become a hotbed for startup activity and talent". Moreover, the icing on the cake is its Startup policies which have been brought forward by the Government of Goa. The policy forecasts this small state should be among the top 25 Destinations in Asia by the year 2025. It also says that it would be a hub for at least 100 successful start-ups and counting entrepreneurs sprouting out of the state.

The state is believed to have the perfect ‘Work-life balance'. Also, fast enhancing technological as well as infrastructural changes to cater to the needs of an entrepreneur. The future forecast of the startup environment in the state does look appealing and there is an obvious change in trends over time. However, with a supportive startup ecosystem and guidance from Goa Chambers of Commerce, Goa Entrepreneurs Mentoring Services, 91Springboard and a lot of others, the state has produced some of the hottest startups by emerging entrepreneurs in the country.

This is our list of Successful Startups in Goa. Please let us know if you know about any other one.

List of Successful Startups in Goa:

  1. Foodel Goa
  2. Altera Advisory
  3. Goamiles
  4. Coppercodes
  5. IBPS Consulting
  6. Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automation
  7. Vacations Labs
  8. Mobobeat
  9. HandyTrain
  10. Browntape Technologies
  11. Seynse
  12. TempoGo
  13. Letcetra Agritech
  14. Minkspay
  15. Party Hunt
  16. Eeztail
  18. Zooter
  19. Spark+ Technologies
  20. Brittle.design


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Goan Entrepreneurs

Foodel Goa

Founder: Anand Tarcar & Surendra Parjapati
Year Founded: 2018
Industry: Food Delivery

Foodel - Startups in Goa
Foodel - Startups in Goa

Foodel is ideal for those who crave delicious food but are too lazy to get out of their comfortable beds. Derived from the name ‘Food' and ‘Delivery’, “Foodel Goa” is a food ordering and delivery company based out of the state of Goa. Foodel was founded by Anand Tarcar and Surendra Prajapati.

The startup focuses on quality food delivery with keeping the taste of its customers in mind. The company also focuses on a home cook and bakers service wherein the customer can get a taste of homemade local food. Like Swiggy this startup follows no minimum or maximum order policies on their deliveries. According to their founders, the Goa market is completely ‘untapped’ giving them a chance to grow rapidly.

Altera Advisory

Directors: Praveer Kumar Kullu and Ameya Ashok Kamat
Year Founded: 2017
Industry: Financial Services

Altera - Startups in Goa
Altera - Startups in Goa

Altera Advisory is a financial services company. Altera Advisory provides their clients with the Altera provides end to end financial solutions and services including tax consultancy for its clients. It is a lifelong financial partner which caters all financial needs of clients like advisory execution.

The three pillars of its offering are technology, service and advisory. They make sure the whole process in convenient, Apart from the strong advisory and processes and all the technological tools that help client invest right from their smartphone, they also have access to every financial product under one roof.


Director: Sachin Bhavsar
Year Founded: 2018
Industry: Taxi Services

Goamiles - startups in Goa
Goamiles - startups in Goa

Goa was one of the few states in the country and probably the biggest tourist destinations to lack the services of Ola and Uber. As peculiar it sounds, sometimes the fare of traveling from one city to another city is just a few hundred short of the cheapest flights from Goa.

Government of Goa have recently launched its own app-based taxi service called Goamiles. Along with the state government, the app also has the backing of the Goa Tourism Board. The app comes in the form of ultimate savior for tourists from very expensive local taxi services. This initiative takes another step for being an entrepreneur.


Founder: Chinmay Kamat & Rohan Naik
Year Founded: 2017
Industry: Web Development

Coppercodes - Startups in Goa
Coppercodes - Startups in Goa

Coppercodes is one of the newest startups and one of IT companies in Goa which have sprouted out of the state. Both the Co-Founders Chinmay Kamat, Rohan Naik aging at just 22, are the youngest successful entrepreneurs in the list of entrepreneurs of Goa. This in turns shows the young talent that is budding out of the small state.

The startups offer customized, tailor-made software, Mobile apps, Digital Marketing and Web Development. Visualizing the Goa market as a huge potential market and see the IT Industry as the need of the hour. The future forecasts of the company indicates the company heading towards successful technology solutions.

IBPS Consulting

Founder: Tamal Raha
Year Founded: 2017
Industry: Biopharma & Pharmaceutical Sector

IBPS Consulting - Startups in Goa
IBPS Consulting - Startups in Goa

Integrated Biopharma and Pharma Solution (IBPS) is a scientific and technical consulting firm specializing in CMC, Non-Clinical and Clinical development, Regulatory and Quality assurance services for Biopharma and Pharmaceutical sector. IBPS specializes in Biologics/Biosimilars, Vaccines, Generics, Differentiated Products and Medical Devices and provides full length of consulting service covering all stages of the product development.

It caters to many therapeutic areas including Oncology, Anti-Inflammatory, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Medical Devices, Neurology, Women’s health and Vaccines. Besides India, IBPS is working with clients in the US, Central and Eastern Europe, China, Latin America, MENA region.

Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automation

Founder: D. R. Nayak
Year Founded: 2013
Industry: Solar Power Solutions

Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automations- Startups in Goa
Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automations- Startups in Goa

Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automations offers concept-to-completion services for Grid-connected, off-grid with batteries Hybrid system and solar pump systems using solar PV technology. Additionally ,it offers the best and the most economically viable comprehensive solutions for Automation needs to help save on electricity usage.

Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automation has a strategic alliance with several OEM companies and component supplier for solar PV systems & for Automation. It is the Authorised Channel Partners with BuildTrack leader in Smart Automation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Homes, Enterprises, Hotels, Hospitals, Senior Living and Warehouses.

Vacations Labs

Founder: Saurabh Nanda
Year Founded: 2012
Industry: Travel & Tourism

Vacations labs - Startups in Goa
Vacations labs - Startups in Goa

Vacation labs, a startup in the travel and tourism sector which helps tour agencies their itineraries online quickly and hassle-free. It is a no brainer that Goa being on the pinnacle of tourism Industry in the country is the ideal target market for the startup. Founded by IIT alumni Saurabh Nanda who has a bucket load of experience of working with online travel portals such as Cleartrip.


Founder: Tyrone D’Souza
Year Founded: 2008
Industry: Mobile Performance Network

startups in goa
Mohobeat - Startups in Goa

Mobobeat is a mobile performance network that works with top app developers and agencies helping them promote their apps globally. The founder of the company is Tyrone D’Souza. D'Souzas has an experience of four years with InMobi across different roles including Ad operating and leading the account management team. The startup would be beneficial to all the upcoming entrepreneur to escalate their products and services to their target audiences.


Founder: Gourav Jaiswal
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: SaaS

Handytrain - Startups in Goa
Handytrain - Startups in Goa

Handytrain is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform. It helps SMEs and corporate better train their employees by leveraging their smartphones as a preliminary or primary training tool. The startup aims to improve the understanding and retention of employee training modules. The startup had raised $2 Million in funding from multiple angel and institutional investors to enhance their service.

Browntape Technologies

Founder: Piyush Goel, Gurpreet Singh
Year Founded: 2012
Industry: Internet Software

Browntape - Startup in Goa
Browntape - Startup in Goa

Browntape is a cloud-based software that helps online merchants manage their orders and inventory in one place without the need to log in to each site separately. Browntape's End-to-End Ecommerce Management service allows brands and manufacturers to focus on their product selection and smoothening the supply while we take care of their entire online e-com handling and growth. It has worked with brands which include Lego, Raymond, Future Group, Arvind Brands, Timex, Prestige, Urban Ladder, Zivame and many more.


Founder: Gourav Jaiswal
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: Fintech

Seynse - Startup in Goa
Seynse - Startup in Goa

Seynse is a Fintech startup. They have created the Loan Singh platform. Seynse’s digital lending platform, Loan Singh provides consumer access to loans through its proprietary credit scoring engine. It has a network of over a dozen partner alliances, banking institutions, and individual lenders. The Company has been funded by a lot of Angel Investors. In 2017 Telecom Major, Bharti Airtel acquired a strategic stake in the startup, the value which still remains disclosed.

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Founder: Pranav Shirke
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: Transportation Solutions

Tempogo - Startup in Goa
Tempogo - Startup in Goa

TempoGo is an Internet of Things (IoT) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider for the Transportation Industry. However, it has successfully managed to raise $500K from Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund. They later received a funding of 825k from K2 Capital Group, which makes a total of $1.3 million funding.

Letcetra Agritech

Founder: Ajay Naik, Bhaskar Rao & Dr. Aftab Alam
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: Agriculture

Letcetra Agritech - Startup in Goa
Letcetra Agritech - Startup in Goa

This may look a little odd for the state of the party, but health is equally important for everyone. Letcetra Agritech is a startup which is working on to advance the technology in the farming sector. They provide pure food to everyone at an affordable price. The co-founder, Ajay Naik sold his software company to a British company. He later founded Letcetra Agritech. Letcetra Agritech is a product of 3 agriculture passionate people and their knowledge in different sectors.


Founder: Sanket Shendure
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: B2B Payment Solution

Minkspay - Startup in Goa
Minkspay - Startup in Goa

With a B2B model, this startup provides a better and easy way to the retailers to recharge cutomers' mobiles networks. It also helps them to transfer money. India has a very broad retail market. So, providing all the retailers of the country an easier way to do their work really helps them all. So, we cannot say that Goa is only encouraging the party culture.


Founder: Simon Fernandes
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: Digital Marketing

EezTail - Startups in Goa
EezTail - Startups in Goa

Young creative minds formed Eeztail to help sellers sell their products on India's leading e-commerce marketplaces. Eeztail specialises in Social Media Marketing to get your business recognised online. Eeztail provides social media marketing, search engine optimization & marketing.

Party Hunt

Founder: Rachit Rawat
Founding Year: 2018
Industry: Mobile Application, Event Management

Party Hunt - Startups in Goa
Party Hunt - Startups in Goa

Goa is all about party. People come to this place only to enjoy parties with friends. But what if you go there and couldn't find any party at all? Party Hunt comes in handy in these situations. Party Hunt is an app which lets you find the best party around you and according to your need. You can find a party with Bollywood songs, English songs, specific food or drink type, etc. You can even create your own party on the app. However, the service is available only in Goa yet.

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Founder: Luke Sequeira
Founding Year: 2013
Industry: Web Development

DCCEPER - Startups in Goa
DCCEPER - Startups in Goa

DCCEPER is another tech startup which found it’s grassroots in Goa. Founded by Luke Sequeira who considers himself purely Goan entrepreneur even though completing his masters in Canada. DCCEPER aims at working with entrepreneurs around the globe to help them with their quest for building scalable web and mobile apps. The company has already established its branches across the globe having offices in London and Toronto.


Founder: Kavita Naik & Aditya Chintawar
Founding Year:
Industry: Sports

Zooter - Startups in Goa
Zooter - Startups in Goa

Zooter is an online marketplace which caters the sports needs for youngsters. This startup is founded by Kavita Naik and Aditya Chintawar. The company focuses on organizing the sports industry of our country one sport at a time. They provide digitalised ways to schools, clubs, coaching academics to manage themselves in a unique hassle-free way. Their vision is to give sportspersons the power to share, connect, learn and bring everybody associated with the sport under one roof.

Spark+ Technologies

Founder: Sudesh Sangelkar
Founding Year: 2018
Industry: Information Technology & Services

Spark+ Technologies - Startups in Goa
Spark+ Technologies - Startups in Goa

Spark+ Technologies is one of software companies in Goa. Spark+ Technologies is an incubation and innovation hub that leverages its deep industry expertise to help people at hometown and serve customers locally & globally to meet their innovation needs. Spark+ Technologies services include Blockchain, Web Development, SEO And Digital Marketing, Desktop App Development, UI/UX Auditing and Designing and Data Engineering. They have other community projects such as Sparklottery & Startx: company inhouse projects in Blockchain, Digital Baila which is to empower women of Goa and other is Goa Home Services.


Founder: Sid
Founding Year: 2016
Industry: Design Studio

brittle.design - Startups in Goa
brittle.design - Startups in Goa

Brittle.design is a blend of modern design, classic materials and 3D Printing. 3D printing done at brittle.design is restricted to PLA (poly-lactic acid), a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane.

So, this was a list of companies in Goa. Likewise, Goa is evolving in the startup ecosystem in the same way as Shimla, Lucknow and other cities of India are showcasing their entrepreneurial skill set and hustling all the way round to lead young energetic future entrepreneurs.


What is Goa Startup scheme?

Goa Startup Policy 2017 is an initiative by government of Goa to make Goa one of the most preferred start-up destination accross India and provide assistance to the entrepreneurs of Goa.

What are the top Startup business in Goa?

Some of the most profitable business to start in Goa are:

  • Photography
  • Travel agency
  • Restaurants
  • beach shack
  • Fish farming
  • Rental agency
  • Guest houses
  • Spa and wellness
  • Commercial transportation

What is the main source of income in Goa?

The economic growth of Goa is driven by these industrial sectors:

  • Fishing
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Pharmaceuticals

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