How Sales Automation Can Help You Boost Revenue?

How Sales Automation Can Help You Boost Revenue?

We are all undoubtedly aware of all the repetitive tasks and processes inside our sales process. Getting a sale takes a significant amount of work. Salespeople spend a lot of time analyzing what the customer wants, reaching out to them and following up. When the number of prospects or customers increases, calls, meetings, and emails become a nightmare. This is where sales automation comes into play.

Sales automation manages the repetitive and monotonous activities in the sales process to maintain a smooth and orderly flow of work. With sales automation in place, salespeople will have more time to sell and less time to streamline the work.

In this guide, letโ€™s dive deeper into what sales automation is and how it can help you increase sales.

What is Sales Automation?
How Sales Automation Can Help Your Business Increase Sales?
Important features of Sales automation:
Best Practices of Sales Automation

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is using computer software or AI to automate manual, repetitive and tedious sales processes. This allows salespeople to focus more on revenue-generating activities like forming new relationships and lead nurturing.

According to a report, many industry leaders are unaware of or have not taken advantage of, the benefits of sales automation, which are spreading across a variety of use cases.

To capitalize on the increasing potential, sales managers need to align their working practices and their technology platforms to guarantee that salespeople and automation solutions function in unison.

Early adopters of sales automation routinely report more customer-facing time, improved customer satisfaction, efficiency enhancement of 10 to 15%, and potential revenue uplift of up to 10%.

How Sales Automation Can Help Your Business Increase Sales?

Speeds up the Sales Process

Automation allows the full sales process to be completed quickly and without the possibility of human error. What appears to be a minor miscalculation in sales might result in a significant loss for a company.

Sales automation delegates all of the endless administrative activities to an automated system that sales agents are requested to execute on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Increases Efficiency and Profits

Automation enables salespeople to efficiently use their time and resources that are limited like sales and budget. This means an organic increase in revenue and productivity per employee.

Here are some of the stats to prove this:

  1. 61% of businesses using automation reported exceeding their revenue targets in 2020.
  2. 44% of sales leaders who exceeded their revenue in 2021 use competitive intelligence and market data.
  3. Companies that implement high-level automation into their sales process generate around 16% more leads than companies that don't.

Collects Better and More Accurate Data

Automating lead capture saves salespeople from having to manually enter leads into their CRM system. It frees them up to spend more time prospecting for new business. This helps you define who your target market is and develop more effective marketing strategies.

More accurate information also means better data, which leads to better forecasts. Automating and capturing the right sales data for each prospect allows organizations to run reports and forecasts with confidence without micromanagement.

Identifies High-Quality Prospects Quickly

Automating the sales process using the right criteria will help your team identify highly qualified prospects from those who are just looking for information. Spending more time on qualified deals means more sales and more revenue.

61% of businesses leveraging AI-based sales automation reported exceeding their revenue targets in 2020. Lead nurturing automation has increased conversion rates for various brands.

Provides Customer Behaviour Insights

You may automatically track and manage your prospects' and customers' behaviour as they interact with your business. When you're ready to make a move, you'll know more about their personal preferences. This provides you with an advantage when it comes to addressing their requirements and converting them into customers.

Important Features of Sales Automation

For sales agents, having more time means generating more sales. Businesses can leverage automation technologies to build a hybrid sales experience which includes both humans and software. Certain duties are done automatically by the software, while others are still overseen by the sales staff. Automation can handle a variety of jobs, including lead management, communication, activity tracking etc.

Lead identification & qualification

With the lead management feature, automation allows you to analyze a lead's behaviour automatically, then arrange, rank, and classify those leads before allocating them to the best sales agent.

It would take many hours for a human to examine all of that information to qualify a lead. A software program, on the other hand, can do it in minutes. As a result, salespeople have a better-refined list of leads to convert into paying clients.


Email, chatbots, and appointment scheduling software are all examples of communication automation. Salespeople have little time, but our customers want quick responses. Companies can use communication automation to set up an automated method for handling client conversations.

Customers can still get emails, arrange appointments, and interact with chatbots on the company's website to discover the right product or service even when everyone at the company is occupied with a task.

Tracking tasks & activities

Automation enables you to keep track of emails exchanged, meetings booked, and phone calls made so that everyone knows how far a sales agent has advanced with a prospect.

Knowing how many stages have been completed and how many remains ensures that the process is uniform and repeatable. Furthermore, by automating activity tracking, sales agents are relieved of the need to manually log their actions.

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Best Practices of Sales Automation

Don't automate only for the sake of automating. Design an automation strategy specific to your business use case. Examine your processes and workflows to see where automation might boost efficiency. To keep everyone responsible, create an executable plan with trackers and milestones. The effect of automation becomes plain and actionable in this manner.

Once you've identified the ineffective aspects of your sales process, you'll be able to see which sections require automation. It is now time to identify your goals. Set explicit and quantifiable goals for what you hope to accomplish with automation.

Create a systematic and repeatable method for reviewing, analysing, and selecting automation possibilities to grow sales automation. Create standards that qualify as a suitable candidate for automation, as well as a mechanism for analysing time and money expenditure vs. return on investment.

Clearly explain automation goals and plans throughout the company, and identify individuals or departments who will be required to implement new techniques.


How does automation increase revenue?

Automation will help your sales team focus on closing sales as most of the repetitive tasks will be performed by an automation tool.

How sales office automation software can help in sales analysis?

Sales office automation can help you eliminate repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on closing sales.

How do I automate my sales?

Schedule appointments, automate your email follow-ups and automate your lead list building.

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