Best Platform To Market your Fashion Startup this Diwali

Best Platform To Market your Fashion Startup this Diwali

"Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes." —Diana Vreeland

Fashion is a form of self-expression, through apparel, shoes, and accessories. Your style and fashion make you stand out and highlight your individuality. It expresses your personality to the world, everyone has their own style and based on that they create their own fashion statement. Generation Z is very conscious about their Fashion game; there is hardly anyone who is not interested to make their own fashion statement and stand out.

Fashion startups are taking this matter into their hand and trying to turn it in their favor. Especially during the festive season, it is a great time to market their brand. What can be better than digital media platforms to do that, when almost everyone is in the grasp of the internet! Marketing especially at the time of the festive season can be an advantage for your brands and for startups, it is even more huge. So getting noticed by the consumers in the digital platform is a big benefit for them.

Therefore, running ads is a very significant part of marketing businesses. In this article we will talk about the best platforms to market fashion startups especially in this Diwali.

Best Platforms to Market Fashion Startups



Facebook ads - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup
Facebook ads - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup

This is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the whole world. There is hardly anyone, who is not on Facebook. So it will definitely benefit a fashion startup to run ads on this platform. Its market share for digital advertising is 20% making it one of the largest options for advertising, just behind Google.

Benefits Of Running Ads In Facebook

There are so many advantages of running ads on one of the biggest social media platforms. Some of them are:

  • Facebook gives you an option to micro-target your audience, who are actually interested and are best for the business. Market segmentation can be done in a detailed way and separated into different groups for gender, age, location, interest, income, job title, recent purchases, and others.
  • Reports claimed that Facebook ads are best for E-commerce and give out the best ROAs also known as Return On Assets.
  • You can choose from multiple types of advertisement and are not only limited to simple text ads. There are options of photos, videos, stories, messenger, slideshow, collection, and games.
  • Results are quick to visible and it is good for short term digital marketing strategies as well as long term
  • Facebook is used by over 2.7 billion people, so this platform has one of the largest audience bases in the world. Therefore, conversion is higher than any other platform here.
  • Facebook Ads are much more cheaper than other platforms.
  • The company got an option to filter the ads that mean you get to choose the audience to whom you want to showcase your products.

With just a minimum of Rs. 40 one can run advertisements for their startup.

“Facebook ads help us target audience more than any other platform. We run ads around three to four days a week and this platform provides us with great conversion.” - Abhinav Ojha, The Founder and CEO of StyleOFF

Facebook Ads Campaign to market your Fashion Startup

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Google ads - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup
Google ads - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup

The biggest search engine in the world with an 86% market share gives you an option to create an online advertisements. When we want to search about anything, we turn to google for our answers, if you use this platform to market your fashion startup, this is definitely will be a good decision.

Google ads To Market Fashion Startup
Google ads To Market Fashion Startup

Benefits Of Running Ads In Google

Some of the benefits that made Google one of the best digital platforms to market your business are:

  • This search engine is used by over 4 billion people, so undoubtedly it has a huge reach. It doesn’t matter what question one has in their mind, they immediately google it. So if your startup is related to something they have searched, with the help of Google ads your products will be visible to them.
  • Google ads don’t interrupt people like ads on any other social media platform. Here, they get to see your ads, when they search for something related to that. Therefore, people don’t get irritated and think seriously about the ads shown on Google.
  • The analytics of your ads are given in a simple and easy language, so, it gives out every information about clicks, budget, keywords, and the behavior of visitors that are available there.
  • Google Ads builds brand awareness, through the ad display; people become aware of the existence of your brand and the products that you offer.

Google’s charge is Rs. 20 per click for the advertisement.

Create Google ads to market your fashion brand


Instagram - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup
Instagram - Platforms To Market Fashion Startup

It is one of the most entertaining platforms for generation Z to connect with friends, celebrities and show their talents on Reels and all. Instagram as a platform for marketing your business is a great option as it is used by over 1 billion people in just a month.

Benefits Of Running Ads In Instagram

  • This hot favorite platform provides lots of advantages to startups who are interested to market their business here. Some of the advantages are:
  • One of the best benefits is that you get to create a great number of followers for your brand. Reports also claim that over 81% of users use the platform Instagram to search for products and services. This helps in building followers of the said brand and it’ll help them to increase their sales.
  • It is very easy to create ads for Instagram. The features like stories, post,s and the explore tab can be used for the placement of the ads.
  • Stories are used by brands to showcase their product to the users of Instagram. More than 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day and the shop now button is a cherry on top of the cake.
  • Engagement rates are much higher than any other social media, and photo posts bring more engagement.

An average Instagram Ad cost Rs. 36 to Rs. 146 per click.

“Instagram is currently the best platform to reach the audience at the cheapest cost.” - Rakesh Raushan, The senior digital marketing executive of Hats Off Accessories, a Fashion startup

Instagram ads to market your fashion brand

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YouTube- Platforms To Market Fashion Startup
YouTube- Platforms To Market Fashion Startup

The online video sharing platform is one of the popular platforms in the world. Through YouTube people can learn new things, food recipes, create blogs, and keep themselves entertained. Another thing that can be done through YouTube is advertising.

Benefits Of Running Ads In YouTube

There are some benefits of using the largest video sharing platform for running ads and they are:

  • It is extremely cost-effective as it follows the Pay-per-click thing, here you get to pay and also choose the amount only if someone clicks on your ad.
  • YouTube ads target the audience very precisely based on their location, interests, online and offline data, and their life events.
  • Advertising through videos helps in connecting with the audience faster and if the ad is interesting enough, then conversion is almost guaranteed.
  • YouTube analytics are easy to measure so you can understand if the ad is performing well.
  • Your ad is viewed by billions of people so they provide fast conversions as well.

The marketing packages for YouTube are Rs. 8000 to Rs. 25000.

Youtube ads campaign to market your fashion startup

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With Diwali around the corner, several fashion startups have a got great opportunity to market their brand in the top digital media platform. Marketing can turn a business into a huge success and especially in the digital world doing that on a platform that is visited by billions of people daily is one of the best ideas.


Which platform is best for fashion industry to use?

Instagram is an obvious choice for fashion brands to promote their work.

How to make my fashion startup famous?

Using social media platforms for marketing will help you reach a large audience and will also give you an option of connecting with them.

What are the top fashion startups in India?

Some of the top fashion startups in India are:

  • BlissClub
  • Flatheads
  • KalpTree Fashion And Lifestyle
  • Fashinza
  • Custkart- Merchandise Store
  • Binks
  • Nyva Store
  • Alippo
  • StyleOFF
  • Peppymode

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