Fintech Industry in India | History, Growth, And Future

Devashish Shrivastava Devashish Shrivastava
Jul 16, 2021 11 min read
Fintech Industry in India | History, Growth, And Future

Money related organizations, monetary methodology, and budgetary administrations have radically advanced and improved in the last couple of decades. With the development of the Fintech industry in India, the whole business has experienced a huge change in the manner in which the money related methods are completed and budgetary establishments are performed.

The coordinated efforts between account and innovation has prompted an extreme change in banking, venture, exchanging, and digital money. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This development has prompted the ubiquity of the term "Fintech", a short structure for the expression of Financial Technology. This post reveals insight into Fintech and why has it turned fierce in the modern world.

Fintech is significantly more than only a reference to money related innovation. It is frequently alluded to as the inventive innovation used to improve customary money related strategies and create powerful answers for budgetary administrations, those which are at standard with the most recent mechanical patterns. Banking programming and portable financial applications are great instances of improvement in monetary innovation.

Fintech Industry - History
Fintech Industry - Growth in India
Fintech Industry - Factors Behind Growth in India
Fintech Industry - Future in India
Fintech Industry - Leading Fintech Companies in India
Fintech Industry - FAQs

Fintech Industry - History

Progressively, the huge fintech industry comprises of new companies and lofty monetary organizations endeavoring to improve the budgetary administrations given by money related foundations around the globe. The organizations have endeavored to utilize continually advancing innovation and create present-day techniques for taking care of money.

A large number of us may not understand, yet innovation has constantly assumed a critical job in the money related division. In any case, the most recent 65 years have played a huge role in the development of the fintech industry and the creation of a few fintech arrangements.

The 1950s saw the dispatch of credit cards and 10 years later, ATMs changed the manner in which cash was withdrawn from banks. The proliferation of the internet during the 1990s propelled the fintech business to a new level; electronic installment framework, web-based business models, web-based shopping, portable banking, and digitization of banks have brought about a significant revolution.

What Is Fintech Industry | History of Fintech

The world's first ATM was propelled in 1967 by Barclays and the IPO in 1971, the principal online installment stage Paypal was established in 1998, the primary digital money Bitcoin was propelled in 2009, Google propelled Google Wallet in 2011 and, Fintech startups have been all over the place since then. Earth-shattering advancements of innovation are paving the way for fintech upheaval.

Money related innovation is said to be a problematic power that  is relied upon to reshape the budgetary division, plans of action, and banking structures. New money related innovation simply keeps on progressing, has pulled in speculators from different nations, and has cleared the way for the development of markets and the fintech industry itself.

Retailer banking and installments, protection, financier administrations, business banking, venture, and riches are affected the most by the development of fintech.

List of Best Emerging Fintech Startups in India | Fintech Companies in India
Fintech [/tag/fintech-startup/] [/tag/fintech/], which is short for financialtechnology, has become a crucial part of the world. In the old days, all thefinancial work was done through the paperwork only, as it was considered as thesafest mode. But with the development of technology, internet is …

Fintech Industry - Growth in India

A NASSCOM report says that the fintech programming and administration advertising in India was around $8 billion in 2016; it was expected to develop 1.7 times by the end of 2020. The report includes that the exchange an incentive for the Indian fintech division was around $33 billion in 2016 and was scheduled to reach $73 billion in 2021 at a five-year compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 22%.

The Indian FinTech scene is divided as follows: 34% in installment handling, trailed by 32% in banking, and 12% in the exchanging, open and private markets. Visakhapatnam is being created as FinTech valley and the nearby administration of Andhra Pradesh opened Fintech Valley to advance the interests in this area.

Fintech Industry Growth
Fintech Industry Growth

In 2018, more than 12,000 new businesses grew in the Fintech space over the world with a monstrous speculation of $19 billion. Fintech includes innovative organizations that are going up against each other and working in unison with existing money related foundations. These organizations likewise work together with colleges and research foundations, government affiliations, and industry bodies.

India now has a system in place that gives new companies a chance to exponentially develop into enormous organizations. Directly from digging into a scope of unexplored portions to outside business sectors, new Fintech businesses are conveying advancement that was deemed hard to accomplish.

Growth Of Fintech Services
Growth Of Fintech Services

The Indian Fintech programming business sector is expected to touch $2.4 billion by the end of 2020 from the current $1.2 billion in FY 2019.

Over the last couple of years, the Indian economy, which is altogether money-driven, has exploited the Fintech opportunity. With a scope of choices that includes digital wallets, loaning, and protection, the assortment of administrations gave an enormous impact to change the manner of money-related activities.

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Fintech Industry - Factors Behind Growth in India

A number of encouraging reasons are propelling the comprehensive growth of Fintech in India. Some of them are:

Easy Payments

Installments have seen a noteworthy transformation in the recent years, particularly due to the disturbance of internet business, versatile trade, and online installments. Budgetary consideration is substantially more than just installments and exchanges and installments are seen as the door for monetary incorporation. Shoppers and vendors will keep on grasping digitized installments while UPI will continue to have its firm ground for both P2P and P2M exchanges.

Partnership Between FinTech's And Corporates

The Fintech Times says 2020 will be the time of brilliant coordinated efforts between Fintech trend-setters and corporates, where corporate organizations would ideally put resources into Fintech instead of acquiring arrangements. Likewise, banks will be collaborating with Fintech to sort out inconsistencies and offer benefits via administration, smooth client experience, and a progression in cutting-edge highlights to ease tasks.

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Simple Management Of Personal Wealth

There's a rising change being experienced by Investment Advisory organizations with the improvement of electronic riches counsels, also known as "Robo-guides." And by "Robo," we mean computerized board-stages as real robots.

These Robo-guides can guide executives through calculations and help clients take money related decisions. The perfect outcome is the ability to yield specially designed, noteworthy counsel to financial specialists without the contribution of human feelings, and that too at a lower cost.

Facility Of Cloud Banking

Usage of distributed computing will lessen costs by an incredible degree on the grounds that no extra speculations are required for overseeing assets and equipment. Cloud adjusts to the changing requests and gives versatility to serve the transforming needs of clients. Cloud assets additionally scale upon necessity and permit simpler incorporations with innovations.

How Fintech Industry Is Shaping Banking Sector

Secure Digital Payments

Security is of utmost importance since money related exchanges are exposed to dangers and assaults. An EY report says innovation like Blockchain will be extremely popular, crediting to its advantages like straightforwardness, changelessness, discernibility, and audibility. Blockchain will give a state of security with regards to the trading of cash and touchy data, enabling clients to draw off its straightforwardness and bring down operational expenses.

NLP Based Chatbots

There is now a rush of problematic innovation in organizations. It is encouraging to see clients continuously attempting to discover better approaches to consistently communicate with organizations.

Fintech will be a sensation by utilizing NLP based chatbots and enhancing Conversational User Interface (CUI) to change portable banking. These chatbots will have the option to react to client issues and give practical arrangements accordingly.

Convenient Personalization

Fintech is improving client experience by giving customized plans suited to the client's needs. The inevitable destiny of Fintech will see altered outlines that can imagine critical events in a client's life. Actualizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data for personalization will bring about improved availability and capability; the results can then be used in the progression of present-day administration models.

Fintech Industry - Future in India

Fintech Growth Curve
Fintech Growth Curve
  • Fintech administration firms are right now re-thinking the manner in which organizations and customers deal regularly.
  • In India, the scale has been less steep when compared to the international developments. The interest in India's Fintech industry, which caught pace somewhere between 2013 and 2014, continues to grow.
  • Furthermore, India has a huge undiscovered market for budgetary administration through innovation in new businesses. 40% of the populace is not associated with banks anymore, and 87% of the installments are now being paid with real money.
  • With cell phone entrance expected to increment to 85-90% in 2020 from 65-75% at present and web infiltration consistently climbing, the development potential for Fintech in India can't be exaggerated.
  • These holes in access to organizations and administrations offer a significant opportunity for Fintech arrangements to flourish and grow.

Fintech Industry - Leading Fintech Companies in India

There are more than 2000 Fintech companies in India. Some of the leading fintech companies in India are:


Paytm - Fintech Company
Paytm - Fintech Company

A leading Fintech organization- Paytm is a platform for portable installments and money related administration. It gives an application based stage to pay installments, make travel appointments, inn and ticket booking, booking chamber, purchase of gold, gifts, and so on.

Paytm offers banking administrations, credit cards, advances, speculation stage for protection, shared assets, etc. Paytm Mall is an additional offering by Paytm for internet shopping of utilities, garments, food supplies, adornments, hardware, toys, and a lot more. The application is available for both Android and IOS.

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Leading marketplace of insurance products- Policybazaar is an online protection aggregator for items from different safety net providers (dependent on the value, quality, and key advantages). Right now, the site offers data to enable clients settle on the best choices alongside arrangement driven client care. The data highlights content in different structures, for example, the top five highlights of an item, hits, and change rates.



BillDesk powers electronic installments and accumulations administrations for banks, organizations, and different establishments. It also oversees VISA installment administration. Billdesk empowers installment of service charges, Mastercard, and ISP charges for huge banks like Citibank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, and for organizations such as Bharti Telecom.

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Pine Labs

Pine labs

One of the leading fintech- Pine Labs gives POS programming services for disconnected retailers and brands. The organization's POS arrangements are a cloud-based system that coordinates with a nonexclusive POS terminal and enables retailers to acknowledge payments and Visas, e-wallets, QR code, and UPI based instalments.  

The organization offers installment passage, API arrangements, portable installment arrangements, dependability gift voucher projects, and others. It additionally offers esteem-oriented arrangements like EMIs, limits, pay by focuses, e-Wallets, directed advancements, dynamic money change. Pine Labs' versatile application is available for both Android and iOS.



MobiKwik is an advanced wallet administration. It offers a halfway installment for ticket reservations and bookings. MobiKwik also gives momentary individual credits to its wallet clients.



BankBazaar is an online budgetary dissemination and co-relation platform. BankBazaar empowers clients to purchase individual advance, home advance, vehicle advance, and other items, charge and Visas, disaster protection, medical coverage, accident protection, home protection, travel protection items, shared assets, fixed stores, and bank accounts. Clients need to give their essential subtleties to apply for an item on the web and can then track its status.

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Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)


Bharat Bill Payment System is a coordinated bill installment framework that offers interoperable and open bill installment administration to clients through enlisted operators and various installment modes. BBPS is an incorporated installment platform that makes a solitary, bank-free pitstop for all utility installments, and wallet administration for clients by taking care of their transactions through portable wallets.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

Unified Payment Interface
Unified Payment Interface

Unified Payments Interface is a framework that powers different ledgers into a versatile application, combining a few financial highlights, consistent reserve directing, and trader installments into one hood. It likewise takes into account the Peer-to-Peer system which can be planned and paid according to one's comfort and convenience.

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Fintech Industry - FAQs

How many Fintech companies are there in India?

There are over 2100 fintech companies in India.

Is Fintech an industry?

Fintech is term for Financial technology. All the companies that involves finance services using technology in their business come under Fintech Industry.

What are leading fintech companies in India?

  • Paytm
  • Razorpay
  • Upstox
  • Cred
  • ETMoney
  • Instamojo
  • PolicyBazaar
  • MobiKwik
  • Pine Labs
  • UPI

What is the valuation of fintech market in India?

The valuation of Fintech market in India is currently around $31 Billion. It is expected to grow to $84 Bn by 2025.

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