Best Practices to Optimise the Thank you Page

The visitors might have signed-up for the website, but is that it? No, you need to thank your customers by adding a Thank You page in your website which will be shown to the visitors after they sign up, buy or download  anything. Thank You page is a web page of a website where the customers or the subscribers are redirected after they put the required information or, in case of ecommerce website, pay for their purchase, in the opt-in form of the website. They are a good lead generation strategy.

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Thank you pages not only look professional but they are a good marketing opportunity too. If you have an ecommerce website, then Thank You pages are very crucial for you. And keeping them optimised for business is important. You may have been using attractive and expensive ecommerce Thank you page template but these practices will help you to optimise them. So, here are some of the best practices for your thank you page which will increase your conversion rate and boost your marketing productivity.

  1. Share Button
    Ask your visitor to share your website or what they bought, on their social media. Human is a social animal. Most of us wants to tell the world what we have. If you customers have bought something from your website, they will share it with their friends for sure. Share buttons are easy to be made and are a very important factor for your website. They remind people to share their purchase with people. It works a CTA for the website. Try to provide all the social media options, people spend their most time on.
  2. Focus on Design
    People think Thank you pages are the least visited pages, so they don’t focus much on its design. In some cases, Thank You pages might be the least visited page of your website, but this is the page which only your real customers visit. Those people have the interest and potential to buy your other products too. And, people buy what they see. If you don’t design your thank you page well, they will not even wait to see what you have got on your thank you page. So, to retain the customer, design the Thank You page template well.
  3. Promote your Other Products
    Thank you pages are the best marketing opportunity. As already said, only potential people will be redirected to your thank you page. So, there is a strong possibility that people will buy your other products. You can promote your similar products on thank you page. This is the best marketing opportunity for you.
  4. Provide Coupons
    People will be glad to receive some discount coupons on your Thank You page. Who don’t like discounts, anyway? Once you gave coupons for something, people will be coming back to your website. It will be great if you don’t let people know about this before they sign up or buy. You can also ask them to share your content to redeem that discount coupon. Collaborate with other websites or company for discount coupons on their website. Or you can give away discount coupons to your own products.
  5. Give Free E-Gifts
    You can giveaway free ebooks, coupons to free softwares, apps, etc. to download to your visitors. This way, you are adding some value to their lives, which will come back in one or the other way. Add some advertisements and links to your website in that downloadable. Not only just ebooks, but you can also give away audiobooks and videos.
  6. Conduct Surveys
    When people are already on your thank you page, why not conduct some surveys? Conducting surveys and collecting psychographic data will help you make better strategies and decisions for generating leads. Ask people questions related to your industry. If you know what they like, it will be easier to impress them and sell them more of your products.
  7. Ask for Improvement
    You can ask people what change they would like in your service. Provide a general rating option to them. Ask about the interface they just faced and how you can improve the UX.
  8. Infographics
    Show some infographics related to your industry. Many people really like to read and learn some new things. You can also include some current affairs and numerical data related to your product. Show them how many people love your product or website and what you have achieved.
  9. Your Social Media
    Providing links to your social media handles can give you an opportunity to connect with your customers. Social media is a very convenient way to promote your product. However, telling the reason to connect with you on social media increases the chances of their following you there.
  10. Offer Newsletter Subscription
    Provide a form field on the thank you page where people can subscribe to the newsletter of your website. This will help you to make an email list and later, market your products and offers.
  11. Your Best Content
    You might be excellent in your field and all your contents are good, but there must be your one best creation. Give a link to your best creation on your thank you page. When people will check out your best content, they will be more likely to come back on your website. This will increase your conversion rate.


Thank you page is very crucial for your website and is the ocean of opportunities. Plan, strategize and decide about your Thank You page before creating it. If you can hire some professionals in this field, then don’t hesitate to do the same. You can go for one particular tip or just create a combo of some of them. For instance, provide links to your product and your blog on the right side and conduct a survey in the middle of the page. However, it all depends on you.

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