Top 10 Methods of How to Make a Viral Video

Top 10 Methods of How to Make a Viral Video

"Going Viral" is the new terminology gifted by the world wide web to the society. Whenever you post any picture or video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform, you immediately get likes and comments on them. The maximum likes you get might be around 100 or in some cases 200. That’s the rating of an average post, but when you view videos on the YouTube or any other social media platform you often see 10 K, 350K etc., viewers on them.

Although you would get amazed that how an average looking YouTube video got so many likes and viewers. You might be wondering how to make a video go viral which can earn you fame and monetize your video all around social media platforms. You have landed to the best article which will guide you to how to make a video go viral.

After researching hard, about how to make a sensational viral video and doing some research on the top-rated video’s on the YouTube, We have generated ten tentative methods to make the YouTube video go viral and sizzle the world. If you are an aspiring YouTuber and have tons of talent to share with the world, then don’t waste time and make your debut in the viral world.

The Top Ten methods of How to Make a Viral Video

1. Plan your move

The golden rule – Don’t get excited about your video and never just upload it on the internet. Never take an impulsive decision. Make a powerful marketing plan before uploading your video on the web. Furthermore, thinking that your video isn’t good enough and chalking out a marketing plan is a waste of time should not come in your thoughts.

Every video has potential its own potential and you never know what a good marketing plan can do for your video. Everything is about marketing and a good method to implement it. An average video can get a million hits with just a simple marketing plan. So, ham that in your mind to plan the full course of action before uploading viral video.

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2. Study the market of other viral videos

Embrace yourself to learn something good from the other people’s experience. So, before making your video go viral, examine the other hit videos. For that I would like to share the experience of the Karen X. Cheng, she made the dancing girl video and how she got 1.8 Million hits in three days. Amazing right, so let’s see what she did to get so many likes.

Karen X. Cheng Dancing Video

Day One: 80k views

Firstly, She posted it on Facebook/Twitter and submitted it to social news sites like Reddit and Hacker News. She personally asked many of her friends to share it and she herself tweeted it to all well-known dancers. She emailed bloggers who had covered other viral dance videos.

Of all the things She tried, Reddit paid off. It got to the top of the GetMotivated subreddit.

Day Two: 800k views

Bloggers who had seen it on Reddit the day before started publishing articles about it. First Kottke, then blogs like Mashable, Jezebel, and the Huffington Post.

Blogs drove a ton of traffic. Each blog is a giant marketing engine with millions of readers and twitter followers. Moreover, it’s in their interest to get the article as many views as possible because each view is an add they can serve up. However, it’s all about clicks & advertising dollars which showcase the money flow.

Day Three: 1.8 million views

Eventually, it made to the YouTube front page. The blogs were sending it so much traffic that YouTube’s algorithms picked up on it.

So that was her viral plan in her exact words, which tells the importance to target the right audience and platform. So, I just shared the experience of one-hit video owner and before starting your own viral ride study some other video makers views also.

3. The timing of upload

The timing of uploading your video is very important to make it viral. Upload your videos on Mondays or Tuesdays to make them go viral. As people normally watch videos on the work and by realizing it on the beginning of the week will give you more time to get viewed. Fresh content and videos majorly roll out in the starting of the week which tends to have higher visibility and more clicks. Moreover, tentatively the timings are

From Monday To Wednesday: 14:00 – 16: 00
Thursday To Friday: 12:00 – 15:00
& From Saturday To Sunday: 9:00 – 11:00

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4. Make it short & meaningful

Make your videos short and simple. Long videos have more fast exit and generally, it gets avoided by the audience. So, make your video short and the ideal duration of the viral video should be between 1 to 2 minutes. The content of the video should be authentic and not fabricated. Viewers always want to learn something productive from the video, so always showcase fact proven content on your video.

Make Your Video Short and Simple
Make Your Video Short and Simple

5. Catchy heading

The heading of your video must be interesting. It should be simple, informative, relevant and perks the interest of the viewer. Like,

”Hey did you see the video of __________”

Fill in the blank. That’s your title. The title should have Call to action quality for a higher view and click through rate.

6. Tag your video

It’s very important to tag, thumbnail, dedicate your videos to the targeted audiences to generate more traffic. You should only tag maximum 13 links, as more will create the cluster. Tag your video according to its niche. Keep a wider tag which will benefit to attract large traffic. Optimize your file name with the focus keyword and add the keyword in its attributes.

Keep in mind that tags (like the video description) need not be stagnant. As new tags become popular and different search rise on the keyword list update your tags. Utilize quotation marks to indicate multi-word tags, such as “Donald Trump” or “Drake University.” For a greater insight about tagging your video refer to the NextWeb.

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7. Add Description to the video

Before watching the video some people like to read the description to make sure that video is worth able of their two minutes or not. So, add the informative and interesting description to the video, that will force viewers to watch it. Your video description should be well written before publishing it to the public.

The first 5 lines are essential as the first two lines of the description box appears next to your video in search when posted on social media. The first 5 lines of the description are included beneath your video but above the “read more” tab. The overall description should be of 5000 characters to play your game and the first two lines should have 100-200 characters. Share your social profile using a full URL in order for the link to be clickable.

8. Tell a tale

Evolution of Coca-Cola

The video should be expressive and tells the story in a short time. The video must have the soul behind it. It should be engaging to connect with the audience and should have a clear conclusion. The open-ended conclusion also get hits but don’t get viral. Your audience don’t have much time to wait for the conclusion and to see the whole video. To connect your audience and keep them engaged throughout the video insert reality rather than fiction. Focus on the need of your target audience and craft your tale according to it.

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10. Reply to your emails.

Once your video goes viral you will receive plenty of love and hate emails, so take time and reply to each of them. This will increase your fan base. It will act as an engagement tool to keep your audience loyal to your videos and enable more shares throughout the web across all platforms. Replying to emails shows your gratitude and appreciate your viewers to make them feel privileged. Consequently, it will graph your subscriber higher and make your video popular.

However, these are some of the important points to make your video go viral. But every video has a different market and target audience, so the viral method also changes with that. But if you follow these points, then you will surely receive a remarkable result. Although, to help the aspiring YouTubers and Instagrammers in monetizing their videos we have also published a detailed article to kickstart your page or channel.

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