13 Benefits Of Guest Blogging [For The Guest Writer and The Website Owner]

You might be familiar with the term Guest blogging if you are serious about blogging. When you ask someone else to write an article for your website, it is called guest blogging.

According to a survey, 60% blog writes 1-5 guest posts per month and 76% editor says that they publish 1-10 guest posts per week. It is something like featuring someone in your YouTube video. There are many advantages of guest blogging for everyone, viz., the writers, the website owner, and the audience. Let’s see some of the key benefits of guest blogging.

Benefits To Writers

Benefits of writing guest blog
Benefits of writing guest blog

1. Starting The Career

If you want to pursue writing for your future, but don’t have enough experience, then guest blogging might be perfect for you to have a boost. Try sending your articles to some websites and ask them to feature it on their blog. Observe the audience’s response to the article and then work to improve your writings. You can do this for free at the beginning to improve your skills. Websites will be happy to feature you on their blog.

If you already have a small blog, then you can consider guest blogging to make it a big one. A backlink is the most important factor to build authority. You can get some backlinks from the website you guest blog for. Include one in between the article itself. This might give a boost to your own blog, however, this authority will not work if you are not consistent towards your blog.

3. Feedbacks

You can test your writing skills and get feedback from hundreds of people if you guest blog on a big platform. If you are not sure whether you are skilled enough to quit your job and rely on your blog, then test your writing first. You might already have a good response to your writing from your readers, but you can’t make this decision on the response of a bunch of people.

4. Brand Awareness

If you are the person who loves being famous, then you might love guest blogging. When you will frequently guest blog on different websites, people will notice your name. If you are a good writer, people will remember your name too. You can then create your influential brand on social media like Instagram or Facebook.

5. Bring More Referral traffic  

Writing guest posts you will be able to drive more referral traffic to your site. Your guest blogging sites already have the relevant target audience base. Thus if you provide through your guest posts then they will automatically come to your site to read further.

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6. Let’s Talk Business now

If you are a specialist in something, people might reach you with their problems via that guest blog you wrote. You can provide your email in the writer’s bio or link to your website. If you write great, people might even come to you for giving you a freelance writing opportunity. Moreover, you can just provide a link to your blog in the writer’s bio to divert some traffic and earn through your blog.

7. Become An Expert

Guest blogging allows you to share knowledge among the relevant audiences. Thus providing valuable information consistently will slowly build your credibility. Hence, You will be able to position yourself in front of your Industry and become an expert of that particular field.

How to be a Guest Blogger

Furthermore, you can earn some extra income from guest blogging by asking for payment in exchange for your blog. There are many other advantages you will come across when you will start guest blogging.

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Benefits to the Website Owner

1. Have a Break

When you feature a guest blogger on your website, you get some time to spend on yourself. A small break in between the work is great to boost your energy. So, have a break, have a guest blogger on your site.

2. New Content

No matter how much you know, but there will be someone out there who knows more than you. You might be the world’s biggest expert in cybersecurity theories, but you can’t have the expert level knowledge about everything related to computers. So, when you feature someone, you get to see the world from their perspective. It is great to have a change in your website. Your audience will get to know something new and in a new style of writing.

Yes, not only for the guest writers but this is a benefit to you too. Most of the guest writers will have their blog. So, they will give you a backlink in the near future. It will strengthen your authority.

Generate Backlinks with Guest Blogging

4. Build Relationship

Your relationship with the guest writer is not limited to that post only. You can invite them again to write for your website, or you can even hire them if you like their writing and they are performing well. Moreover, you can collaborate with them for any project in the future.

5. Expand Reader Base

Your guest blogger may have fans of his/her own. So, when you will post an article written by them, you will attract their fans too. Therefore, you will end up having more traffic and subscribers.

6. Earn Money

You can monetize your website by adding guest blogging feature. If you have a strong audience base or high amount of organic traffic to your website, thus startups may show interest to feature on your website. Hence, you can charge for those sponsored posts. For example, if you are running a travel blog, then startup travel agencies may show their interest to write a guest post on your Website as they have a similar set of the target audience.

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Guest blogging is a great way to attract more traffic. Also, when you invite guest bloggers, they may invite you too. The audience will love guest bloggers when they get new knowledge. Also, everyone has a unique style of writing, so when a guest comes to write a blog, they get a chance. Go and invite a good writer you know or just give a chance to a small blogger. Even you were a struggler once, so make someone happy by allowing them to earn a backlink.

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