9 Best Ways to Boost App Downloads for Android & iOS

9 Best Ways to Boost App Downloads for Android & iOS

Creating a mobile application is a career field of the 21st century and every day new opportunities are available in this stream. The tech folks nowadays earning plenty of money by getting their apps downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Nearly 2,000 apps are submitted to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on a daily basis. Thus, getting your apps noticed is not easy. One must know how to boost app downloads.

The famous gaming apps like candy crush, fruit ninja etc. earn millions of dollars available for download on smartphones. The revenue generation by downloads is a very productive way to earn quick cash. The key is to know how to increase android app downloads. But if you are new and have some amazing mobile application in your kitty, then follow these steps to increase mobile app downloads on Android and iOS.

Cool Trendy Icon Of The App
Choose Your App’s Name Strategically
Research keyword
App Store Optimization
Add Productive Feature In Your App
Cross-App Promotion
Get The Attention Of Social Media
Collaborate With Review Sites
Create A Video & Run Video Campaigns
Update Your App At Least Once A Month
Add New Content In Your App

Cool Trendy Icon of App

The first impression is very vital and the icon of your app is that first impression of your whole app.

People mostly tend to download interesting and innovative looking app icon. Crappy icons damage your app to the bottom and will indicate an unfinished or poorly made app. Optimize and beautify your icons to get the attention of every individual. Changing app icons is something users have been interested in for a long time. There are many reasons for this, but one stands out the most: changing the icon creates a more personal interaction, which, in turn, helps the user feel more connected and boost app downloads.

Choose Your App’s Name Strategically

The name of your app plays a significant role in its ranking in the app store. You will need to pay attention to hither. It mostly runs on the currency of creativity, so you don’t have to be paying extensively. Remember to ensure that the name of your app contains keywords of the category to which it belongs. The golden tip is to keep in mind that the keywords should be used naturally. If they aren’t applied subtly, they give off signs of spam.

So, you need to take care of four factors while brainstorming for a name for your app. These include the simplicity, visual experience, relevance, and availability of the title.

Research keyword

The efforts that you put into App Store Optimization (ASO) for your app are fated to go down the strain if you don’t concentrate on precise keyword research. A simple tactic to see if your research work is heading in the right direction is to check what your competitors are doing. Additionally, keyword search is not a one-time activity. You should keep up with the keyword selection process to observe the progress that each keyword makes in the store search.

App Store Optimization

There are millions of people who search for games in google play store and app store directly.

Did you know that:
"About 63% of the downloads come from play store search."

In order to get downloads, you must be visible. Optimize your app store page and the title of your app. The app must be optimized very smartly that the keywords of the title will immediately pop your app first in the app store or Google Play store search list. The title of the app must be able to tell the whole tale about the app and still be eye catchy to get the attention. ASO (App Store Optimization) is a process that needs to be monitored and constantly tweaked over a period of time. Your optimal set of keywords rarely is the set that you first opt to put in the app store. Thus, ASO is very important to boost app downloads.

Add Productive Feature in Your App

You can’t make an app or game which is already running in the market. Your app must have at least one unique feature that no other app has and is compelling to users. For example, if you are making an organizing app to schedule important appointments, then add some new functions in it, which no other similar kind of app offers to make your app stand out among the others.

Cross-App Promotion

If you are a successful app developer, this is a very clever way to boost your app downloads. You can promote your new project on other apps and target the their audience. This strategy would be difficult and expensive for new app developers,since they have to pay for these advertisements. Publicizing your app through a cross-promotional platform will maximize your investment money by saving on advertising cost. This advertising method works by ad exchange, so by showing other ads, you gain credit to use to promote your app on other platforms. Finding the right viewer for your ads will be the least of your worries. Meanwhile, you’ll save on your advertising budget and see how effectively your user base is growing.

Get The Attention Of Social Media

Promote your app on social media

Social media is one of the best ways to increase app downloads. It can be useful sometimes. Share your app on social medias like Stumble upon, Reddit, etc., if your app deserves attention, then you might be in for better downloads. You can also create a blog about your app and regularly update it to notify people about events, schedules, changes and progress.

Create a social media profile that you can use to keep in touch with your users. Share all details about your app and be as descriptive as possible. Use keywords that people use to search for apps like yours in the app store. When people search for apps in your category on Google, your social media profile with all the relevant keywords will rank high and get you visibility.

Social media websites have a high priority on search engines and thus social profiles rank higher. Share links of your apps and a dedicated mobile app landing page or website to increase app downloads.

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Collaborate with Review Sites

Reach out to reviewers, websites and influencers that can write about your app or make a video review for it or share it on Twitter. People normally like to read a review of the app before downloading it on their phones. If the review is from a top review site, this can act as a cherry on the cake to boost app downloads.

Some review site for android apps provides readers with a catalogue-style database, which lets them browse and search for apps by category. Some contain Latest Reviews tab, which features the most recent app reviews. Here, you can write a brief description about your app’s main features, including screenshots and videos of your app, app pricing information, and user ratings. Users can install apps with just a click and instantly share these with their friends. This means that your app could get an additional promotion with no extra effort on your part.

Create A Video & Run Video Campaigns

Make stunning promotional videos of your app and share it on social media to get the attention of masses and let people know about the features of your app. A video is the king in the marketing world. 82% of businesses feel videos are an important part of their marketing strategy and consumers do, too. 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than reading text on a page.

Creating explainer videos is a great way to increase your mobile app downloads because it shows users exactly what to expect when they download your app. It can also encourage people to download your app over a competitors, simply because information for your app is readily available.

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Update Your App At Least Once A Month

Of course, it’s important to constantly analyze how users are interacting with your app in order to ensure that they remain engaged. Are they successfully using the app the way it was meant to be used? Are there any roadblocks that are preventing you from monetizing your app? You can use these insights to optimize your future campaigns. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many users from a certain source stop interacting with your app after a day or two. That may be because they weren’t a qualified audience, so you can choose to re-direct your campaign efforts to other acquisition sources. Regular updates are essential to staying in the limelight and removing the bugs from the app. And people love to prefer fresh app download.

Add New Content in Your App

Creating compelling and relevant content to promote your app can help you reach more potential users. It may be in the form of online articles, sponsored content, videos, or infographics, although it depends on your audience’s consumption habits. For a gaming app, you can produce walkthrough videos to show off your product’s rich visuals and gameplay to impress your audience. You can also share user-generated content to help build a sense of community. The content of the app should be unique and fresh so that users can easily connect with it.


Increasing the number of App downloads is always a challenging task. But if you follow the above steps or ways to increase app downloads organically, you can boost your App downloads and generate good revenue too. Apart from the above tricks, you should craft your strategy depending on your target audience as well. Generic tricks may not work for your target audience. Always stay updated with the trends of your industry and stand out among your competitors.

Are you using any other hacks to boost your App downloads? then please share your thoughts in the comments.

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