IoT Start-ups In India- The Power To Change The Indian Startup Ecosystem

Have you ever imagined a scenario where humans converse with machines just like C3PO and R2D2 in Star Wars? Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri are already becoming a part of our family! Connecting every machine with internet is what IoT stands for. CAGR report aptly quoted that IoT market in India will surely grow at 28% till 2020. Intel, Texas Instruments, Telit, Gemalto, Infosys, IBM, and Wipro are the major contributors in this field. “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed”

With more than 100 smart cities and digitisation campaign by Government of India, there is gargantuan requirement of ubiquitous connectivity to enable seamless communication between machine-to-machine (M2M) and machines to humans. A connected fridge that automatically alerts whenever milk in the container reduces by 50%. Challenging household chores could be easily connected with IoT. An urgent need of this technology in healthcare services to improve the quality of life. “Love is in the air” but the deteriorating levels can be improved only by IoT devices. It will be a dream come true for Indians when lights get switched off when not in use. CardioTrack, IOTPOT, SeeHow, Doxper are some of those start-ups growing exponentially. Thus, the market of IoT in India is like an ocean but the need is to dive deep into it! So, let us see the complete story on the topic- IoT Start-ups In India- The Power To Change The Indian Startup Ecosystem.

AerX Labs
TerraBlue XT
Hug Innovations

IoT Start-ups In India

1. Stellapps

With a revolutionary idea of offering dairy technology solutions, this start-up was founded by two IITians – Ranjith Mukundan and Venkatesh Seshasayee in collaboration with their alma-mater IIT Madras. The start-up produces and procures comprehensive farm optimisation and monitoring support solution to help dairy farmers and cooperatives maximise profits while minimising effort. They received a good amount of funding from Blume Ventures, Flipkart, and Venture Highway. They have successfully set up the world’s largest community milking parlour.

2. Zentix

Machine Learning course becomes very handy if one wants to enter the field of AI and IoT. Using advanced ML models, Zenatix provides awesome energy savings for huge commercial consumers of electricity. This Delhi NCR based start-up was founded by Amarjeet Singh, Rahul Bhalla and Vishal Bansal in 2013. Wattman and Wattman Lite is the name of their product. It can help you reduce 30% of your electricity consumption. Recently, Pi Ventures helped them raise $1Mn.

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3. Smartron

One of the most successful firm with the most popular investors is connecting the normal gadgets at home with internet and work them like a magic. Founded by an ex-Intel and co-founder of Silicon Valley based start-up Soft Machines, Mahesh Lingareddy along with Narsi Reddy and Rohit Rathi connected TVs, ACs and even doors and windows get controlled with gestures, touch and voice. Sachin Tendulkar and Sanjay Jha are the major and renowned investors. Xiaomi is their biggest competitor.

4. Carsense

An idea to offer car diagnostic solutions using hit the minds of 4 youngsters in 2015. This army of 4 IITians – Rohan, Pushkar, Urmil and Prathamesh are now deciding to work on GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth. Carsense plugs into the OBD Port, while its easy-to-use software app ensures whether the electronic systems inside a user’s car (in modern cars, everything comes under electronic systems) is in working order. Once integrated into the system, it can be used to monitor the car to ensure its safety, send alert signals in case repairs are required, give insights on the car’s fuel economy and more.

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5. AerX Labs

With a concept to modernise the avionics sector, this Bengaluru based start-up makes professional-grade certifiable simulators for airlines and corporates. Backed by Intel India and Bosch India, the founders of this company – Sumit, Kartavya and Priyank are now working on assessing the risk behaviours for pilot training.

6. TerraBlue XT

The only sector that needs to be fully integrated with modern technology is the medical/health sector. All the dangerous diseases like Cancer are curable just because of the modern solutions. Rajlakshmi Borthakur founded TerraBlue XT that connects patients, caregivers, doctors and hospitals with a common thread. Backed by the Government of India’s Department of BioTech, the Karnataka government’s Dept. of ITBT, neDFI, birac, and the IIM Ahmedabad Entrepreneurship Cell, the startup is all set to disrupt the Indian IoT sector.

7. Hug Innovations

A device that understands you (not better than your Mom!) but keeps you alarmed about your health and taste in various fields. Hug smartwatches record your music taste, tracks food intake, water intake and calories burnt. It tracks your location sends it to your family and friends in case of danger. Hug Innovations had raised $5 Mn in Series A funding round during a live instant funding event organised by TiE Hyderabad – The Guardian Angel.

8. Saans

The wondrous advancement of science and technology in different spheres has completely changed the pace of the way of living of the present society. If our forefathers could rise from their graves, they would be amazed and bewildered to see the present world. The healthcare industry is the happiest because the new inventions have helped to cure every possible disease in this planet and grant a new life to patients. In a country of population of 1.32 billion, healthcare services are still under-developed. Spending just 1% of GDP, less than one doctor for 1000 patients, poor quality of public hospitals and the sky-rocketing charges of private hospitals are some paradoxes of the Indian healthcare industry. Do you recall a scene of famous Bollywood movie – 3 Idiots, where Amir Khan and others, being an engineering student, successfully help in the delivery of a child when reaching a hospital was impossible in that situation? The baby boy and the mother’s life were saved but how many cases can you recall when baby and mother didn’t die in emergency situations? It still happens today!  

Our today’s innovation story is about two talented young chaps who have done a marvellous job in the medical management services by gifting us with two machines: - Saans and VAPCare.

Nitesh is an engineer while Nachiket has niche in designing. With an aim of improving the conditions of hospitals in India, they both burnt midnight oil and gave birth to COEO Labs! Saans is a low-cost, easy to use, neonatal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device while VAPCare is a smart secretion management device to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP).

After observing for 15 days in an ambulance service and St John’s Medical College and Hospital in Bengaluru, the two boys who met at a bio-design program, chose the emergency field to shorten the gap in this industry and fill it with new innovations.

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