6 Effective Email Marketing Tips That Will Increase Open Rates

6 Effective Email Marketing Tips That Will Increase Open Rates

Email marketing allows the brand to promote its products and new launches by using emails. So, if you have an online business or a blog or just own a store, and you want people to know about your new product, new offers or just your posts. Neither you are going to every person and tell them about it nor you are going to cold call them, this is where E-mail marketing comes into play.

You may have already bought a quality email list, but you need to learn some really important things in order to use that list efficiently. This post will tell you some email marketing tips along with an amazing method that is similar to email marketing but gives totally different results. You may love it. But, that is for the end. So, before heading directly to that alternative, we will see some email marketing tips.

What Is Open Rates for Email Marketing?

The total number of people who open an email campaign means the people who get attracted to your marketing campaign and show their genuine interest in it by opening it, this sums up the open rate for emails. The open rate formula for your emails in percentage can be found by multiplying the number of times an email is opened by the customers by 100 and you have the open rate percentage.

How to Increase Open Rates for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is only successful when your audience actually open the mail and take a look at it, for that you need to be subtle as well as persistent.You can only do that by following the tips below.

Write the Email Content Along With a Catchy Subject Line

Don’t confuse a “catchy title” with “clickbait”. Clickbait is when you use a false fact that is not present in your post or videos to make people click that link. Use catchy titles. Make it look like a very important thing. “This is how you can make Rs. 1 crore in one month by working from home” is clickbait. Whereas, “Scalable Businesses you can do from home” is a catchy title.

Catchy titles will only attract the interested reader and clickbait will attract everyone, which means more traffic. The fact is, the bounce rate of clickbait posts are too much than the catchy title posts, which will eventually affect your SEO. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while writing the catchy title don't miss out on the important keywords, or the main topic on which the article or video is based. Always keep the content in mind while framing the title.

Avoid Spam Trigger Words

"Click here to get a 100% Discount and free gifts” This is the worst title you can use for your email marketing content and it will automatically go into the spam folder. There are hundreds of words that are spam triggered, avoid using those kinds of words. Cross verify the words included in your title before sending an email. You can google it and then check all of them by finding them on the website. This is one of the most important points to keep in mind while implementing your email marketing strategy.

Teach Them Whitelisting

You can send individual emails to people and let them know about whitelisting. Whitelisting will tell Gmail that you are not a spammer for that particular person. It is exactly the opposite of blacklisting, it gives you the permission to send emails that will not go into spam. To whitelist someone, every platform has a different process. The most popular platform on the web is Gmail, so, focus on Gmail more than others.

Always include an unsubscribe link in each and every email you send. Gmail automatically places these emails in the spam folder. Sites like Hi5 do not have an unsubscribe option and that is the biggest drawback and maybe a reason that they are not as popular as Gmail. Emails of these sites are never shown in the primary section. So, always include an “unsubscribe” link in your emails.

Don’t Send the Same Email to Everyone

It is so obvious that your email is going to go into the spam folder of the receiver because of the spam filtering technology. As a user, we love this technology, but as a sender, this is hell. The best way to not let your emails go in that hell is to send different emails to every other person. Of course, you don’t have time to do that but don’t worry, there are tools to that too, like Hubspot, these can help you send different and customized E-mails to different people so that they do not have to see the dark world of the spam folder where the mails are left unopened.

Don’t Compromise With the Quality of the Content

Finally, the most “cliché” but important tip. Focus on your content. Email filtering works in a very similar way to SEO. If Google tells us how they can understand spam, then we can find a way to crack it. So, you have to be genuine, create great content, that has facts, that is gripping, and focus on user experience and SEO


All these email marketing tips that you read will help you to increase the open rates of your emails. But don’t expect them to be perfect, no one can be perfect in email marketing unless they do it continuously, so, learn from your experience. Start researching, learning and implementing whatever you learn. Success depends on one's ability to adapt to the change. So, start exploring new possibilities of online marketing, learn more about digital marketing, SEO, and keep up with the trend.


What are the 4 types of email marketing?

Four types of marketing emails are Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails and Promotional Emails.

What are the 2 types of Email?

Two types of emails are Client Based Email and Web-Based Emails.

What is a good open rate in email marketing?

A good opening rate in email marketing should be 17-28%.

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