Successful Startups in Chennai | Top Chennai Startups [Exhaustive List 2021]

Ashwini Ashwini
Jun 2, 2020 11 min read
Successful Startups in Chennai | Top Chennai Startups [Exhaustive List 2021]

The capital of Tamil Nadu has seen a considerable rise with respect to the startup culture in the last couple of years. The Tamil Nadu government continues to aggressively promote the blossoming of a startup ecosystem in the state. Hence, the sudden increase in the number of startups in Chennai and Chennai becoming India's fourth most active startup ecosystem needs no justification. Here are some of the top startups in Chennai.

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We have also covered startups from Kolkata, Lucknow and other major cities of India.

List of Best Startups in Chennai

Perfint Healthcare
Financial Software Systems (FSS)


Founder: Satya Prabhakar
Year Founded: 1996
Industry: Service Directory

Sulekha Logo
Sulekha Logo | Startup Company in Chennai

Sulekha is a platform for consumers and business to connect with each other. Satya Prabhakar is the founder and CEO of Sulekha. Sulekha employs more than Β 1,300 people and has 14 offices around the globe in countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, and UAE.

Satya is originally from Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Satya did his undergaduate studies in B.E. from NIT, Trichy and has worked with Philips. A studious and academically proficient individual, he secured admission to all the top four IIMs (Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Lucknow), but chose to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida, Gainesville.


Founder: Pradeep Dadha
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: Online Pharmacy

Netmeds logo
Netmeds logo | Business Startup in Chennai

Netmeds is an online pharmacy which delivers pharmaceutical products at the customers' door. Netmeds has a wide range of healthcare products on its website. With strong marketing strategies and Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the brand ambassador, the startup is swiftly moving towards success.

Netmeds was founded by Pradeep Dadha, one of the most successful entrepreneurs to emerge out of Chennai. He worked at Dadha & Co., his family business. Netmeds has acquired several health startups over time, including the recent acquisition of KiViHealth in 2019.

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Founder: Rati Shetty
Year Founded: 2008
Industry: FinTech

Bankbazaar Logo
BankBazaar Logo | Fintech Startup in Chennai

BankBazaar is Chennai-based fintech startup that has established a solid presence in India in just a few years. It allows customers to make payments and get loans online. BankBazaar essentially functions like a bank minus the fact that you don’t have to go to different counters. The work is done in a jiffy while sitting at home!

Rati Shetty is the founder and chief product officer at BankBazaar. She did her graduation from the University of Madras.


Founders: Arunprasad Durairaj, Vijaybabu Gandhi, and Shreenidhi Srirangam
Year Founded: 2013
Industry: Education

Flintobox Logo
Flintobox Logo | Edtech Startup in Chennai

Every child is special and is inherently engineered to learn something new everyday. When parents let their children use the internet, it puts a stop to the kid's imagination and creativity. Childhood is the time when engagement in physical activities should be at the peak, and not with computer or mobile screens. Flintobox is a startup working to solve this problem. Parents can order a Flintobox, which is a combination of different activity toys. The startup sends the box directly to your house every month. You can select the package which suits you the best.

Flintobox was founded by Arunprasad Durairaj, Vijaybabu Gandhi, and Shreenidhi Srirangam in 2013. They started the company to solve the problem of television addiction in children.


Founders: Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas
Year Founded: 1996
Industry: Software Development

Zoho Logo
Zoho Logo | Saas Company in Chennai

Zoho is among the top tech-startups in India. Chennai-based Zoho Corporation is a unicorn SaaS founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996. Zoho provides a suite of products for all your business needs. It includes an email-sending client, a finance management tool, and a project management tool with over 40 million users across the globe. The Indian company also has offices in Singapore, Japan, China, Tenkasi, Pleasanton, and California.


Founder: Chitra Ravi
Year Founded: 2001
Industry: Education

Chrysalis Logo
Chrysalis Logo | Edutech Startup in Chennai

Chrysalis has innovated an academic program for the formative years (2-12) of a child’s education – β€œThinkRoom”. ThinkRoom has been designed with the vision of awakening the dormant potential in every child. The curriculum (pedagogy) is created with a child-centric philosophy. It is an integrated academic program for maths, English, science, and social studies in schools. ThinkRoom is the synthesis of product (subject books called 'studios'), service design (continuous professional development training for teachers), and technology ('Mitra Tab').

In 2017, Chrysalis raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Manterra and Gray Matters Capital (GMC).


Founder: Manasvini Krishna
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: LegalTech

Lawbot Logo
Lawbot Logo | LegalTech Startup in Chennai

Manasvini Krishna is a lawyer and a successful entrepreneur. He pursued his Bachelor of Legislative Law from National Law University, Bhopal. He then pursued his Master's degree from the University of Oxford. Before starting his own venture, he co-founded Samvad Partners in 2012. In 2016, Manasvini started is a legal AI platform which analyzes contracts through machine learning and natural language processing.


Founder: Girish Mathrubootham
Year Founded: 2012
Industry: Cloud-Based Business Management Applications Provider

Freshworks Logo
Freshworks Logo | IT Startup in Chennai

Freshworks provides cloud-based business management applications to companies. The applications provided by Freshworks are:

  • Freshdesk: Cloud-based customer support software.
  • Freshservice: Online IT service management software.
  • Freshcaller: Cloud-based call center software.
  • Freshchat: Enterprise chat application.
  • Freshsales: Sales CRM software.
  • Freshmarketer: Marketing software for digital marketers.
  • Freshconnect: Enterprise collaboration software.
  • Freshping: Website monitoring tool.
  • Freshteam: Recruit people, manage employee data and time in one place.
  • Freshrelease: Agile project management software for developing teams.
  • Freshstatus: Setup your hosted public page in one click.

Freshworks offers subscription-based pricing model. It has worked with companies such as Honda, Toshiba, Cisco, Lenskart, Zoom, Zomato, UNICEF, Team Viewer, Carat Lane, and Money Corp.


Founders: Vishnu Menon, Pranav Kumar, Sruti Chander, Hari Nair, and Narayan Menon
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: Travel and Tourism

Wandertrails Logo
Wandertrails Logo | Travel and Tourism Startup in Chennai

Wandertrails is a travel tech company. It offers an online platform that enables the on-demand booking of experiences indigenous to a particular location as well as related experiential accommodation to compliment these experiences. Wandertrails is operating through a curated marketplace model with a strong emphasis on integrity and depth of listings. The authenticity of every experience is ensured. Wandertrails does it through an on-ground audit and professional creative shoot. It raised $1 million dollars in March 2020.

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Founders: Murali Vivekanandan, Ashwin Ramaswamy, and Shrikanth Jagannathan
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: E-commerce Analytics

Pipecandy Logo
PipeCandy Logo | Chennai Based Startup

PipeCandy is an ecommerce-focused predictive insights platform. It tracks over 500,000 modern ecommerce companies and delivers insights to marketers, investors, and analysts. The founders of PipeCandy are Murali Vivekanandan, Ashwin Ramaswamy, and Shrikanth Jagannathan. The company also functions from San Francisco, California.

Pipecandy has raised around $1.1 million. It has attracted many investors who are curious about hunting down the nuances in the system to increase sales and therefore, higher probability to seal the deal. 'Emergent Ventures India' is funding the startup; many other entities such as 'IDG Ventures', 'Axilor Ventures', and the 'Indian Angel Network' are also supporting PipeCandy.


Founder: Utkarsh Singhania
Year Founded: 2014
Industry: Event Management

BigFDay Logo
BigFDay Logo | Event Management Company in Chennai

BigFday is an online marketplace for event services, be it wedding, birthday, corporate event, or just a night out with friends. BigFday helps occasional and professional planners with the services required to host the event. Presently serving in Chennai, it works with 500+ venues and hundreds of professionals in the event industry.

Utkarsh Singhania is the founder and CTO of BigFDay. He has an MBA from Sikkim Manipal University and is a graduate from Anna University.


Founder: Ajit Narayanan
Year Founded: 2014
Industry: Tech

Avaza Logo
Avaza Logo | Startup in Chennai

Avaza is a tech startup. It works for children challenged with communication disorders, autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. Avaza boasts of providing India's first augmentative and alternative communication device for children with disabilities.

Ajit Narayanan is the founder of Avaza. He is a graduate from IIT, Madras with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Before starting Avaza, he was the CEO of Chongchong English in California. He was awarded the 'National Award for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities' by the President of India in 2010.

Perfint Healthcare

Founder: S Nandakumar
Year Founded: 2005
Industry: Healthcare

Perfint Logo
Perfint Logo | Healthcare Startup in Chennai

Perfint Healthcare develops diagnostic equipment for the oncology space. Its image-guided equipment uses medical image processing and robotics to help clinicians plan and execute CT-guided cancer biopsies, drug delivery, and ablation of small tumors. The product catalog includes:

  • MAXIO: An image-guided, physician controlled stereotactic accessory to a computed tomography (CT) system.
  • ROBIO EX: A CT & PET-CT guided robotic positioning system that assists with fast and accurate tumor location.
  • NAVIOS: A computer-based workflow assistance solution for CT guided percutaneous ablation procedures.

Norwest Venture Partners, Accel, and Chiratae Ventures have invested $ 40 million in Perfint.

Financial Software Systems (FSS)

Founder: Nagaraj Mylandla
Year Founded: 1991
Industry: Electronic payment

FSS Logo
FSS Logo | Product Based Startup in Chennai

Financial Software Systems (FSS) offers business value in the areas of electronic payments and financial transaction processing solutions & services. Headquartered in Chennai, FSS has established a global footprint in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and the United States of America. FSS delivers a complete spectrum of offerings through its two business divisions:

  • FSSTechnologies: Offers clients with a single-window view of solutions and services like systems integration, offshore development, product sustenance, project management and implementation, upgrade and migration services, product testing and certification, application testing, onsite technical support, and 24/7 global helpdesk support.
  • FSSNeT: Offers hosted payment processing services across all delivery channels; these include ATMs, POS, internet, and mobile with authorization by bank hosts, interchanges, and co-networks. Premji Invest, Jacob Ballas Capital, and New Enterprise Associates have invested $127 Million in FSS.


Founders: Kavikkal Balakrishnan and N Raghunandan
Year Founded: 1991
Industry: Application Software

Servion Logo
Servion Logo | Startup IT Company in Chennai

Servion enables business transformation for enterprises in the area of customer experience management (CEM). Servion is a platform-led solutions provider focused on enhancing customer experience by automating and integrating customer interaction channels. Servion provides the following IP platforms:

  • ServDesignSM: Knowledge-based consulting framework that enables you to deliver an on-brand customer experience.
  • ServIntuitSM: Omni-channel customer experience platform that connects all enterprise channel applications such as chat, voice, website, mobile, email, video, and AR/VR.
  • ServInsightsSM: Contact center analytics platform that enables multi-channel and enterprise integration.
  • ServCloudTM: Adaptable cloud-based CX-platform that gives enterprises the power of optimal operations and omni-channel customer experience.
  • ServCareSM: Offers the right support to contact centers through unified communication and collaboration solutions, enabling enterprises to deliver flawless customer experience.

These platforms enable enterprises to drive the true value of their CX investments and build their customer engagement hub. Over the past two decades, Servion has evolved from being a single channel (voice) interaction expert to becoming an industry pioneer in omni-channel customer experience.


Founder: Ani
Year Founded: 2016
Industry: IT Services

Adjutas Logo
Adjutas Logo | IT Company in Chennai

The essence of Adjutas is to deliver the best IT experience. It is trusted by more than 200 companies. Adjutas offers an intelligent cloud-based helpdesk-cum-service desk and asset management software. The offerings help in all of the major management areas along with multi-channel support and reports. Adjutas offers a 14-day free trial to gauge its products.


Founder: Saravanan Sundaramoorthy
Year Founded: 2013
Industry: E-Learning

Skill Angels Logo
SkillAngels Logo | E-learning Startup in Chennai

SkillAngels is a Chennai-based startup. It aims at helping kids in their cognitive development through various games present on its website. SkillAngels was founded in the year 2013.

SkillAngels wants to transform classroom students into the workforce of the future. The company is working with a team of education visionaries, development experts, and clinical psychologists who came together to go that extra mile, alter the average education experience, and create the champions of tomorrow.


Founder: Sundar Krish
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: Industry Software

Waygum Logo
Waygum Logo | Software Comapny in Chennai

With the increase in the rate of smartphone usage, industries are also embracing technology for operations. provides a smart way for factories to manage operations on mobile. With the Waygum app, managers can easily keep a tab on everything that's happening in the factory. Their employees can report to them easily on the same application. Sundar Krish, the founder of Waygum, is an IIT, Madras graduate. Krish is currently working on his new startup AppSecFlo in the Silicon Valley.

Founder: Ashwini Asokan
Year Founded: 2015
Industry: AI-Based Visual Search And Product Recommendation Logo Logo | AI Companies in Chennai is an image recognition platform by Mad Street Den, an artificial intelligence company. is an end-to-end retail automation platform that is redesigning the future of fashion retail through artificial intelligence. Using image recognition and data science, extracts catalog data, analyzes it for user behavior, and helps companies improve customer experience, drive conversions, and reduce costs. helps you digitally map your products' DNA to create one-of-a-kind retail experiences for your customers and translates product information into a language your teams can understand and use to make business decisions. has received funding of $28 million from Falcon Edge Capital, Global Brain, and Sequoia Capital.


Founders: Β Vineet Neeraj, Mohan Gayam, and Karthik Ramaiah
Year Founded: 2012
Industry: Information Technology & Services

Kobzo Logo | Ecommerce Company in Chennai

Formerly known as Kobster, Kobzo is an ecommerce website that caters to small and medium enterprises, startups, and home businesses for their office supply needs. Kobzo helps corporate buyers, retailers, SMEs, home offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. to meet organizational goals seamlessly and efficiently. Today, Kobzo has 1 lakh+ business products in multiple categories namely manufacturing, construction, office supplies, hospital and lab, electronics, automobile, education, hotels, and restaurants.

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This was our list of prominent startups and successful entrepreneurs from Chennai. If you know about any other Chennai-based startup that's not covered in this list please contact us. We would love to include them in this post.

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Which startup is best in Chennai?

Top startups in chennai are:

  • Sulekha
  • Netmeds
  • BankBazaar
  • Flintobox
  • Zoho
  • Freshworks
  • Wandertrails
  • PipeCandy
  • Chrysalis
  • Financial Software Systems (FSS)

What are the product based companies in Chennai?

Zoho Corporation and Freshworks are the top product-based companies in Chennai.

How many startups are there in Chennai?

There are over 500 startups in chennai.

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