Should You Have Pop-ups on Your Website in 2020?

Should You Have Pop-ups on Your Website in 2020?

We can’t ignore the fact that the most annoying thing as user in the world is Pop-ups. However, those traditional pop-up ads have almost gone from internet, but pop-up advertising works way better when your pop-ups are appealing to your website visitors and enhance their experience. For a startup, pop-ups on website have their own pros and cons. Here we've discussed some pop-up ads examples to guide to use pop-ups on your Website.

Today we're going to look at seven surprisingly effective ways to use pop-ups on your website with the choice of the appropriate pop up for your website.

Yes, Copyblogger boosted their email list using high converting Pop-ups as it provides insane value with their lead magnet. According to a report, average click-through rates on the pop-up is around 2% which is not bad at all. Hence, here is guide on how to make pop up ads with some pop up design examples.

What Are Pop-ups?
Why Are Pop-Ups Important?
Disadvantages Of Pop-ups
How To Create A Pop-up For Your Website?
Best Tools To Create A Pop-up

What are Pop-ups?

pop-up designs templates
What are Pop-ups

A window which suddenly pops-up on the screen is called a pop-up. In the early days, it was used only for (annoying) advertisement purpose, but now, it has evolved a lot and used for many other marketing purposes. Almost all the websites have pop-ups. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that it is a pop-up. With a better study and research of the human brain, companies are able to make pop-ups which will not annoy us and in fact, we will love them. Although some people still hate pop-ups, they are a great channel to increase the conversion rate.

Why are Pop-Ups Important?

Gain Attraction

pop-ups on websites
Attract user

Pop-ups on websites scream for attraction. People cannot ignore them. Anyone who came across any pop-up will read what it says if it loads quickly.

Build Email List

grow email list
grow email list

You can use pop-ups to show the email subscription form and build your email list. If people like your content and you remind them to sign up to your email subscription, they will definitely do it.

Increase Conversion Rate

Even though people find them annoying, but research says that pop-ups increase the conversion rate. And of course, why wouldn’t they? Pop-up grabs all the attention of the user.

Focus On One Message

Pop-ups only focus on one message at a time. It helps to keep the promotions simple to understand.

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Disadvantages of Pop-ups

Annoying As Hell

The most obvious disadvantage. Pop-ups are really annoying. When it comes to slow internet,most of the users just close it which makes all the efforts go waste.

Increase Bounce Rate

Pop-ups increases the bounce rate. When people see the pop-ups, the “back” is the only button they see useful. It increases the bounce rate of the website, which is definitely not good for it.

Might Affect SEO

Although it is still not clear as to whether or not it does but using pop-ups might affect the SEO. Google always try to provide the best content to its users and a website with more bounce rate is definitely not on their list of good websites.

Spoil Brand Image

Using pop-ups might build your email list but it does not build your image. In fact, it spoils it. When people find something annoying on your website, they think you are not professional in your job.

How To Create A Pop-up For Your Website?

Now, just in case you decided to include a pop-up on your website, then you would want to know how to do so. If you think you can do it manually, then the W3Schools tutorial will help you a lot. But if you want it the easy way, then here are some online tools you can use.

Best Tools To Create A Pop-up

  • Wishpond
  • Popup Maker
  • OptinMonster
  • WisePops
  • Hello Bar

HelloBar - Lets You Create Interactive Pop-ups for Website Visitors
Visit any website, and you find pop-ups. [/tag/how-to-block-pop-ups/] While somesays ‘subscribe to our newsletter’, some others are there to inform you aboutoffers and discounts. You might find them annoying, however they are very usefulto get a response from the visitors. They are call-to-action…


Even though pop-ups are annoying, if you use them with creativity, they will be a great tool to increase the conversion rate. However, they will be disastrous if you don’t put some creativity into it. I always say to outsource your work, it is because creativity and experience beat hard work. You cannot be an expert in everything. So just hire someone better to do creative works.

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