Top Startup Incubators and Startup Accelerators in Hyderabad

Top Startup Incubators and Startup Accelerators in Hyderabad

The role of startup Incubators and Accelerators has a significant impact on the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Hyderabad, being the major city of the technology industry and termed as the “City of Pearls”, embraces many budding and successful entrepreneurs. For budding entrepreneurs, Incubators and Accelerators in Hyderabad play an important role in building up the startup ecosystem with a unique and adaptable business model.

While ‘Incubators’ mainly focus on the innovative aspect of the early-stage venture to build an effective business model and incubate attention-seeking ideas, the ‘Accelerators’ often look into scaling the business leading to impactful growth and development. Though the accelerators and incubators are different theoretically, the practical aspect seems to be a little different with coinciding aims and features.

The startups or early-stage ventures need to choose the right incubator or an accelerator based on their interests and requirements. Thus, we are here to help you in making a wise decision by providing you with a comprehensive list of top startup Incubators and Accelerators in Hyderabad.

International Institute of information (IIIT Hyderabad) - CIE
TBI - University of Hyderabad
ALEAP - India
UnLtd Hyderabad
Progress Software Incubator
a-Idea (TBI)
Agri Bio Nest
Atal Incubation Centre
Nutri Hub
IKP Knowledge Park
The Entrepreneur Zone – TEZ
Frequently Asked Questions

The top accelerators and incubators of Hyderabad

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By fostering the Culture of Innovation, T-Hub tends to empower the startups to build at a fast pace, create a strong network of stakeholders, and accelerate innovation. T-hub is a incubators in Hyderabad that aims in enabling and empowering the ecosystem in need of innovation. They do so, by having partnerships with various corporate partners, government agencies, and institutions.

By building up a vast network of investors, this startup incubator aids entrepreneurs by giving them access to funding and other essentials. With the major focus on tech-based hyderabad startups, it aims to get better technology and talent to the ecosystem.

T-hub offers-

  • Investor network
  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Landscape enablement
  • Government support

International Institute of information (IIIT) - CIE

IIT-Hyderabad is one of the top startup incubators in Hyderabad. The hyderabad incubator promotes entrepreneurship and technology scalability through the Centre For Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), which is considered one of the largest academic technology incubators in India. With a major focus on deep tech, IIIT CIE acts as an incubator and accelerator to startups.

To create and scale technologies like visual informatics, med tech, data engineering, robotics, machine learning, and gaming, they support early-stage ventures in the best way possible. IIT-Hyderabad is a start up incubators, that has a pool of programs that is designed for startups that aims to help them scale their operations and create a successful identity.

Their portfolio includes - SmartLabs, Pinoty, Niche ai, Cyrrup, Studioz, Froogal, FreJun, Pay Matrix, Vitara, Devathon, Bliss among many others.

IIT-Hyderabad offers-

  • Infrastructural support
  • Management services
  • Funding
  • Legal and tech assistance
  • Courier service
  • Research connects
  • Google cloud platform and Amazon web services

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NASSCOM, one of the leading startup incubators in Hyderabad, aspires to build and nurture the Indian Startup Ecosystem via various programs under them. They have programs relating to Incubate, Virtual Incubate, NIPP (NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program), and Integrate (Global Acceleration).

It is associated with esteemed funding partners which include CrunchBase, Nexus, Indian Angel Network, etc., It is also one of best startup incubators in India and some of its startups include Asksid,, Big trade, Bombay Play and many more.

Nasscom offer-

  • Community connect
  • Challenges and Hackathons
  • Mentors and Evaluators
  • Consulting sessions
  • Startup kits  etc.,

TBI - University of Hyderabad

In the year 2006, the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at the University of Hyderabad, was sanctioned as a program under The Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. This incubation centre in Hyderabad, has the thrust areas being Biotechnology, Pharma, and Renewable energy.

TBI is a startup incubator aims to encourage and quicken the growth of small enterprises in the chosen areas. In an attempt to nurture local development and skilled graduates, TBI concentrates on providing for product development and commercialization.

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ALEAP - India

Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of India (ALEAP) is one of the essential incubation centres in Hyderabad that focuses on eco-friendly products like Jute, Paper, Textiles, and Compost.  The incubator centre at ALEAP is known as We-Hub, and is known to be a startup incubation center in Hyderabad, as it is the heart of innovation and excellence for the startup ecosystem.

Intending to fulfil entrepreneurial dreams, We-Hub is startup incubators provides a well designed and strategic environment to let startups fly high where the sky is only the limit. To foster women entrepreneurship and lead their development as successful entrepreneurs, We-Hub attempts to provide an innovative approach and financial sustainability.

Thrust areas being Electronics, Food Processing, Textiles, Robotics, Solar Power, Plastic, IT, etc. Baby prints, Transcell, Ind Millet Foods, Laundry Basket, Persun Technologies, etc., are some of the startups incubated under We-Hub.

ALEAP offers -

  • Infrastructural support
  • Networking and Marketing hub
  • Mentoring

UnLtd Hyderabad

As affiliates of UnLtd India, UnLtd Hyderabad, one of the best accelerators in Hyderabad, follows Unltd India’s type of incubation support. The essential aspect of the incubation program under UnLtd Hyderabad is the major focus on social entrepreneurs.

This startup accelerator helps startups with various opportunities to heighten their growth as leaders and to enable them to deliver superior performance that would have a huge impact on society at large. Right from piloting the idea of building it and taking it to a wider scale, UnLtd amplifies its services with diverse inputs and mentoring.

The four main I’s’ that is concentrated upon while evaluating the incubates are - Individuals (Entrepreneurial characteristics & commitment), Idea (Innovative & Problem solving), Impact (Long termed & Sustained), and Incubation ( Feedback & support).

UnLtd India offers-

  • Workshops & training
  • Site visits
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Networking
  • Follow on funding
  • Leadership enhancement
  • Impact measurement

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Progress Software Incubator

Progress Labs is a Tech-based start up incubator, that attempts to address the business or technological challenges with a lack of existent solution. The Challenges for startup incubation can range from lack of resources to build solutions on their own to improvement in the value of the business, Progress labs come in to redefine the issues, look for opportunities and design a pilot with the latest technology.

Progress Labs help startups in areas of the project include Conversational UX, Enterprise Software, Adaptive Security, AR & VR, Digital Health, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Application Architecture. The team at this hyderabad incubator includes data scientists, software engineers, product management, UX Designers, etc., based on the level of the project.

The Progress Labs process includes-

  • Defining the project
  • Sign up for the pilot
  • Operate with the founding tech team to scope up.

a-Idea (TBI)

Association for Innovation Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (a-Idea), is a renowned Technology Business Incubator (TBI) that is hosted and supported by the National Academy of Agricultural Research (NAARM), Department of Science & Technology, GOI.

To promote entrepreneurship culture in the area of agri-business and food processing, a-Idea attempts to provide immense support to incubate and accelerate the growth of the early-stage ventures. This incubation centre in Hyderabad, helps startups in conceptualizing the idea to business development and incubation with accelerating growth, a-Idea is at the forefront to scale the operations of the business to a higher level.

a-Idea offers-

  • Mentoring & Training
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Business & Infrastructural support
  • Workshop & seminars
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Tec support
  • Investment & advisory support
  • Connect to supporting organizations in the field of agriculture & research

Agri Bio Nest

It is an initiative taken up by an Idea to nurture and support the biotech startups in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. It is supported by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council and Agri Biotech Foundation (ABF). Agri Bio Nest is a leading incubators in Hyderabad, as it promotes biotechnology for sustainable agriculture development.

This startup incubators mainly focuses on Plant tissue culture, Biofertilizers, Seed Development, Organic Manures, Biofortification and Soil & Water testing. Any entrepreneur or hyderabad startup with a passion to ideate on commercializing products in the domain of Agri-Biotech can approach and get necessary support via incubation.

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Atal Incubation Centre

The Atal Incubation Centre - Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (AIC-CCMB), is an eminent technology business incubator that majorly supports deeptech. Being the hub of life sciences & biotech, this centre is supported by the Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog.

The main aim of this hyderabad incubator is to promote and cultivate the nature of entrepreneurship in this dynamic environment with the help of various programs and activities. Tardigrade, Sifrbio, Achira, Althion, Avra, Bio Artis are some of the alumni startups under this startup incubator.

Atal Incubation Centre offers-

  • Mentoring
  • Connect with Industry experts & consultants
  • Funding support
  • Infrastructural support
  • Equipped biosafety level labs

Nutri Hub

With the support of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, Nutri Hub is one of the unique technology business incubators in Hyderabad that tends to nurture the needs of startups in the Nutricereals sector. This startup incubators encourages innovative & budding entrepreneurs to scale up the growth of Millets (Nutricereals).

Nutri Hub is one of the best incubators in Hyderabad, conducts various events that range from cooking with millets, promotion of millets to seminars on company management & sensitization workshops. The main mission of this hyderabad incubator entails the enhanced growth of the millet value chain, that converts ideas into illuminated Agribusiness in Nutricereals.

Areas of interest include Seed management, Millets processing, Supply chain, Agronomy, Farm Mechanism, IoT and Agri Health services. Startups Incubated: Inner Being, Health Sutra, Health e Basket, Go Bhaarati, Rigdam, Hope Foods, Argolite among many.

Nutri Hub offers-

  • Business consultancy
  • Technology support
  • Mentoring & Networking
  • Access to funding
  • Infrastructural facility
  • Promotional facilities

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IKP Knowledge Park

It is a premier Science park and incubator in Hyderabad to cater to the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem with leading innovation. It helps Med-tech hyderabad startups build their business with prominent research amenities and assistance.

This incubation centre in Hyderabad, launches various innovation scouting programs in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Govt of Karnataka, DST, DFID, etc. Incubatees include Laurus Labs, AgNext, Telluris Biotech India, Ortin Biotech, Agrin Life Sciences, Innovo Biotech, Iven Aqua among others.

IKP Knowledge Park offers:

  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Customized office space
  • Research facilities
  • Assistance in product design, development, etc.,

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The Entrepreneur Zone – TEZ

It is another one of the top startup accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurship centres set up in Hyderabad. TEZ is a well known accelerators and incubators and aims to enhance and nurture the skills among entrepreneurs and build an effective startup ecosystem. TEZ provides a hands-on program with an intense focus on mentorship provided by industry experts, making it one of the best startup accelerators.

This startup accelerator has designed a 6-months module that assists entrepreneurs with insightful inputs for sustaining the growth of the business. Its portfolio includes- Papers n Clips, Razen Customs, Prewento, Fitza, Kosem, Chem Direct, Eggsplode, Just Analyze among others

TEZ offers:

  • Mentorship
  • Office space/Infrastructural facilities
  • Consultancy from various professionals
  • Fund Facilitation
  • Training


Though there is a significant difference between Incubators & Accelerators in the Indian Startup Ecosystem, they mainly look forward to a better startup establishment. Keeping in mind the dynamism prevailing in the environment, many institutes/firms provide both incubation and acceleration for startups with personalized and flexible options. With these tips, you can find the startup accelerators and the best incubators in Hyderabad.

This was our list of Incubators & Accelerators in Hyderabad. If you are one among them, then connect with us at to get featured in the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick a good startup incubators?

To select a good startup incubator you have to research, find a incubation centre near you, look at the mentorship, make sure the timing is right, refine you company story, check your equity fundamentals, ask for a referral, and then work on perfecting you pitch.  

How many startups are in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is known to have over 3000 startups out of 20,000 starrtups present in the country. Which is why there are many good startup incubators in Hyderabad.

How do incubators make money?

Incubators in Hyderabad or around the country make money by take eqiuty stake ins in multiple startups. They also earn money by selling incubation services to startups, sponsors among other ways.

How do incubators work?

The best startup Incubators usually help startups improve or succeed by providing them with workspace, seed funding, mentoring and training for various sectors.

Do Incubators and Accelerators provide funding?

Yes incubators and accelerators provide seed funding especially during the early stages of the startup.

What is the difference between Incubators and Accelerators?

The difference between Incubators and Accelerators is that accelerators are more finance-focused, whereas incubators may focus more on mentorship and coaching

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