How to Use Facebook Ads for Dropshipping Business?

How to Use Facebook Ads for Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping and eCommerce goes hand in hand and have turned out to be gold for all those who are now sitting at home. It is one of the best opportunities to make money online with your own social media account. One of the fastest ways to market is to use Facebook ads manager for dropshipping business. So, the question is, how to start dropshipping on Facebook.

Many are in a great deal of stress that they are putting more effort on Facebook ads vs Google ads for dropshipping so they rely on the organic traffic of Google. It might have worked a few times earlier, but promoting your online stores through Google ads is just futile. I mean if someone really wants to buy your product, then they will automatically go to Google but that isn’t scalable like Facebook is.

Facebook is the largest social network with 2.6 billion active monthly users so you can see how Facebook ads help your upcoming business. Facebook Marketing is easily scalable because its something you put in front of a few customers and can scale up to millions from them. It is never about creating just an ad but creating a successful Facebook ad. Here are the tips to use facebook ads manager for dropshipping business.

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What Should a Facebook ad Include?
4 Steps to Facebook Ads To Increase Your Sales
Basic Model of Dropshipping
Reasons Why Dropshipping is a Popular Model

What Should a Facebook ad Include?

  • Well-targeted audience and their segmentation.
  • Create visuals with videos and high-quality images from Canva or alike.
  • Use a Multi-Product Carousel.
  • Facebook Offers and giveaways can be a perk.
  • Target a price point.
  • Stop Selling! Not every ad is about Sales.
  • Call-To-Action Lead for Customers.
  • Target your website viewers and build communication with them through emails.
  • Target people based on various categories in the process of buying something.

4 Steps to Facebook Ads To Include Your Sales:

1. Set Up A Facebook Pixel

Setting up a facebook pixel is the most important step for a headstart to your campaign’s success. You can “Create a Pixel” from facebook ads manager or else facebook will automatically generate it. You can view your Pixel Code with the help of your Pixel ID from Shopify store Admin page, so you can search your Shopify Account within the store preferences.

2. Create An Ad

Create a new ad account to spread your brand awareness and reach out to people. Try increasing a lot of traffic on your online store with a minimum of 300k at first to get results within the geography too. Before that, set up your Facebook Ads Manager account first to hit the advertising campaign for the first time itself. You should consider optimization tips for impression and if you really want to dig further, create an “Add To Cart” option in spite of no actual purchase. This seems to be not very normal at first but believe me, this is a magnet for shoppers.

Tip: Using ‘All Ad Sets’ can give you a more detailed version of your Shop’s Performance. This helps you promote your business on facebook.

facebook ads dropshipping
Facebook Ad Optimization Tool

3. On-Going Ad Check-Up

You have to measure the success of your campaign. Always keep a check on important features, like CPA(Cost Per Action). You should always pay attention to it because keeping it high at first would let Facebook optimize your campaigns with time. This might look like a poor plan but this is going to make your business profitable. CTR: When these numerals go down, it means that your feed is being skipped. Frequency will tell you the views on your ad gains and this helps you look onto the bigger audience your ad currently is for instance which age group your ad directs to.

4. Optimization

Optimization is the key to get the best results for ads campaigns. Look for the best age group and keep your entire budget according to that. Selecting geography to target your ad could be time-consuming but you just have to avoid targeting several different countries. This could even lead to dragging the performance of the ad set down.

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Facebook Campaign Optimization

Basic Model of Dropshipping

Learning about dropshipping is fun but there could millions of doubts about it. The supply chain is a fancy term to dropshipping. You have to learn that it is a special type of retail method where you don’t have to actually stock products. Instead, just direct those sales to a shop who actually sells it because, with the help of the dropshipping model, it buys products from a third party and gets it shipped directly to the buyer.

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The basic model is that seller buys inventory as needed from a third party to complete the orders. It basically acts as product curators with a mix of items to target marketing with customers.

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Basic model of dropshipping

Reasons Why Dropshipping is a Popular Model:

  • Less Capital is required which is the biggest advantage of dropshipping.
  • Facebook ad shipping is easily scalable in comparison to traditional e-commerce businesses.
  • It is easy to get started because at the end of the day you don’t have to stock items or take care of your shops. You just have to track inventory for accounting and handle shipments.
  • You can run your dropshipping business from anywhere, so you have a flexible location you can run your business from.
  • Since you don’t need to stock the items but just offer an array of trending products to your existing customers. You can sell it directly with no additional cost.
  • The basic key to facebook ad dropshipping is to approach like any other online business but just not get caught up in the cycle of being overpaid. Since there is no magic to it, so you just have to approach in a different way while making a facebook ad.

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Using Facebook Ads for dropshipping can work a great deal if you innovate with time. It is one of the swiftest routes to marketing. All of this is an ultimate guide to facebook ads for dropshipping. If you work properly, then you can be a professional businessman on an eCommerce block who actually knows how to automate sales.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do Facebook ads work for dropshipping?

Definitely! It is a powerful combo but you have to keep an eye out on your ad strategy and continuously innovate when it comes to product curation, and keep your customer experience at a consistently high level.

Do Facebook ads work for Shopify?

Yes, if you are using Shopify, you can add the Facebook sales channel and sync products seamlessly to your ad account.

Can you dropship without ads?

Yes, you can. But the results won't be as great as with ads.

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