Everything You Need To Know About Podcasts

The term podcasting first came when they mixed up the iPod plus casting. Now, we don't have iPod s anymore, but we still call it podcasting. Some people will say pod is personal online delivery but it came from here.

Podcasting in India is at a very aborning stage, when? even though the nation has a huge number of effective bloggers. In 2006, there were nearly 3000 Indian podcasters, donation programs in English, Hinglish, and various other Indian languages, chiefly Tamil.

Many of the recent Indian podcast cater to the Non-Resident Indian neighborhood as podcasting in India is however on the rise. However the US is now the most developed podcast market, industry specialists indicate that there will be exponential in the next limited years of podcasting in India. And so podcasts will become an economically viable standalone industry.

Types Of Podcasting
How To Start A Podcast On Your Website Using The Power Plugin?
Services And Stats About Podcasts
Top Indian Podcasts

In this article, we will see types of podcasting, how to start, and some famous podcasting in India.

Types Of Podcasting

Types Of Podcasting
Types Of Podcasting
  • Audio podcasting
  • Video podcasting

Sometimes you will hear the term vodcast for video podcasting. i.e sometimes people record a video podcast and then rip the audio off. There are lots of places where your show can appear like Spotify. Apple podcast app is getting better but it doesn't have all features of the other podcast popodcatcherpps.

Overcast, Castro, eye-catcher, are different popodcatchersIf, ou have to commute or you like to listen to things then you want to grab a popodcatchernd start subscribing to podcasts. Lipton is a very fairly inexpensive, very robust, powerful way to host your podcast. The average podcast will have 200 downloads per episodes but some of the popular ones will have far more than that.

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How To Start A Podcast On Your Website Using The Power Plugin?

The cool thing about power plus plugin is it enables your WordPress website to publish a podcast. Not only does it put a player on your pages but it shows the audience how they can subscribe to your show and it generates an RSS feed that you can submit to iTunes.

The first thing we have to do if we have a WordPress website is to make sure that we have the power press plugin. Open it and add a new plugin then pop on to search bar and look for power press. It's a one-word it doesn't come up when you search for two words. You would then click the lower right-hand corner and hit install.

Once it's installed you would hit activate. These links to all of the places where people can find your show. It's super cool and makes things easy for you. The other thing is it gives you an RSS feed that you can then submit to iTunes and other podcast directories.

If, you don't know how to install a plugin go to Google rather go to YouTube and say how do I install a plugin and then install it. Skip to timestamp 1 where you get a bunch of links to install it. Another thing worth noticing is you see there's a lot like an update. Don't always update the plugins because if any broke don't fix it.

If, something happens to your website and there is some big security update then do it. Otherwise, you don't have to update every single time. Sometimes, you get some incompatibilities with various plugins and it can take your whole site. Back into the track. Scroll down to the left-hand side you will see one called power press.

Then, you can see the first page with a lot of different settings that you can use, you can import your podcast right into here. So, if you have an RSS feed from the different shows or rather from different services, you can import here. You can migrate your media which means that you're placing your media from wherever it's to blueberry.

They have a lot of different options that are fairly blueberry centric. So, you don't have to go with all of them. So, you don't have to go to all of them. It looks like you can even specify custom titles. None of this stuff you don't read right now. We are going to get the basics set up and then if you want to dig in and go super pro and make an awesome YouTube you should do that. So, let's go back to settings.

Let's start with a welcome with a bunch of news about a blueberry. We have got to start checking some boxes and doing some stuff. There appears a podcast entry box corresponds if you were doing a new post and you can include your show notes. At the bottom, you can include all the podcast episode that was able to fill in at the moment.

That's what all the info is. So, it's saying what's your media URL and that one goes right at the bottom. Then it says media file size and duration if you want to specify that. iTunes subtitles are their custom subtitles. You can unclick some of them. Check the iTunes explicit because of every once in a while you will have a guest or it will be you on your show with a little party mouth. You can alter instead of having to do in iTunes or otherwise. Just decide what you want, you can leave it on default if you had liked it and you are.

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Services And Stats About Podcasts

Stats and Services About Podcasts
Stats and Services About Podcasts

This is again sort of blueberry centric. We probably don't need that unless you are going to host with blueberry.


This is one of the things that you probably want to make the first change and if, you are in an advanced mode and there's a simple model that tunes a lot of centric. It gives the basics right there. It says enables power press media players and link. So, do you want a player on your page?

Yes. The next thing is the default is below the page content meaning where do you want to show your player to show up is it above or below. If had your player at the bottom you will feel like it would get little buried. You can play a new window part of the player and that's what we are altering now. We are altering do you want this thing to say play a new window, do you want a download option for your podcast, do you want different subscription option for your guests to check out.

A subscription option is that you can instantly give somebody the option to check you out on iTunes, Google, on Android, on stitcher your RSS feed if they have their reader or a special RSS application. And then how to subscribe which is one the coolest things that this plugin does. If you click on it this is a page it makes automatically that says hey here is how you subscribe to my podcasts, here are all the different places you can find it. Then there are instructions on how you can subscribe to your show. You could make things and make little think out of it. This is one of my favorite features of this particular plugin.


Now, your podcast is on something called an RSS feed. It's a crazy long chunk of code that is what your plugin is generating for you. Then, it puts into a nice format which then iTunes and all other services can read. Every time you update this page, every time you make a new blog post that is you know a new episode of your show this feed gets updated and effectively syndicated all over the world.

As long as you have submitted your feed to all the other services they will show up and it will be updated. It's saying enhance all feeds don't worry about that just do what it says recommended. The special podcast-only feed is solopreneur.com/feed/podcast. If, you want to edit any post. First, you need to get a title.

Then, you need to include a description of the show. Scroll down to the bottom and click the next button it will automatically go to your podcast-only feed. The reason it does this be that you can then have a regular blog post intertwined in on your website. You can have a regular blog post and the next post might be a podcast. Then, if you click to change that is where the show exists now. It's been uploaded to your necessary services.

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Feed settings

This is where we got to start putting some information. So, again move on to feeds. Edit what do you want your show called on all the various services. Make default iTunes because it's 82% of the market. If you change this and take the TM out and if you go back to iTunes in a few minutes that TM will be removed and not exists anymore.

Keep the description little or else you can have some trouble because of the RSS document this crazy piece is made this thing so long and your show will start updating on several platforms. So, keep it 250 or below. There's something called feed episode maximization. This allows you to a larger into the episodes posts for feed by keeping the bite-size down. The last ten episodes will have all the juice while the previous however many you have will get a stripped-down version of them.

Now, people can still download them and there is not a problem there but the feed will be little stripped-down at that point. Your copyrights go to the bottom of the page. These are all things that are going to be registered in iTunes. So, you want to make sure you're rating where you want it. iTunes is specific then you will have your iTunes subtitles and then the program summary.

Below that it says from the provider becoming profitably unemployable. Then, if you flip back over you will see the solopreneur.com/feed/podcast with little TM on it. iTunes will say who is the author of this show. You can choose the categories that your show is meant to be on.

If, you know you are going to have a potty mouth on every single in your episodes just change it to explicit content you can get your show deleted from iTunes if you are cursing on the show and you do not tell people. Some people are putting out seasons of episodes so if you do that you might want to have your episode 1 as episode 1 and you want to be the first show that people listen to.

Let's say you have 12 part series but you want people instead of seeing an episode 12 which would have been your most recently updated version as number one it flips that. Don't worry about the iTunes new feed URL this is something that can mess up your feed. These things can mess up your feed so don't sweat any of that stuff. Then, you will see Google play which is another great platform to get your podcast. If, you don't fill anything out if you have already submitted your show to Google play which you have to do separately. Then, you can leave this blank it will automatically take what you use in iTunes.

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You want this thing to be at least 3000 pixels by 3000 pixels. If, Google likes it at 7000 pixels by 7000 pixels. The Times minimum is 1400 by 1400. So, you have to make sure that you design that or if you have the designer make sure that they can do it in a JPEG or PNG.


Here are they telling you once again here is your RSS feed. As you go through your submission process. Once you submitted your show to iTunes. They will come back and say "hey guess what your show is live now and here's your URL". Effectively once you submitted to the major services so that you can take advantage of subscribing to our podcast and you're good to go.

Top Indian Podcasts

Top Indian Podcasts
Top Indian Podcasts

Indian podcast show

This podcast hosted by Neil Patel a technical and creative problem solver based out of the UK. Neil's enthusiasm, energy, friendliness brings a very structured crisp, and fresh approach to interviewing. He brings an entrepreneur and business people related to the startup world. Getting insights on a lot of different aspects of their work, their carrier, their company's strategies, challenges, ideas, and ambitions. It's an informative show and a great way to learn about the startups to a depth that you might wish.

The Seen And The Unseen

Hosted by Amit Varma. It's got a more serious turn than the Indian startup show but what it may lack is its lightheartedness, it makes up for with earnestness. Asking and try to answer important questions about socio-political issues in India and its surrounding world is the major one.

Amit Varma himself is an award-winning journalist and writer. The guests he brings on are incredibly interesting and from a wide range of background including economists, politicians, and comedians. It's a really interesting show that discusses the heart of critical issues of India without the overblown dramatics of debates or national TV.

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Cyrus Says

Hosted by the inimitable Broacha. On TV, he hosts a news satire program called the week that wasn't. Not dissimilar to the late-night shows that we know from the US. His humor in this podcast is way more in style where before it seemed extremely forced. Instead of being bound by a script provided by writing stuff he's got a very natural flow in his conversation with guests. He covers almost every subject those matters in today's India. You should give this one a shot.

Bollywood Is For Lovers

Strictly speaking, this isn't even an Indian podcast. It's a Canadian production hosted by Mark burrs and Erin Fraser but if you except mockery of Indian cinema or a gossip written look at Bollywood and its stars keep looking because you won't find that here. The two Canadians are genuinely huge fans of Bollywood and have been for several years.

Erin studied film in college and marks are a huge film buff in his own right. So, these two look at Bollywood in its movies through a much more open-minded and cinematically critical lens that you might have thought. In their very first episode, they start by trying to dispel a lot of misconceptions about the industry that many foreigners have. They seem to honestly want more and more people to at least give Bollywood a chance. Their analysis of movies is on point.

Made in India

This show is hosted by Mae Thomas and produced by IVM podcasts. The same company that produces our number 3 and four picks as well. Made in India is described as India's first Indian music podcast and runs more like a traditional radio show than most others. You get actual tracks and live sessions interspersed with really compelling conversations between Mae and her musical guests who range from the up and coming to the hottest name in the independent scene. It's a great source of new offbeat music if you are into that but it's also a great indicator of the booming Indian music scene in India.

These are the top five Indian podcasts at the moment. Podcasting in India will grow but we require more podcasts like above mentioned.

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