Top 5 Zendesk Alternatives

Top 5 Zendesk Alternatives

The web is brimming with online enterprises, SaaS intelligence, and consumers of the same. And to be able to sell your product successfully, you need something to be able to stand out from the rest; to give the consumer a reason to choose you over your competitors. Additionally, having good customer service, and being there for your consumers for any and every technical support regarding your service is an added benefit. This is where Zendesk comes in.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is essentially a Customer Support Platform, that allows users to connect with consumers on different channels including chat, email or phone. It helps create a space for customers to interact with each other and with you too. It gathers all your interactions with customers in one place, allowing you to create a seamless and productive workflow so that you can offer your consumers a personalized experience and get better feedback. It makes for a win-win situation for both the parties since it offers both customer satisfaction and honest feedback.

Although Zendesk is one of the more popular choices for a Customer Support Platform, users might look for Zendesk alternatives to find tools which best suit their business or sales strategy. Here we offer a list of 5 Zendesk alternatives that you can use to find the perfect fit to your business needs.



Freshdesk Customer Service
Freshdesk Customer Service

Freshdesk is one of the few names which primarily appear in the list of Zendesk Alternatives, and for good reason. It is designed to cater to the needs of business of any size or scale, across any touchpoint, over call, chat or email. Along with automation of workflows, you get to interact with your customers to offer a more personalized experience. Chatbots from Freddy AI are easy to deploy for better engagement with customers to resolve the issues faster. It also has a free trial available with all its basic features to try out, so it can be considered as a zendesk free alternative.

Features Offered by Freshdesk

  • Freshdesk promotes team collaboration through FreshConnect, shared ownership of tickets along with division of tasks with different kind of tickets.
  • Freshdesk scans through the inquiries for automated segregation to assign tickets to the agents they belong.
  • Tickets are also monitored for updates and as soon as there is an update, actions are automatically triggered.
  • Freshdesk helps you collect customer support data and use it to your advantage and offer the customer a better, more personalized experience.
  • Freshdesk also allows you to encrypt communication between server and browser with SSL certified security.

Pricing for Freshdesk

Sprout Plan for getting started Blossom Plan for standard support Garden Plan for getting efficient Estate Plan for best performance Forest Plan for enterprise
Comes free of cost Costs INR 999 per month per agent when billed annually and INR 1399 when billed monthly Costs INR 2599 per month per agent when billed annually and INR 3299 when billed monthly Costs INR 3599 per month per agent when billed annually and INR 4999 when billed monthly Costs INR 7199 per month per agent when billed annually and INR 8999 when billed monthly
Offers email, social ticketing, and ticket dispatch Offers all Sprout plan features along with automations, market detection, and collision apps Offers all Blossom plan features along with time tracking, CSAT surveys, and performance reports Offers all Garden plan features along with custom roles, reports, and dashboards and portal rebranding Offers all Estate plan features along with routing, sandbox, audit log, and agent shifts and scripts
Also offers ticket trend and report along with datacenter location Also offers Help desk report and SLA management Also offers multilingual knowledge base and custom apps Also offers customer segments and dynamic ticket forms Includes many more features such as email bot, article suggester and many more

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Kayako Customer Support
Kayako Customer Support

Kayako is a Personal and Connected Customer Service software, that offers support in multiple languages. Kayako offers two kind of services, which are, On-Premise, as a service desk software and Kayako Cloud, for small and medium businesses as a fully integrated help desk. With a live chat software and a context driven customer service, Kayako also offers you shared inbox and a self help knowledge base making it a full-fledged Customer Service Software.

Features Offered by Kayako

  • Showcase your propensity with visualized customer journeys and unifying their interactions to deliver the best customer support service possible.
  • Offer live customer support to your audience with the Customer Chat Software for effortless and personal communication.
  • Integrate with Zapier and other popular applications and platforms and automate tasks with clicks as many as you can count on your fingers.
  • Kayako offers multichannel conversations to better understand your audience and help them turn into loyal customers.
  • Let your customer resolve issues without support through self service offered by Kayako with Help Center.

Pricing for Kayako

Inbox plan Growth plan Scale plan
Costs $15 per agent per month Costs $30 per agent per month Costs $60 per agent per month
Offers live chat and email with basic help center Offers all features in Inbox plan along with advanced automation and custom views, fields, and reporting Offers all features in Growth plan with workflow customization and Internal Help Center
Offers a mobile SDK with over 600 Zapier integrations Offers multiple brands and languages and advanced Help Center Offers custom security and permissions along with Salesforce integration

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LiveAgent Customer Service
LiveAgent Support

LiveAgent is a robust customer service to stay close to your customers. It offers you various features including real-time customer chat, video calling, tracking and responding to Facebook posts and comments and that of Twitter. Moreover, LiveAgent also flaunts an customizable Interactive Voice Response(IVR) to make things more organized.

Features Offered by LiveAgent

  • LiveAgent offers users a plethora of integrations including Zoho, Intercom, Stripe, Insightly, and Sendy among various others.
  • Gather around all your communication channels in one universal inbox and let automation take over the rest of your work.
  • LiveAgent collects all your communication reports from different social networks and organizes them based on priority, so you can attend to the most important ones firsthand.
  • LiveAgent also runs time rules in the background with ticket management in the front end. You can also use tags to differentiate between customers.
  • You also get customizable Contact groups, contact management and fields, internal ticketing, and mass actions.

Pricing for LiveAgent

Free plan Ticket plan Ticket and Chat plan All Inclusive plan
Free account with some limitations Costs $15 per agent per month and offers a full sized ticketing solution Costs $29 per agent per month and offers live chat with ticketing Costs $39 per agent per month and offers all features in one plan
All basic features are included such as ticket history, live chat, call support, and actions on tickets Offers all features of basic plan with advanced reporting, SLAs and multi brand support Offers all features of Ticket plan with feedback management and tracking visitors in real-time Offers all features of Ticket and Chat plan with video calls and call routing
Other features include spam filters, basic reports, mail templates, and satisfaction surveys Ticket plan allows you to load CRM data along with API and integrations This plan allows you to send chat invitations to your customers along with satisfaction surveys Other features include unlimited call storage, audit log and time tracking

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Helpcrunch Customer Support
Helpcrunch Customer Support

Helpcrunch is an all in one customer communication platform which helps engage customers automatically, generate leads, and support them 24/7. You can customize live chat to match your branding with agent's avatar and automated greetings to offer your customers a knowledge base and help desk along with multi channel support on the web and on mobile devices.

Features Offered by Helpcrunch

  • Helpcrunch offers user live chat in real-time along with email marketing through targeted emails for marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • With the help of knowledge base, Helpcrunch allows you to create articles for users to assist themselves in self-service.
  • Interact with your user and provide in-app support with mobile SDKs and applications and give your users the support they deserve.
  • Send automated messages to keep the users engaged and handle customer requests from multiple channels via Help Desk.
  • Create your own eye catching popups and integrate with tools that you currently use for higher lead conversion.

Pricing for Helpcrunch

Standard plan Premium plan Enterprise plan
Costs $12 per user per month Costs $20 per user per month Enterprise plan offers custom pricing depending on your needs
Offers 1 chat widget, 3 auto messages and popups Offers 5 chat widget, unlimited auto messages and popups Offers all features in Premium plan with additional features
Offers help desk with knowledge base and full customization Offers all features in Standard plan with advanced customization Furnishes the users with a personal onboarding assisstant


Intercom Marketing and Customer Support
Intercom Marketing and Customer Support

Intercom is a customer relationship oriented platform that helps you communicate with your audience throughout their journey with conversational experiences. Deploying a conversational approach helps deliver a more personalized experience with the perspective of a user and helps retain loyal customers. Moreover, features such as customizable bots, automated answers, outbound message, and help center articles make assistance of the users, all the more convenient.

Features Offered by Intercom

  • Intercom offers all kinds of customer services including one on one support, self service, and proactive support.
  • Keep your customers engaged with tours and messages and carry out multi channel campaigns to optimize your management further.
  • Intercom offers behavioral data and attributes to segment and personalize messages along with integrations to sync data across your tech stack.
  • Intercom mobile application offers as much functionality as does the desktop tool, along with insights into the user activity on the application.
  • Retain more customers with multiple integrations including Slack, Stripe, Square including other tools.

Pricing for Intercom

Start pricing plan Grow pricing plan Accelerate pricing plan Scale pricing plan
Costs $39 per month and is suited for basic chat and messaging Costs $99 per month and is suited for basic chat and messaging Costs $499 per month and is suited for automated workflows and reporting Costs $999 per month and is suited for automated workflows and reporting
Includes onle 1 user and offers live chat Includes 5 users and offers inbound and outbound emails Includes 10 members and offers custom bots, team inboxes, and automated assignment rules Includes 10 members and offers SLA rules, workload management and custom permissions
Additional features include targeted outbound chat, team inbox, and Slack integration Offers all features in Start plan with conversation rating and HubSpot integration Offers all features in Grow plan with ticketing workflow and performance reporting Offers all features in Accelerate plan with SSO and SAML integrations with custom API

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Frequently Asked Question - FAQS

What is a customer support platform?

Customer Support Platforms are essentially services you offer to help your customers get the most out of your product and to resolve their problems. It includes things like answering questions, providing assistance with onboarding, troubleshooting, and upgrading customers to a new product or service.

What are some zendesk free alternatives?

LiveAgent is a good free alternative to Zendesk, but the plan does have some limitations. Alternatively, Freshdesk has a free trial feature you can check out.

What are some best zendesk alternatives available?

Some best Zendesk alternatives are Freshdesk, Kayako, LiveAgent, Helpcrunch, and Intercom to name a few.

Who are some competitors to zendesk?

All the alternatives to Zendesk are their competitors such as Freshdesk, Kayako, LiveAgent, Helpcrunch and Intercom amng others.

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