List of Top Customer Experience Management Software in 2020 | Free Tools

Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra
Apr 06, 2020 6 min read
List of Top Customer Experience Management Software in 2020 | Free Tools

Customer Experience Management refers to collection, organization, and tracking of customer feedback, both negative and positive. It is important to ensure that your customer gets a smooth and flawless experience while using your service. Customer experience management software or CEM does exactly this job. Various strategies need to be put into use depending on the type of customer one is dealing with.

Customer experience management is important for any business
Customer experience management is important for every business

The software that provides tools to handle such strategies is CEM software (Customer Experience Management Software). By leveraging the data extracted from other tools such as ERP and CRM, CEMS helps paint an overall picture of the customer in terms of his/her purchasing patterns, preferences, feedback, etc.

When should you start using Customer Experience Management Tools?

Before actually researching about top customer experience management platform, you should know about the use cases of CEM tools and when actually to use them.

Assigning Teams or Divisions Focusing on Customer Retention

Allocating resources to perform any task is both time and effort consuming. So deriving conclusions from customers’ previous experiences aids in achieving the objective of customer retention. CEMS can fulfill this requirement and assist in forming the right team.


It’s possible to expand influence on social media platforms using management software.

Word of Mouth Publicity

Seen as one of the oldest publicity mechanisms, satisfied customers can create a ripple effect by encouraging others to use your business’s product or service. One happy user refers you to the other, and the chain continues. CRMS can help you get that satisfied customer.

If you are starting a new business here are some tips for How to Make Customers Loyal?

Track Customer Acquisition in SaaS-SaaS Customer Acquisition Strategy
We’d all love to drive Bentley’s and live in mansions overlooking the beach, but not if it means spending the money your family relies on to buy food. Similarly, every business [] wants to get as many customers as possible, but not if it means going broke in t…

Popular Customer Experience Management Tools


A tool that caters to all types of business sizes, lithium is a solution meant to manage customer interaction via social media while broadening one’s online presence at the same time. A prominent feature of the software is the option of creating virtual communities. Apart from this, there are several response/listening solutions, and the users of the platform can easily promote their products and services while taking the help of brand influencers.


The platform, now available as an enterprise-grade software as well, permits the generation of reports and views from customer data. Some of the parameters used by the software are account management information, product usage statistics and business context. All of this helps in sending targeted messages to the customers. A notification system by the name ‘Intercom’ allows the user to get the client status through real-time data. Totango allows the creation of custom segments, which can assist in coming up with marketing campaigns and monitor their performance at the same time.


A point-and-click editor makes the software popular in the CEM segment. Any user who’s not familiar with the process of ‘onboarding’ (read about it) can formulate product introductions and welcome messages with minimal effort. The software provides the ability to make ‘product tours’ bridges the interaction between businesses and prospective buyers. This is done using language and name as parameters. The software user has complete control over the product tour. If onboarding is not your cup of tea, use Appcues to break this notion!

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A content marketing platform that was developed as a plug and play social review app, the software is meant for customer retention and generating new market segments with ease. The option of keeping a check on every customer that has enquired about a product/service or accessed the database helps in generating usage patterns and then creating marketing campaigns using those insights. Software users can also produce product reviews that assist in sales generation. The application of USP is the capability of capturing user-generated content on Instagram, which helps in user conversion.


A customer engagement platform that makes navigating across websites and new software simple, WalkMe is a cloud-based solution rich with features. These include notification bars and pop-up balloons. First-time visitors to your website can know which actions need to be prioritized during navigation through this CEM solution. The ‘Shoutouts’ feature of WalkMe notifies visitors about important messages. This helps in promoting services and changes.

Zoho CRM Plus

It allows you to teach people on the phone, vía live chat, email, through social media and even in person. Also, there is a visitor tracking and email -analytics, which you can use to see what your customer is watching which can help you to close the deal with them.

Ask Nicely NPS Software

It gives you real-time customer feedback based on their experience and purchase. It automatically mails a set of a questionnaire consisting of two questions that the customers can answer real quick. This will help you to understand customer feedback, unsatisfied customers and their problems, online reviews, etc.

Consisting of more than 60,000 testers in 40 speaking language, it is an easy app to test the usability of the websites and apps.

The app gives a great feature that is vídeos of actual customers expressing their thoughts about your company, from Which you can access a lot of feedback.

Bitrix 24

Used by 4 million businesses worldwide, it is the number 1 app for free customer experience and customer relationship management platform.

It provides unlimited leads, deals, contacts, companies, quotes, invoices, and appointment scheduling. It also comes with email marketing and telephony. It is available in 12 different languages.


Used by small dorm rooms to rich established companies, Zendesk has a name. With a rate of 1$ per month per user, it also has a free trial. It builds help desk, call center, live chat software for better customer relationships. It is used by more than 81,000 companies in over 150 countries in about 40 languages. Go, get your trial and start over.


Its usage is in high traffic websites or web pass who wishes to provide complete self-service for their customers. The pricing is 49 $, which is worth it for the services. It also provides 24/7, network. It creates one widget to find information and effortlessly using highly trained AI.

Genesys Pure Cloud

It is used by everyone. Progressive IT and contact base operations that prefer rápido delivery, all in one, cloud contact center solution. With a pricing of $ 69.99, per month, per user, it provides 24/7, online support. It is an all- in - one cloud contact center solution that helps manage and understand in a smooth customer journey through all communication, voice, chat, email and text messages and more.

The boom in CEM or CMX means that a lot of options are out there to choose from. While the motto remains the same—“connecting people, process and technology”, the diversity in tools available for customer management implies that there is something for every business need!

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