A Complete Review of Unbounce - Is it the Best Landing Page Builder?

If you want to build a website but you are a non-techie person or don't have a budget to hire expensive web developers, then you can try Unbounce. It is a simple drag & drop landing page builder tool. It does not require any technical knowledge.

Over 15000 brands all over the world, are using Unbounce to design their landing pages. If you have a website with some services and need a landing page, then this is a the tool to go for. Let’s check out the complete review of Unbounce.

What is Unbounce?
Benefits of Unbounce
Limitations of Unbounce
Pricing of Unbounce
Devices Supported
Best Alternatives

What is Unbounce?

What is Unbounce
What is Unbounce

Unbounce is a Canadian software company. It was launched in 2009  by Rick Perreault. It is widely known for its landing page service. Unbounce is providing the landing page to websites from almost a decade now. It is believed that the landing page is a crucial part of any website. A good landing page can increase the conversion rate and improve the user experience.

With Unbounce, you don’t need any coding language to design landing pages. Unlike coding, you can see what you are designing. It becomes more easy and efficient with Unbounce as they have a variety of tools which you can easily use. The main purpose of Unbounce is to free people from unnecessary coding. With Unbounce, all you need is a creative mind. Besides the landing pages, Unbounce also lets you create pop-ups, sticky bars, etc. for your website.

Benefits of Unbounce

  • No Coding Needed: The best part of Unbounce is that it can be used by beginners and people who don't know how to code. So, to use it, you don’t need coding knowledge to create a landing page for your website.
  • Simple UI: The user interface is easy to understand. You don’t have to google about every other tool to know about it. All the tools are named in a very easy manner.
  • So Many Features: There are so many features and tools available to use. You can find all the tools related to a landing page development on Unbounce only.
  • Multiple Templates: You don’t have to worry about the templates. There are hundreds of templates for you to use.
  • Easy analysis: Unbounce gives you a tool to analyze the performance of your landing page. The analyzer also lets you know what you can improve on your landing page.

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  • Integrate With Wordpress: There is a Wordpress Plugin for Unbounce. Thus, you can integrate Unbounce with WordPress easily.
How to Create Landing Page Using Unbounce

Limitations of Unbounce

  • Multi-User Experience: The experience of some companies who use the Unbounce’s service for multiple users, was not so great. You have to think again if you are buying the plan for your team. Users say that the user interface of their web application was not satisfying while multiple users work in it.
  • Price: Although Unbounce is a great service, it is too expensive for an individual to spend $80 a month. If you are not too serious about your website, you should consider to back out. However, you can take 30 days trial before buying the service, just in case you think you it is a great tool for you.
  • Too Many Features: As already said in the advantages, Unbounce has too many features and tools. However, it can be its disadvantage too. Having too many features can confuse the user and will take a lot of time to try them all out and decide which one to use. Moreover, according to some users, tools are poorly organized.
  • Design Changes: The design of the landing page gets changed when we switch from desktop to mobile. Although it is obvious, it sucks when you work a lot on the design and you see something changed on your phone.

Pricing of Unbounce

  • Essential Plan: $79/month with 75 Landing pages, 8 pop-ups, and sticky bars
  • Premium Plan: $159/month with 150 Landing pages, 16 pop-ups, and sticky bars
  • Enterprise Plan: $399+/month with 375 Landing pages, 40 pop-ups, and sticky bars.

Devices Supported

  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

Best Alternatives

Now, when you know about the limitations of Unbounce, you might want to move to another tool. However, I would like to tell you that nothing is perfect. But we still gathered some good alternatives of Unbounce.

  • InstaPage: A service that lets to build landing pages for the online marketing and campaign. It offers various features like A/B testing , multiple campaigns management, easy page building and many more.
  • Leadpages: It is an online tool to collect email subscribers . It provides templates . It can be used for hosting webinars, to create landing pages and a lot other.
  • Click Funnels: It is an online sales funnel builder that helps business market, sell and deliver the products online. It simplifies, online marketing, selling and delivery of the product and services.
  • Mail Chimp: It is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. It is an all-in-one marketing platform and it insists on marketing focuses on health content management practices, beautifully designed campaigns and powerful data analysis.

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I know what you are thinking. The only question left is "Should I use it or not ?". But if you are thinking about buying the Unbounce service or check it’s a trial version out, then I would suggest you check out the trial version. There is nothing wrong with free versions.

Although the trial version will not let you use all the features so you can ask any of your friends if they have ever used Unbounce. Take their reviews, research more reviews online, and contact the Unbounce team to know about all the features of Unbounce. Although, I would recommend taking a look at the features and prices of its alternatives’ too.

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