Startup Hubs in India | Best Cities for Startups in 2019

A new startup venture needs right ecosystem to grow. That is why so many incubators are opening up everyday. Hundreds of startups are born each day, this is bringing a boom in the Indian startup ecosystem but each startup looks for a right place to grow.

Although, many Indians still prefer job over startup but some studies says that the number of startups in India has grown 7 times in a decade. According to the reports, the number of startups in India in 2008 was around 7000. In 2018 study, there were more than 50,000 startups in the country. One of the biggest startup name which started the trend of Startups is Zoho. Then called, Zoho is a productive tool provider. It was started in 1996 and hence, known for bringing the "startup" trend in India.

Here is a list of some Indian cities or the hubs where most of the startups grow and get success.

Startup Hubs in India-


The startup capital and the IT hub of India, Bengaluru or Bangalore has been a home to many successful startups like Ola and Flipkart. This city holds various technical and analytical firms, a point of attraction for various entrepreneurs. Often termed as silicon valley of India, Bangalore is a perfect amalgamation of corporate lifestyle along with a rich social life. Moreover it has a relatively cheaper real estate, housing country’s top technical as well as B-schools and a strong developed network of investors.

Many freelancers from across the country who specialize in different sectors can also be found here. World is slowly realising the significance of this south Indian city which has attracted various international startups. On the other hand various startups based out of this city are expanding their operations or services internationally. Bangalore is the top Startup and IT hub of India and one of the best places for startups in the World.

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Having its strong hold in telecommunication and media, Delhi has been a destination for various startup meets and conferences, some being organised by Government of India itself.

Being near to the capital of India, both Noida and Gurugram have been a hot hub for startups. Traditionally being a city of traders, in current era it saw the rise of tech startups like Hike and Paytm, food tech startups like Zomato and Shopclues from the e-commerce domain.

With booming infrastructure and various foreign companies like Samsung opening “World’s largest mobile factory” in Noida, this region sees a huge potential for growth along with ripening network of investors and entrepreneurs. It is also home to some top educational institutes like IIT, DU, IIFT, etc.

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Traditionally known as city of pearls, this city from southern part of the country is seeing rise in investments and number of successful startups. With many international giants like Microsoft, Google, Uber and many others setting up their offices, well supported with top institutes like ISB, IIIT, BITS, this city is slowly gaining its mojo towards cusp.

The support from the State Government has also imparted a positive impression in the startup world. Providing special areas for startups to evolve along with various programs and subsidies, the present state government indeed wants to achieve its goal, i.e., to make Hyderabad an entrepreneurship synonymous. With growing co-working platforms, incubators, investors and liberal government policies, this city looks to gather eyeballs of the international as well as national entrepreneurs.

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The city of dreams which holds some of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, has been recently dethrone by Bangalore to become India’s favorite startup destination. Mumbai is still the first choice for anyone who is into non-technical startups as it is the world's most famous Indian city. One of the oldest technical institute, IIT Bombay, which holds various entrepreneurial activities and has provided India with some finest startups, has helped boom the startup ecosystem over here.

BookMyShow, JustDial, Cleartrip are some successful stories from this sea facing city. With many big companies like L&T and Tata setting up their offices, this city has indeed seen a boom in economy, employment and business. But with rising cost of living and real estate, this city has lost some unicorn startups like Ola to another city. With many events and conferences revolving around social and technical entrepreneurship, this city has the future for exponential growth in terms of number of startups and investments.

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With growing competition and declining resources in big cities, many small startups are looking towards tier 2 cities for their inception and growth. Cities like Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai have seen a growth in entrepreneurial activities. Various financial startups from Ahmedabad, Software startups from Chennai and Analytics startups from Pune have made it big in the last 3-4 years.

Government setting up tech park called GIFT City in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Pune becoming a Smart city with remarkable technological growth and Chennai being a host to various discussions and events over a cup of coffee. These things are slowly making people drift towards entrepreneurship and simultaneously attracting international and national brands for expansion. Cheap land rates, low cost of living, remarkable talent to be exploited, government policies have made these cities the future of Indian startup ecosystem.

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