Apply These 7 Secret Growth Hacking Techniques For Start-ups

Business owners all over are discovering that the key to success is not just on the merits of the idea or quality of their product but also their ability to attract customers. With new startups being launched everyday people are spinning around to try growth hacking techniques. It helps the marketing team to analyze the method and evaluate their customer base to tirelessly pursue growth with that knowledge. The ultimate goal of growth hacking techniques is that your product markets itself, without additional input of your time and money. Here are some useful pointers to attract new users or customers and subsequently they attract more customers in the future.

Here is a list of 7 growth hacking techniques essential for start-ups

Have a clearly defined goal

The first secrecy of growth hacking techniques is to have a clear unique goal. It allows breaking things down into small achievable micro goals. Goals like how many customers do you need per week? Or sending how much email is beneficial. Clearly defining your goal will make it both achievable and will get you closer to success. You can take the help of a growth hacker for this who is best with growth hacking techniques. Growth hackers are a crossbreed of marketer and coder, one who looks at the conventional query of “How do I get customers for my product?“. They answer with viral factors, landing pages, open graph and email deliverability.

Incorporating sharing into its functionality.

The essential ways to use growth hacks to develop your small startup is by incorporating sharing into its functionality. Sharing means that your content can be directly linked to social media platforms, granting your users to do the work of marketing for you. When its popular via social media, they are trending to the audience, increasing the chances to check out your page or product. One company that implements this growth hacking techniques very successfully is Pinterest.

Incentive distribution

If you want people to share your site, you can do so by offering them an incentive to share the website or product. You can give access to coupons for the product if they share it or give them a gift hamper if they do something extra for you, like additional services if they post about you on a social media platform or a discount if they choose to e-mail friends. Sometimes, it is regarded as a best option in growth hacking techniques.

Incorporating a mechanism into the product to encourage sharing

Such incorporation will serve as a physical reminder for existing customers to spread the word about your product, and this will naturally attract potential customers. If your company makes a certain product, then incorporating this growth hacking techniques would be a great way to aid spreading its popularity them to share it or to create a companion product that encourages distribution.

Offering free service or product

One of the foremost ways to convert a potential customer into a paying customer is to offer free services or products, as well as products for purchase. The products you offer should go well together, with each other so that when people sign up or receive your free product or service, they also want to pay for the priced product or service. This growth hacking techniques were most commonly used by Uber & OLA.


One other innovative way to grow your customer base quickly and easily is to piggyback on a company that already has tons of users. If you create a service or product that goes well with the existing service or product, it makes sense to appeal to the already paying customer base.

Make partners with the existing company

Furthermore, If you are not in the favor of getting a piggyback ride with the other company probably an easy way out is to make partners with such existing company or their site. Partnering with a company or its site will give you free marketing to the group of customers that they attract, in exchange for the marketing you do for their product or service in some way. Partnering with a company will involve financial gains.

These growth hacking techniques will ensure that your company grows and reaches great heights of success.

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