How GPS imaging will replace Toll Booths in India within one year?

How GPS imaging will replace Toll Booths in India within one year?

Toll Booths are very common for an Indian citizen who takes a road trip often and stopping in between your road tips multiple times to pay tolls which consumes a lot of time. However, the Government had introduced FASTag to fasten the process but still was not effective as expected. The Transport Minister has currently announced that the toll booths will be removed from the country and will be replaced by GPS imaging. In this article let’s look at more information regarding it.

GPS Imaging Toll Booths – Latest News
Reason Why Government is moving to GPS imaging toll
The success of FASTag Toll
How does GPS Imaging work

Toll Booths – Latest News

The Government has announced that it would remove all toll booths across the country within a year and will continue the collection of tolls through GPS imaging on the vehicles instead of using toll booths. This was conveyed by the Road Transport and Highways Minister of the country, Nitin Gadkari.

He conveyed to the Lok Sabha that he would provide an assurity within a year all the toll booths in the country would be removed and the toll collection would happen through GPS imaging.

Reason Why Government is moving to GPS imaging toll

The announcement of the removal of the toll booth was announced as an answer to the question that was raised by BSP’s Danish Ali.

Danish Ali had complained about the toll booths in the Ganamukteshwar in the Hapur district saying that according to the rule there should be toll booths at an interval of 60 km on the National Highways but his constituency had toll booths at an interval of 40 km.

The Transport Minister said that he knows that in some places there are too many toll booths and added that it is wrong and unfair and also conveyed that he would remove it.

One of the reasons mentioned by him was that there was a lot of theft in this system and said that the income from toll booths used to be around INR 24,000 crore per year and during the Covid, the income generated from toll booths was less which was around INR 10,000 crore.

Value of tolls collected on national highways across India
Value of tolls collected on national highways across India

The success of FASTag

The FASTag system which helps in paying the fee on the toll plaza through an electronic system was introduced in the country in the year 2016. Around 93% of the existing vehicles use FASTag for paying the tolls but the remaining 7% have not adopted to using FASTag.

The vehicles that have not adopted to paying toll through FASTag will have to pay double the amount as toll fees. Gadkari has conveyed that it seems like the rest of the vehicles do not want to leave a record of their travel details and added that he has called an police enquiry for the matter.

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How does GPS Imaging work

The collection of toll fees would be through the GPS which will collect the toll tax based on the image that is captured and charge them accordingly.

At the beginning of the toll road, there will be a camera that will capture an image on GPS. The toll money will be charged based on from where a vehicle would be coming from and will be going to. There will be no toll booths and no one will be stopped on their way.


Toll booths are one of the major sources of income for the Government of India. Replacing of Toll booths with GPS Imaging will be one of the steps to achieve digitalization after the adoption of FASTag.


What is GPS Imaging toll collection?

GPS imaging means that toll collection will happen via GPS. The money will be collected based on GPS imaging on vehicles.

Why are there tolls in India?

In India, Toll tax is charged for raising the cost incurred in constructing as well as for maintaining the roads.

What is GPS FASTag?

The Government of India is planning to remove toll booths and implement low powered GPS FASTag, which will collect the toll tax by GPS imaging.

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