10 Ways to Market on Pinterest | Pinterest Marketing

10 Ways to Market on Pinterest | Pinterest Marketing

In this modern era, people tend to use social media to market their products to sell quickly. Social media can be accessed by anyone in the world so that they can identify products that are trending. Besides, they can find whatever they need. Pinterest can be used an effective tool for marketing. But it is essential to know how to market on Pinterest. Here are best 10 tips on how to market brand on Pinterest.

Many people know about Facebook and Twitter, but Pinterest is still comparatively unknown. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people can upload photos or images that can be inserted into different categories (a kind of album or folder) that can be customized by name. Pinterest can also be used to market your product.

There were more than 291 million people using Pinterest in 2019. Even many businesses using Pinterest to market their product. There are 27% global marketers using Pinterest for business promotion and 75% saved Pins on Pinterest are coming from businesses. Advantages of Pinterest for business are many. The most important advantage is that it saves a lot of time and also money to market your product around the globe within a short period.

Some social media platforms which are commonly used in marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and so on. People choose a social media platform according to their needs and by accessibility where they want. Facebook has become the number one social media platform used by almost everyone. Twitter and Pinterest occupy the second and third positions respectively. Pinterest for business strategies can be really useful tool if used wisely.

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How to use Pinterest to Market your Business

Make a Strategy

Everything starts with planning, a good plan can decide how long you will go on your way. At first, you have to make a good plan that is how you are going to use the platform to market your product. Because if you start without any strategy you will not be able to promote your product for the long-term purpose. If you want to get the result of the time and effort you have to work smart.

You should prepare a strategy to use Pinterest. Such as making a pin with the desired objectives before starting the marketing process. To increase website traffic, enhance brand awareness, escalate sales or extend customer engagement choose a picture and make pinboards according to the required purpose.

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Observe the Content Percentage

In our growth hacking article, we have mentioned that social media is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. But you have to research a lot to understand what type of content is getting better impression than other contents. If you think that your content can attract new users then you should start using social media to promote your brand or product.

Create inviting boards which contain 40% pins about inspiration and motivation, 40% pins for instruction and education, and 20% pins about the brand being marketed. After making this, the daily percentage of traffic and content can be observed.

Be Friendly Pin

To get traffic to your website you can take advantage of your social media platforms. You can share your blog post or any type of content from the website to your Pinterest profile. Make rich content that people will love to share and always try to give value to the people because this is the only way to build trust with your audience.

Add a Pinterest button on the website and give images and blog posts that can be pinned automatically. Additionally, people can add a "Follow on Pinterest” button to allow visitors to pin images and posts directly and increase the traffic on the website.

Promote Another Pin

You can also promote other pins that are related to your niche. Promote other businesses posts that you think is creative. It will help you to market your brand too. People who are already a customer of any other business in your niche maybe not aware of your brand, promoting other business on your profile can give you a lot of engagement and a shoutout to the new audience.

Build a pin with another pin engaged in community services by giving comments, repins or liking these pins. Individuals can also leave tags to other users to allow them to follow every description of the pin. Pinterest marketing services have all you need to market your brand.

Optimize Your Website

Optimize your website by putting keywords in the titles and descriptions to improve the ranking of the website on Google. Use the hashtag to emphasize keywords and phrases that might be sought after by customers. For example #newshoes, #shoes, #cuteshoes, and others.

Your social media profiles can also help you to rank on google. Because now Google also prioritize those sites which gets more traffic from social media.

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The purpose of cross-promotion is to promote one social media page on other social media accounts. For example, people can promote their Pinterest on Facebook or Twitter. Apart from this Pinterest tabs can be added in other social media accounts for promotion.

You have to utilize all the platforms to get traffic to your website and social media profile. People who are following you on Facebook may not follow you on Pinterest and it is also possible that they don't know about your presence on Pinterest. So always keep updating your audience about your activity on social media profiles.

Noting the Pin Placement

Always pay attention to the placement of the pin, put the pin in place of the most important example, in the middle of the top or second row of the board. Some research suggests that the most visited pins are in the front and middle of the page. So the pin position is crucial to the survival of the business.

Provide Interesting Stuff

Providing interesting items will increasingly attract visitors to the web page and increase its traffic. Give something valuable to the audience like e-books or podcasts via the pin description. This will ensure an increment in engagement by 80%. Make sure it's big enough and effective for attracting customer engagement.

Make a landing page on your website where people can give their information and subscribe to your email newsletter. Many Digital Marketer uses this method that is Email Marketing to build their brand because this is cost-effective. You can give value to your audience via emails and this will also help to get better engagement.

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Add Some Multimedia

Make the board more interactive by adding various multimedia such as videos, screencasts, and podcasts. The good multimedia pin is one that includes tutorials, product demos, tours behind the scenes, and webinars.

People love to consume information through visuals and nowadays social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. prioritize visual content more than text content. So we have to change our marketing methods with the fastest-changing time. Observe the new social media trends use that as a reference to your content.

Observe The Pin Analytics

Pin Analytics on Pinterest

To be able to observe the analytics of pins, you can use the Web Analytic Pinterest. You can find out pins which are often seen by people, and can then develop further strategies for business continuity of your respective websites.

Although, Pinterest marketing is a relatively new concept in the Indian market, yet it is gaining popularity as people are becoming aware of its benefits. With the right guidance and strategies of use, Pinterest marketing can become the next big thing in the start-up world.

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There are many platforms out there which you can use to market your products or services but if you are looking for more creativity then Pinterest is the best platform for you. You can also rank your website with the help of Pinterest SEO, so try to utilize all these above mentioned ways to market on Pinterest and be as creative as possible.

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