How To Start A Chatbot Agency?

How To Start A Chatbot Agency?

Do you know where your customers are these days? The majority of customers are spending a large part of their connected time in chat apps and if we say the modern form of communication is through texts only. How do I know? Since more than a billion users are on social media using chat apps, so it’s likely that many of these are your potential customers. If you start a chatbot agency then that idea can bring your marketing business to the frontline.

Chatbots are essentially a set of automated rules that interacts with people’s queries on chat. They not only leverage the power of software or AI but also reduce the human workload in business areas such as customer service and technical support. They can be very powerful for communicating with your customers over messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and website chat. As more and more people get accustomed to interacting with an intelligent bot, bot-less businesses will look outdated and out of touch.

What is a Chatbot Agency?

What is a chatbot agency?
What is a chatbot agency?

A chatbot agency is a platform that performs a number of functions for you as a business and customers. It is one of the easiest ways for any business to start with a chatbot agency because it takes the pain out of learning a new platform. We can apply our experience and skills to create chatbots that not only follow best practices but also perform better than those created by amateur bot builders.

Chatbots work on an ever-increasing number of platforms following the biggest market trend. The most important thing to know here is: where your customers spend their most of the time. If this is something, you’re not sure about, we can help you discover how to create a chatbot agency. If by any chance, you’re a part of a marketing agency, then it’s important to take advantage of this massive opportunity and take advantage of the most in the landscape of chatbot agencies.

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After this, you’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on the chatbot marketing trend before it becomes saturated
  • How to sell chatbot services without losing your marketing edge
  • How your agency can scale in spite of the massive new demand for your services

Why use Chatbot Agency?

Do you know what kind of features and benefits you could implement with chatbot technology?

Here's a quick list:

  • Chatbots can generate massive results for your clients
  • Generate faster leads
  • Offer 24-hour customer support
  • Chatbot marketing perfectly complements other digital marketing services like Facebook ads and social media management
  • Chatbots can provide a recurring revenue stream with valuable retainer contracts
  • Guide customers to products that they are more likely to buy
  • Chatbots are an easy sell
  • Chatbots set your agency apart as innovative and unstoppable
  • Improve conversions by helping customers when they most need it
  • Chatbots are a perfect way to defy seasonal slumps or becoming outmoded
  • Chatbots are scalable
  • Chatbots are easy to learn
  • Chatbot builders are inexpensive
  • Take payments directly with your bot
How To start a chatbot agency?
How To start a chatbot agency?

If you want to start a chatbot marketing agency, this is a no-brainer. You already know you want to sell chatbots. Let’s pitch in with the step-wise guide to start a chatbot agency.

How to Start a Chatbot Agency?

Step 1: Decide How Chatbots will fit with your Current Marketing Services.

If you want to start a chatbot marketing agency, this is a no-brainer. You already know you want to sell chatbots. Let’s pitch in with the step-wise guide to start a chatbot agency?

For this, there are two basic approaches here:

  • Start a chatbot agency from total scratch
  • Add chatbot services to your existing marketing services.

All you have to do in this step is to make the decision that you’re going to sell your chatbots services, and visualize what it’s going to look like or create a wireframe. Creating a simple chatbot for client services can result in success.

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Step 2: Select a Chatbot Building Platform

Selecting a chatbot building platform can be a bit hasty with so much going in mind. You can’t easily total a chatbot as best, but we will advise you to choose a chatbot tool which is:

  • easy to use
  • offers plenty of services
  • has endorsements from notable marketers
  • a chatbot company that won’t go out of business anytime soon

Basic chatbot building platform

  • MobileMonkey
  • IBM Watson
  • TARS
  • HubSpot’s Chatbot Builder
  • Microsoft Bot
  • Botsify
  • Chatfuel
  • Flow XO
  • BotKit

If you want to start a chatbot agency, you’re going to need an agency plan. Buy it. Get it. Do it. While you’re just learning the platform, however, you can get started with a free plan.

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Step 3: Learn how to use Chatbot Building Platform

Making your chatbot is fun, easy, and code-free! Especially for people like me who just directly run away from whenever there is a programming language. Although if you want to skip the creation process or you feel being niched-down into a particular level, then you can simply add a few elements to offer your new chatbot client a chatbot service.

The best way to learn them is to use it in your marketing funnel. The more you use it yourself, the better you’ll be able to create and provide them for your clients.

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Step 4: Start a Chatbot Agency with a planned Pricing Structure

Now your chatbot agency can become a valuable marketing service, so it’s most important to determine a well-planned pricing structure that asserts the value of your product without making it costly for tentative clients. For a simple chatbot service then you can just take a minimal amount of chatbot creation fee plus a retainer fee for the ongoing service. There is an unlimited variety of chatbot services that you can offer to your clients.

Chatbot Agency Pricing 2020

  • First, decide a conversational designer market value.
  • Chatbot Agency pricing strategy and packages
  • Chatbot Expectations
How to create a pricing packages for your chatbot agnecy

Here are some examples:

  • Adding a WordPress plugin to the client’s website
  • Creating Messenger ads on Facebook
  • Developing QR Messenger codes
  • Sending chat blasts
  • Launching drip campaigns
  • Providing integrations
  • Posting comment guards
  • Creating custom landing pages
  • Live chat takeover
  • Adding RSS blaster
  • Providing bot analytics

Step 5: Launch your Chatbot agency

It’s the final call to shoot it right and provide/sell your chatbot services to existing clients. By this, you can not only pull out your own hurdles but you can also blow up your client’s business.

Before pitching onto the process and finding your niche, here are some common unavoidable mistakes that can be avoided, if someone would have mentioned before.

Most Common Chatbot Mistakes

  • Failing to plan properly
  • Making the user work too hard
  • Monologuing
  • Not offering an easy unsubscribe option
  • Treating your bot like a set-and-forget tool without timely reviews
How to start a Chatbot building company | Entrepreneur

The marketing agencies with the biggest successes and the highest client retention right now are the marketing agencies that are using chatbots to their maximum potential. This is a very big deal. You might know it by now that setting up your own chatbot agency is easier and more profitable than ever.

Setting up an agency that specializes in creating custom-made chatbots seems like a winning business venture.

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