How to Start a Podcast to Grow your Business Tremendously?

How to Start a Podcast to Grow your Business Tremendously?

Every day, more and more business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers are launching podcasts as a powerful way to grow their business. Moreover, is it easy to create a podcast. Podcast offers opportunity to connect with your audience, personalize your brand, and grow your business. Small business podcasts are helping startups grow and establish in the market. Here are some tips on how to start a podcast in order to grow your business.

Ability to attract and keep an audience are the main benefits of podcast. By starting podcast, you can establish yourself topic or field, leading you to influence clients and customers. The importance of podcast is extra-ordinary as it encourages people to purchase your products or services, invest in your business, or promote you to friends. If you own a business, here are some tips for starting a podcast to grow your business and startup.

What is a Podcast?
Why should one create a Podcast for the Business?
Tips to create podcasts
Best Podcasts Entrepreneurs Should Listen to

What is a Podcast?

The podcast is an audio or video made available to the audience for free or in exchange for some money. You must have come up with the term “Podcast” online numerous times. It is mostly in the audio form and that is what makes it different. Typically, Podcasts are presented in a series to the audience. There are many platforms where Podcasters can provide their podcasts to people. The word “podcast” came into existence in 2004. It was used in an article by the Guardian Newspaper.

The word is a mixture of two words, viz., “iPod” and “Broadcast”. It is pretty obvious that in those days, iPod was ruling the mp3 industry that is why it was named so. Furthermore, anyone can easily create a podcast by recording themselves or taking someone’s interview. Podcasts are now overtaking the internet videos and television. Slowly, they will get ahead of YouTube for a certain category of people.

However, your podcast should have some value to provide to the listener. As of today, there are almost all types of podcasts are there from motivational to comedy. You can create podcasts on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Buzzsprout, etc. You can also start podcast on Youtube; you just need to know the tactics on how to start a podcast on Youtube.

tips for starting a podcast
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Benefits of Podcast for the growth of Business

1. Easy to Produce

First of all, podcasts are very easy to produce. All you need is a decent quality microphone, a computer, and internet access. For editing, you can use free software available on the internet. One of the best example of free Audio editing software is Audacity. Editing audio is very easy, as unlike videos, you don’t need experienced professionals to create the podcasts.

2. Build Trust

When people listen to your podcast, they start trusting you. As they know what you are saying is true, their mind starts believing in everything you say. Moreover, when you provide some value to someone, they will automatically build a relationship and trust on you.

3. Marketing

You can market your product on your podcast or even on other people podcasts. Most of the people who listen to a podcast do it to gain knowledge. If you deal in a business where you provide knowledge to your customers like an online course or something, they might become your customers. You have to check the environment to market your product. You just need to make it relevant.

4. Takes Less Time

Not only to produce podcasts, but it takes less time to listen to them too. People can listen to podcasts anywhere. They can listen to it while shopping, driving, doing any household work, etc. It might not save their time, but make them productive. The time in which they can’t do anything, they can listen to podcasts. So, more people will listen to your podcast than watching your video.

5. The best alternative to Video

This is the best and cheaper alternative to making video for your business. However, both,video and podcasts have their benefits. So, think carefully before choosing one of them.

6. Build relationships with Influencers

If you take interviews with successful influencers so often on your podcast, you build a good relationship with them. This might help you in the future to promote your brand.

7. Lessons

As you will take interviews of influencers, they will tell you and your listeners something valuable. So, not only you are improving yourself but your listeners too. Also, as influencers are engaged in with your podcasts, you don’t have to worry about content for your podcast.

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Tips to create podcasts

  1. Select the niche: Everyone has their field of keen interest so select the perfect niche where you have both the skills and expertise. Then start working on topics related to the niche area and the content which will be provided in the podcast episode.
  2. The perfect equipment and software for the podcast: A good quality mic, a quiet place, good internet, and editing software are some necessary items required for the podcast. So figure out the perfect software and type of equipment required for the podcast.
  3. Branding of the Podcast: Decide whether its going to be a personal podcast, a  professional one or a creative one. Later, plan the branding strategy based on the type of podcast. The branding includes logo, intro music, outro music, theme, etc.
  4. Create your own press kits: The press kits are a document which contains all necessary information about the podcasts. It includes:
  • An introduction- This segment tells what the podcast is all about
  • List of all the streams where all of these podcasts are available
  • Link of the website
  • Press coverage of the document
  • Contact information
  • Statistics of the episodes
  • Images in various sizes
  • Audio trailer of the podcast

5. Visual content strategy: It is another important feature is to ensure that the visual content of the podcast is equally focused and use it to promote the podcast on various internet platforms.

Best Podcasts Entrepreneurs Should Listen to

small business podcasts

Some more podcasts to follow:

  • Mixergy
  • Office Hours
  • Unemployable Podcast
  • Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series
  • How I Built This
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Podcasts have become an important part of people’s lives. People are much aware these days. When you open You tube, you don’t exit it before watching 2 or more videos. It never stops at “just one video, and then I’ll get back to work”. You tube is important to relax your mind, but podcasts can do the same thing too.

At least, listen to podcasts while you are shopping or driving, you can't watch videos there, anyway. It will make you productive and improvised. If you don’t want to start directly from informative podcasts, then start it lightly. Listen
to some comedy podcasts first, then explore the whole podcast world.
Comment some podcast we should listen to.

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