Top 15 Amazing Copywriting Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

Top 15 Amazing Copywriting Tips to Boost Conversion Rates

Your business website is loaded with useful content. You notice heavy traffic every day. But how many of your visitors convert into your customers?

You are here to sell your product. It is better to have 10 visitors who turn into customers than 100 visitors who just stop by. If the sales and subscribers do not increase with the number of visitors, you certainly need some changes in your copywriting technique.

A good copy will engage your audience entirely and persuade them to take the action you want.

Today, in this blog we will dig deep into the world of copywriting and give away the secrets of the most successful businesses. Here, we will discuss 15 copywriting secrets to increase your conversion rate. So, let’s begin…

1. Know Your Audience
2. Use the AIDA Model
3. Communicate in Your Customer's Language
4. Write Attractive Headlines
5. Tell Stories
6. Leverage Social Media
7. Use Psychological Triggers
8. Present the Information in an Organized Way
9. Use Relevant Images
10. Add Videos for Better Communication
11. Use Words That Convert Better
12. Show Gratitude
13. Write Clear Call to Action
14. Overcome Objections
15. Avoid Useless Content

1. Know Your Audience

As per the Content Marketing Institute, it is crucial to engage with people if you wish to maintain long-term success in your business. This would require detailed information about the persona of your audience. However, drawing this information can be slightly tricky.

When a person visits a website and buys a product, it is usually due to their internal desire.

As Eugene Schwartz has said:

Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exists in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.

Therefore, to persuade your audience to turn into your customers you must understand their inner desire.

But, how do you do that?

Going through the analytics data of your website is one of the best ways to do it. You literally get to know what the audience is looking for. Note their expectations and relate them with your product while writing your copy.

If you are using Google Analytics, you can see the analytics data using the following path: Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries

Directly asking questions to your audience is also a great way. You can keep small surveys for your visitors. This does not mean bombarding them with questions. Just a subtle few words query that may help you understand their requirements.

Once you receive the feedback, analyze them thoroughly and compare it with the already existing information on your site. This will help you pinpoint your mistakes and suggest fitting alternatives to correct them.

Creating buyer personas may also help you understand your audience better. This can be done by creating simple fill-in-the-blanks type forms. Here, you can also divide these personas into your primary and secondary audience to get a better view. Currently, several big businesses are relying on the buyer persona strategy.

2. Use the AIDA Model

The AIDA model stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. It runs in four steps:

Attracting Attention

The introduction must be catchy. It should make you look trustworthy to the visitor. This increases the probability of visitors engaging with your product and ultimately in increasing the conversion rate.

A few simple ideas can make your content intriguing. You may add statistics or specific numbers to make it sound more accurate. Using targeted keywords is always great. The power words like smart, unknown, free, secret, etc. can also help to attract the attention of your audience.

Trigger interest

Your audience must feel hopeful as soon as they start reading your blog. Make them realize that you feel their problem and have the best solution for it. Everyone appreciates a good deal served on the platter. Your audience would love to know that you are giving them exactly what they need without making them work for it.

Fulfilling desires

A good marketer knows that the key to selling a product is to make your audience crave it. Making them believe that this is the product they have been longing for. Personally speaking to your visitors through a compelling copy is exactly what you need to do.

This includes eliminating any doubt from their minds by explicitly telling them the advantages of your product. The visit must be stress-free and capable of strengthening their inner desire to buy your product.

Call to action

It is the actual motive of the entire process. Therefore, it should be written in clear and compulsive language. The reader should not see any reason to back out. The only thing they should have in mind at this point is to buy your product.

3. Communicate in Your Customer's Language

Going through the analytical data of your website and conducting surveys would also introduce you to the language being used by your viewers. You can actually get to know the exact words or phrases your audience uses to find a product.

If you find certain repetitive words or sentences, note them down for your copy. Use the exact words in which your audience describes their problem. This makes you appear highly understanding and thoughtful towards your audience.

A copy can be extremely compelling if written in the language of the audience. This reflects a similar mindset and genuine understanding. It is quite powerful and helps you build a psychological connection with your audience.

4. Write Attractive Headlines

Nothing can make a viewer stay at your website more than a strong, convincing, and attractive headline. It is the key action driver. A perfect headline is capable of accomplishing a lot of tasks.

When a viewer asks a query in Google he/she gets bombarded with tons of websites. This means they have uncountable options to choose from. Whether or not they will click to enter your site depends upon how effectively you have written the headline.

However, just being catchy is not enough. Your headline must also provide the audience with a clear picture of what to expect inside the blog. Keep it specific and use the right keywords alongside the power words for better results. Using confusing language can make your viewers leave for good.

5. Tell Stories

As per Harvard Business Review, the human brain loves good stories. They generate a feeling of empathy by triggering the release of oxytocin. Including good stories on your landing page can help increase your conversion rate several folds.

This is especially true in today’s scenario when customers are getting pitched about similar products from every direction throughout the day. According to the Search Engine Journal, brand-building stories have become an essential element of advertising and marketing companies across the globe.

The stories not only give the audience a break from regular advertising but also keep them wired to the product emotionally. A good story must include people or incidents that your audience can connect with.

The stories most admired by people are those in which they see themselves as heroes. As every hero faces challenges your product can serve as a guide/ mentor/ helping hand to overcome the challenges. Finally, after facing all the obstacles the hero wins.

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6. Leverage Social Media

You got to admit this, social media is one of the most powerful tools for advertisement. If you do not have the social media handles for your website till now, make them right away.

The most important aspect here is consistency. Even when you have nothing new, you can simply repost your earlier content. The key here is to make your audience feel your presence.

Share the positive comments from your Twitter or Instagram or Facebook handles on the landing page of your website. This increases your credibility by making you appear genuine and trustworthy to the new customers.

7. Use Psychological Triggers

Most marketers know about the psychological boosters that entice your visitors to take prompt action. These are like the magic tricks that multiply conversion rate like wonders.

All you need to do is to get into the mind of your audience. Here we have listed a few smart ways to do this.

  • Include privacy statements and money-back guarantees on your landing page. These work as click or action triggers for your audience.
  • Strengthen the desire of your audience by creating scarcity. No matter how old you have grown, every time you read “offer valid for a limited period” or “only a few left in stock” or “order within one hour to avail extra benefits”, it becomes really difficult to not buy that product. Scarcity persuades your audience to take quick action.
  • Build trust through risk reversals. Taking a risk with money is the last thing your audience wants to do. Ensure them their money is going to the right place by including money-back guarantees and easy return or replacement policies on your landing page.

8. Present the Information in an Organized Way

Providing information is great but, overloading it can do more harm than expected. No one is going to explore your entire website for a small piece of information, especially when they have tons of other options available. Keep the information handy for your audience by organizing it wisely.

In fact, there are ways to make your audience crave more information. “Bucket Brigade” the term given by Brian Dean refers to words that are compulsive for your audience to keep reading. The words or phrases like “listen!!” or “see” or “you have to agree when I say”. Try using these on your landing page to make it more striking.

At the same time, it is important to avoid fancy language. Your aim is to make the information reach your audience and not to display your language skills. Keep it simple and avoid using technical language as much as possible.

9. Use Relevant Images

Giving visual effects to your landing page by including relevant images can really increase your conversion rate.

Science says that the human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than written information. Almost 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. Moreover, images are easy to share and get more engagement. They convey ideas quickly and clearly.

Companies using infographics and detailed images claim that including visual content has increased their conversion rate by as much as 86%.

10. Add Videos for Better Communication

According to Eye view, digital adding a relevant video to your landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%. You can also tell your brand stories using videos for better connection.

Just like pictures videos help build a connection with your audience more quickly. It is often seen that people tend to avoid one page of reading but easily indulge in watching a 5-minute video. This makes communication rather effective and easy.

11. Use Words That Convert Better

The sad truth is no matter how efficiently you write your copy no one is going to read more than 20% of it. So, this 20% actually decides whether or not your audience will engage with you.

For better results, you have to be wise in your choice of words. Believe it or not, some words sell more than others. That is why they are known as power words. Try using such words while writing your copy.

A few examples of such words are: “you” directly referring to your viewers while talking about their problems is an excellent way to build a connection with them. You can also use words like “because”. This way you are giving your audience the reason to do what you are persuading them to do.

12. Show Gratitude

Say thanks to your customers by showing some extra love through gifts coupons, vouchers, or maybe cashback. Doesn’t matter how small the gift is, people are always delighted to receive it.

This is also one of the psychological tricks. Here, you persuade your audience to buy more by bribing them with some extra items.

You might also fix a time frame for the visitors to avail of these gifts. For example, “50 % discount for first 5 customers” or “Avail your bonuses by applying within an hour”.

13. Write Clear Call to Action

A good copy is all about persuading your readers to take action. So, no compromise on this. Do not shy away from telling your audience what you expect them to do. Use loud, clear, and compulsive language to write the “call of action”.

You can use words such as “Do it now”, “What are you waiting for”, “Your happiness awaits this click”, or “transform your life here”. You can choose the language suitable for your product.

Do not confuse your audience by giving them several tasks. The call of action should be one single objective. The action phrases used on your call to action button have a serious impact on your conversion rates.

14. Overcome Objections

Your viewers might be just a click away from the “call to action button” but, may change their minds due to a small doubt at this point. To avoid this from happening, you must take measures to overcome any doubt that they might get in their minds.

How to do it? Let us give you some quick hacks:

  • Include screenshots of comments from satisfied customers. The happy customer faces can convince more potential customers.
  • Reassure your buyers about the authenticity of your product by writing the firm guarantee clauses.
  • Earn their trust by displaying your business certificates and licenses.
  • Again remind them about the limited availability of your product to keep them engaged.
  • Write your easy return and replacement policies in bold. This will help the viewers trust you with their money.

15. Avoid useless content:

The customers only invest their time at places that appear promising. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that you provide valuable content to your audience.

Resist using useless words that add no extra value to your content. Try to write a copy that is crisp and clear. You have to feed information to your audience’s mind without forcing it. Don’t make them work for it, they will not like it.

After you are done writing your copy, spend time cutting off any irrelevant information or even extra words or sentences.

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It’s no rocket science. Just with small changes in your copy, you can considerably increase your conversion rate. Completely understanding your audience by walking in their shoes is the key to successful copywriting. Satisfy the desires of your customers by giving them what they desire.

In this blog, we have provided you with 15 copywriting secrets that have proven to work wonders with several businesses. We are pretty sure you will choose the best ones for you and use them in your next blog.


How can copywriting increase sales?

Copywriting can persuade your customers to buy your product and will make you stand out among your competitors.

What is copywriting for conversion?

Conversion for copywriting is a technique where the goal of writing is to convert a customer or persuade them to purchase something.

How do you increase the conversion rate?

Write attractive headlines, leverage social media, use words that will convert better, understand your audience and use the AIDA model to increase conversion rates.

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