Top 5 Home Automation Companies in India

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
May 17, 2021 5 min read
Top 5 Home Automation Companies in India

With the developing generation, people are also developing their mindset about their home. They are adopting new technologies and appliances to make their home absolutely comfortable and worthwhile. Along with this, people are also looking for appliances that consume less amount of energy. Therefore, the home automation trend begins.

Several companies look after your needs and requirements for home automation products and come out with a great product deal that would fulfil all needs of Indian homes.

There is plenty of home automation that works brilliantly. The Indian market is loaded with products from smart lighting to thermostat sensors. These products make your usage of energy minimal and serve all your requirements, without any disruption.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that the smart gadgets do not need to be wireless like other companies provide. They do help you but, in a partial manner. These products are functional for small projects only and would not guarantee you the proper usage for a big project.

Home automation products promise you advanced features and technology which would be according to your climate and culture. For these purposes, many brands have come up with tons of such appliances based on our requirements and needs.

In this article, we have listed some top brands that provide the finest quality of your home automation products. These are:

Schneider Electronics


The very prominent and one of the top companies that are counted for the quality of their promising products. Legrand holds a wide range of product categories. It has always been updated with its products and features. Legrand is one of the oldest companies in India which is now working towards producing substantial electric infrastructure.

Legrand creates some smart solutions for residential users and it uses the latest technology for production. It is a global specialist company based in France and it has extensive undertakings across India. Some of the most promising products of Legrand are Video-door phones, smart plugs and sockets, motion sensors, UPS and many more.

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Schneider Electronics

Schneider Electronic is known for its remarkably sustainable and energy-conserving products across the world. It is a global brand and gains popularity by the quality of its products in India.

Schneider Electric have a vast category of home automation products including home security devices as well. It keeps up with the technology and provides some great quality products across the world.

Schneider Electric offers several product deals for its customers such as several package deals as per people's requirements and get it installed in their home by engineers provided by Schneider Electric.

Some other remarkable products of Schneider are the controlling devices which include dimmers and lighting controls, together with other appliances that can easily be controlled by your mobile phones. Its applications and products have always impressed the customers and bring a great deal for the company.


The household brand, Philips is quite very popular in India. Although Philips is quite new in the field of home automation space, still gained absolute support and fame in India pretty soon.

Philips keeps up with the requirements of its customers and its reach and brand value is very impressive. Philips has provided some great product deals and quality that are very promising and advanced in features and technologies.

Philips has come up with a great range of products that includes lighting as well as home appliances. These are widely preferred in almost every home in India. From launching app-controlled devices to providing a wholesome set of home lighting solutions such as LED bulbs, Philips has always been extraordinary and creative with its products.

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Smart home Revenue in India

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A technical based startup to be built in the year 2014, outside of Noida by the partnership of three IITians Shishir Gupta, Varun Gupta and Nithin David. The startup came out to be very successful because of its incredible service in resolving technical issues that often occur in the Indian Houses.

Oakter products are formulated for the general home appliances into a smart advanced version. Also, it provides controlling and managing easily by Oakter mobile application. The company formulates and innovates smart plug & play home appliances.

Oakter products and services have been remarkable. It offers the service of Oakter Hub, plugged-in sensors, a mobile app and a smart plug. Through such services, a person can smartly control up to 40 different varieties of home appliances such as water heater, Mosquito Repellant, fish tank, AC, water motor, lamps and many more. The products are offered at a fine rate and of low-power usage. Oakter transforms our life by providing great home management appliances.


SharpNode, formerly known as Elections, is an Indian based Startup founded by Mohit Agnihotri in June 2014. It provides great quality products that look after the control and security of our homes over electric appliances that can easily be monitored through laptop or smartphones where SharpNode application is installed. SharpNode is totally based on the Internet of things.

It provides products such as microprocessors, integrated circuits, Bluetooth, sensors, wireless devices like WLAN, microcontroller and many more. These products are fundamentally built on the ground of connecting things around you with a cloud-based Internet and make things absolutely handy and fascinating like magic. SharpNode builds its business by aiming for developing the most effective solutions that function on innovative and advanced technologies and outcomes.


How much does home automation cost in India?

Home Automation can range between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 4 lakhs, depending upon the size of your home.

Which is the best home automation company?

Schneider Electronics is one of the top home automation company in India.

Why do we need home automation?

The benefits of home automation includes savings, safety, convenience, and control, also some consumers purchase home automation for comfort and peace of mind.


As technology is evolving to a great extent, you can adopt several home automation services that would make your life very convenient and advanced. Several companies provide great quality products that consume less amount of energy.

Home automation may sound very expensive and costly to you but, the truth is it comes according to the suitable price. In fact, it helps you in saving your money which is not available by other general appliances.

By adopting a Home automation system, you can safeguard your home and also, save money on the power bills. So, check out these top companies and get started Β with your set of advanced featured home automation products in India.

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