Tips to Increase Customer Engagement for SaaS Startups

Tips to Increase Customer Engagement for SaaS Startups
Increasing SaaS Customer Engagement

Engaging Customers and adding value to their satisfaction level brings positive business outcomes. When customers are happy with the products and services they receive, they are more likely to be loyal to the brand.

In the SasS Startup ecosystem, where companies of different shapes and sizes are the customers, increasing Customer Engagement and building good relationships with the customer base to foster brand loyalty and awareness becomes the necessity for the business's survival.

Here are the ideas shared by SaaS Entrepreneurs on increasing customer engagement for SaaS Startups.

Shayak Mazumder, Co-founder, Eunimart

SaaS startups, unlike other apps, have only their core product as their asset. In Ola, cars are their primary asset. In Oyo, it's hotels and a number of rooms. In Eunimart, it's our product. As such, thinking through the following is key to increasing customer engagement.

  • The user personas on the platform need to be defined in detail. We have to build for very specific people, and not everyone.
  • The user journeys need to be defined in detail. Other apps need not have opinions about how people will journey through their app. But, SaaS startups must know the user journey and make it easier at every step for the user to achieve success.
  • In-app messaging customized to each user and their usage patterns is extremely important.
  • Creating a community-based engagement for users to find more value is the last step.

All of the above require the platform to collect data about every step of the user's journey.

Robin Das, CEO, Brandintelle

Robin Das - CEO of Brandintelle
Robin Das - CEO of Brandintelle

Here are certain things you could do to increase customer engagement-

  • It’s very important to build a relationship between the Founder & the customer. This could be F2F, via email or even via e-meetings. This might not be scalable but has a really large impact when it comes to building customer loyalty and increasing their engagement.
  • Enable your product with tools to help the customer explore all the features in your product. This could be via tooltips, tours, checklists etc.
  • Product updates & blogs are a great way for your customer to know what is going on in the product.

Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm

Be flexible & innovative not just with the product offerings but also with the Pricing. Each market has its unique challenges in terms of affordability when comes to adapting to new technologies. It is important to understand these challenges and come up with a portfolio of modular product options that can cater to requirements based on Geographies and market sensitivity.

Penetration and Upsell strategies are especially important to get customer engagement. At Aprecomm we also educate customers about SAAS (Software as a Service) model and how it makes a difference (simplified deployments, easy manageability, elastic, etc.) compared to legacy deployments.

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Arjun Gupta, Founder, Courseplay

As a B2B SaaS Startup,  I would define customer engagement as the adoption of end users on our platform. To increase customer engagement we look at 3 core attributes (AND) at Courseplay:

Awareness: Do people even know your product exists and what it’s for? Spend time to invite users to use the product, communicate the value proposition visually and make sure they have heard what you have to say. Communicate the “What’s In It For Me” story loud and clear.

Navigation: Do they know what to do and where to go once they are online? Make it intuitively clear where users have to click and avoid having to explain it in a manual.

Delight: Deliver a surprise or a wow factor to hook users and keep them coming back for long term engagement. Only after you have mastered the first two points, invest in beautiful layouts, quicky messages and smooth animations to make your users fall in love.

Shreyan Gandhi - Director and Co-founder, Comket Solutions

Shreyan Gandhi - Director and Co-founder, Comket Solutions
Shreyan Gandhi - Director and Co-founder, Comket Solutions

The concept behind customer engagement is self explanatory, you have to provide the consumer with something to engage with! If your service has multiple options for active user engagement your outcome will always result in higher engagement. With tap1ce we’ve provided a reward system that enables our users to earn points based on their usage. They can redeem these points to avail discounts on our Tap1ce store as well as use the points to renew their subscription for the following year.

Sarvagya Mishra - Co-founder & Director, SuperBot (PinnacleWorks)

Sarvagya Mishra - Co-founder & Director, SuperBot (PinnacleWorks)
Sarvagya Mishra - Co-founder & Director, SuperBot (PinnacleWorks)

The use of the latest technology is something that is required for all SaaS startups to increase their customer engagement. Staying in touch with the customers is very important, and products like SuperBot suffice this need by allowing businesses to pay automated reminder calls, new offers, feedback collection calls, etc. If a solution is increasing your productivity, then it is not just an expenditure but an investment.

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