How To Rank Site With The Help of Content Optimization?

How To Rank Site With The Help of Content Optimization?

Have you ever thought that what is the purpose of starting a website and ranking it, and why is the world going crazy more and more after making websites? Well, the answer to this will be given today plus we will always tell you about the ranking of the site and how your content can help you get a better place in Google ranking list. If you are planning on starting your own website too then, it is very important that you start reading the article below for the most exciting news!

The content is the backbone, or you can also say the soul of the website which attracts or scares of the web user. Your traffic directly depends on the content you are having on your website. Now we will tell you about a piece of exciting news that will surprise you at the same time and maybe it will irritate you a bit too. The news that we are referring to you from a very reliable and private source is that almost forty per cent of the content on the websites is copied content and is published under fake ownerships. This means that plagiarism has taken over the websites a great deal.

But this is not the thing that you should worry about, but you should learn from this because top search engines have started to de-rank and suspend this website from its database. Plagiarism has two taken its foot back since the plagiarism checker tools have hit the web market. The plagiarism checker tools are the tools that help you detect plagiarism in your content as well as in any other website’s content. so now as we are talking about the plagiarism checkers let us name the top best free plagiarism checker tools that you can use to improve your content quality. The names are as under:

  1. Plagiarism checker tool by small SEO tools!
  2. Plagiarism checker tool by search engine report!
  3. Plagiarism checker tool by Grammarly!
  4. Plagiarism checker by DupliChecker!
  5. Plagiarism checker by!

These are the top five plagiarism detector free tools that you can use to check your content for plagiarism. These plagiarism checker free tools are the best step you can take in content optimization!

Why Unique Content Is Important!

The reason why unique content is important because Google ranks your content on the basis or being fresh and unique. We will try and explain this in the simplest way so that all of you can understand the basic need for unique content. Google directs traffic to your content on the basis of the relevancy of the keyword the traffic is coming from that may be present in your content as well. Now if two websites have the same content word by word, then Google or any other search engine will not be able to decide whether a site should be ranked above the other and so to avoid any kind of confusion and any kind of complication instead of making a decision Google suspends both of the contents sites!

This is the same scenario that you are racing towards the finish line and at a point, the track is divided into two or more paths which all touch the finish line, now which route will you decide? The same problem is faced by the search engine, and you must also make this clear to yourself that the search engine will never let you post two contents on different sites because if it happens, then it will affect the traffic of the search engine in the end and it won't ever do that!

Conclusion and The Need of Rephrasing Tools!

So now you understand the ranking concept of Google and other search engines, and that is why you must understand the concept of unique content and its need. If you really want to copy content for some matter, then we will recommend you to use the best tools for paraphrasing if you are not comfortable with rephrasing yourself. You can easily find the best tools on the same platforms that we have mentioned above for the plagiarism checker tools!

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