12 Best Adspying Tools for Digital Marketers in 2022

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
May 10, 2022 8 min read
12 Best Adspying Tools for Digital Marketers in 2022

Competition is what keeps us going and pumped up to do better, be it in the physical world or the digital one. Lately, the competition we face in both of these worlds seems to be growing exponentially, as does the will to stay ahead. Digital marketing is one of the domains where staying ahead of your rivals is extremely important, not just to generate greater revenue, but sometimes to even stay relevant. This is where Ad Spying comes in.

Ad Spying is a method of keeping tabs on your competitors to know their keyword strategy, tracking and comparing SEO rankings among your rivals, along with viewing and monitoring your competitor's ads. Ad Spying tools help digital marketers with exactly the same regime, acting as a tracking tool, gathering data on your competitor's marketing strategy.

What are Ad Spying Tools?

Ad Spying tools are built for Digital Marketers who wish to track their competitor's keyword strategies, compare their SEO rankings, and monitor their ads to help develop better strategies. These tools even notify you if any of your competitors use a keyword that you added, or even if there is a change in your position in the ad rank. Depending on some specific keywords and your settings, Ad Spying tools run several times a day, and offer you a comprehensive view of the search results, comparing you with your competitors.

There are a lot of Ad Spying tools that give you different results, with a wide range of data, and it is never easy to choose the one that suits your marketing strategies better. However, comparing some of the best Ad Spying tools, we bring you the list of 10 of the best Ad Spying tools, used by some of the best and most successful content marketers, so you can make your pick.

Social Peta



AdSpyder is considered one of the most popular ad spying tools out there to spy on your competitor's ads. Apart from that, it also lets you analyse the competitor's SEO strategy so that you improve your own conversion rates and increase your revenue. You can analyse their competitor's Facebook advertising campaigns and can get in-depth information about them. It can help you with the analytical insights of your competitor's ads and it works on numbers of platforms at the moment, they are Google Search, Google Ecom, Facebook, and Display ads from Yahoo!, GDN, and other popular networks like Bing, YouTube, Instagram and others. This way, you can generate ideas to better your own ads.

AdSpyder Price Plan
Basic Plan $49 Per Month
Premium Plan $99 Per Month
Pro Plan $249 Per month



AdPlexity is an ad spying tool that helps you gather all the advertisement information of your competitors within a couple of clicks. Be it the profitable applications that give your rivals an edge or keeping track of your own mobile campaigns and conversion flows, AdPlexity has you covered. To add to that AdPlexity offers various products which you may run on different devices including AdPlexity Push, AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop among others, to make competitor tracking and analysis convenient.

AdPlexity Price Plan
Push and Carriers $129
Mobile and Desktop $149 each
AdPlexity Native $169



Dropispy is a powerful spy tool. Dropispy's adspy tool is an application for sourcing ads on social media. An Adspy tool collects millions of ads online and allows Dropshippers and e-merchants to search for the best ads that perform well. Therefore, Dropispy allows you to find the best winning products you need in your Dropshipping business. Moreover, due to its various features and numerous filters that are quite relevant, Dropispy software is among the best Adspy tools. It is a real Adspy tool that proves itself in the competitive market in terms of functionality and ad volume.

Dropsipy's shop spy tool establishes a ranking of the best Dropshipping stores in order to provide you in real-time with information on the strategies used by your competitors. What better strategy than to take advantage of the winning strategies and products of the biggest dropshipping stores in the world?

Dropispy's Plans Price
Free $0
Premium $29 per month
Business $249 per month



PowerAdSpy is one of the best ad spying tools out there that allows you to view ad campaigns, landing pages, and results just by selecting your target audience. With marketing strategies and tools both changing at an unprecedented rate, PowerAdSpy is the perfect tool marketers can use to keep up. With PowerAdSpy, you can filter the ads to narrow down your search, find the latest ads on any niche with robust algorithms, and focus on engagement oriented details.

PowerAdSpy Price Plan
Basic Plan $49
Standard Plan $99
Premium Plan $149
Platinum Plan $249
Titanium Plan $299
Palladium Plan $349



BigSpy is an AdSpy tool with the ability to extract ads from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and various other websites and applications with ease. It flaunts a humongous ad base of over a billion ads with powerful search and filtering options. Moreover, BigSpy shows you featured ads picked by intelligent tools along with ad ideas tracked by user searches in real time.

BigSpy Price Plan
Basic Plan $9 Per Month
Pro Plan $99 Per Month
Elite Plan $399 Per Month



Anstrex is an ad intelligence tool for marketers content creators and brand advertisers. While performance marketers and affiliates use Anstrex for native advertising to generate and enhance revenue, brand advertisers use it to learn and compare their advertising strategy with their competitors. Moreover, Anstrex offers various integrations with top tools like Shopify, AliExpress, and AWS.

Anstrex Price Plan
Anstrex Native $69.99 Per Month
Anstrex Push $79.99 Per Month



AdSpy is a powerful ad spying tool with the largest searchable database for Facebook and Instagram ads. It allows you to find ads through keywords, ad texts, URLs and much more incorporating social media data to convert them into competitive insights. The quick and efficient interface with a collection of over 95 million ads in 88 different languages gives you everything you need to create a comprehensive ad campaign.

AdSpy Price Plan
Normal Plan $149 Per Month



Adbeat offers great insights into the digital marketing world and is used by some of the leading brands. It has the ability to turn raw data into competitive information using various data centers and high end servers. Using intelligent web crawlers, data collected by high-end servers, and data visualization, Adbeat helps you know your competitors' profitable publishers and landing pages. Moreover, you can view insights into your competitors' performance through ads and ad networks.

Adbeat Price Plan
Standard Plan $249 Per Month
Advanced Plan $399 Per Month
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iSpionage is an ad intelligence and spying tool for marketers to drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and increase conversion rates. iSpionage allows you to do comprehensive competitor analysis with PPC keywords, user journey reports, keyword grouping and landing page snapshots. In other words, iSpionage allows you to identify your top competitors and advertisers and helps you learn from them.

iSpionage offers 3 different pricing plans, called the Starter plan, the Professional plan, and the Advanced plan, that cost $59, $99, and $299 per month respectively. It also offers an Enterprise plan that offers custom solutions and pricing based on the plan.

iSpionage Price Plan
Starter Plan $59 Per Month
Professional Plan $99 Per Month
Advanced Plan $299 Per Month

Social Peta


Social Peta is an ad intelligence platform for monitoring top ads and products. It covers over 70 channels including some giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Social Peta has a database of over 5 million global advertisers, for multi-dimensional analysis and marketing grasp. Be it getting creative ideas from Ad Creative Spy, or insights into the Ad costs of platforms, Social Peta allows you to monitor your competitors' marketing strategy to get the best results. Moreover, real-time updates of intelligence information allow you to stay ahead of your peers.



SpyOver is a native monitoring and analysis platform that helps you monitor your competitors' ads and analyse native ads. With SpyOver you have the freedom to search by keyword, landing text, and even publishers, while you also get visual statistical analysis of your competitors' ad campaigns. Moreover, you can find new trends and download ads and landing pages while also saving time and money.

SpyOver Price Plan
Tarif Professional $1499 Per Month
Tarif Corporate $299 Per Month



SpyFu is a robust and all-around ad spying and intelligence tool that monitors every keyword, organic rank, and ad variatio that the user wants to view. Its recommendations drive suggests trending ad ideas to embed in your Google Ads campaigns, while real-time rank monitoring allows you to find your search rankings on different web browsers. Moreover, the PPC competitor research serves as a keyword spy tool to help with ad campaigns.

SpyFu offers a Basic plan, a Professional plan and a Team plan, which cost $33, $58, and $199 per month respectively when paid annually, while $39, $79, and $299 per month respectively when paid monthly. While all plans offer unlimited search results, data exports, and domain overviews, they offer varying numbers of weekly tracked keyword rankings and sales leads.

SpyFu Price Plan
Basic Plan $39 Per Month
Professional Plan $79 Per Month
Team Plan $299 Per Month


While there are many Ad Spying and Intelligence tools out there, different tools focus on different niches. Tools like SpyFu and iSpionage focus more on analyzing competitors' ad campaigns, while others like Anstrex and Social Peta are more oriented towards offering insights into keyword analysis and ads on social channels. So the choice of the perfect Ad Spying tool totally depends on your campaign strategy.


What is Ad Spying tools?

Ad Spying tools are built for Digital Marketers who wish to track their competitor's keyword strategies, compare their SEO rankings, and monitor their ads to help develop better strategies.

What are some best Ad spying tools?

Some of the best Ad spying tools are:

  • AdSpyder
  • AdPlexity
  • PowerAdSpy
  • BigSpy
  • Anstrex
  • AdSpy
  • Adbeat
  • iSpionage
  • Social Peta
  • SpyOver
  • SpyFu

Is there any tool to spy on FB ads?

Anstrex is a Facebook Ads Spy Tool where you can spy on your competitor's Facebook ads.

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