8 Best Time Management Tips For Startup Founder and Business Owners

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
May 20, 2021 4 min read
8 Best Time Management Tips For Startup Founder and Business Owners

Running a startup is not an easy job at all. A startup calls for a lot of effort and time even before it is actually set up. The most critical skill for a startup founder is managing time.

Successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are excellent at time management. They know how to set the right goals and achieve them with intense focus and efficient time management. So, here are efficient time management tips for startup founders.

As a startup founder, managing time is important to accomplish business and personal goals. As they say "People are not busy, just they don't know how to Manage Time". Time is often referred as the best resource.

When you’re working hard to run a company, every second you save can take you closer to meeting your goals. It can also make the difference between having a life and lacking one. So, managing time well helps you balance work life and personal life.

Here are some of the Best Time Management Tips For Startup Founder and Business owners

1. Maintain A Calendar
2. Assign Task To Colleagues
3. Find Your Productive Time
4. One Task At A Time
5. Save Time
6. Avoid Distraction
7. Utilize Time
8. Peace Is Important

1. Maintain A Calendar

It is most important for a founder or business owner to always maintain a calendar. Every activity that has to be done for any particular day must be included in a calendar or a journal. This makes sure that nothing is left undone. Maintaining a calendar will help you to prioritize the tasks for the day.

Moreover, calendar helps you set a morning routine. Although everyone has their own specific routines, having a morning routine that works for you set the tone for the day. When you think about it, this totally makes sense.

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2. Assign Task To Colleagues

Being founder means huge work load. This might create pressure on you. So assign tasks to your colleagues, this will save you a lot of time and also finish off work much quicker.

As a founder, doing only those things that will help you reach your goal. Telling ‘no’ sometimes is a good practice because this reduces unnecessary pressure and saves a lot of your time and will teach you efficient time management.

time management for business owners
Time management ensures Achievement of Goals

3. Find Your Productive Time

Every person is productive in a particular time of the day. For some it may be early mornings and for others it might be late nights. You should try to utilize this time to get more output with less time.

4. One Task At A Time

Focusing is more important for founder to achieve any goal in startup. It is always good to focus on one thing and get it done right than doing multiple things and not getting any result. This saves a lot of time for discharging any duty.

5. Save Time

Unless and until it is very necessary to meet anyone in person, try and have most of your meetings through calls. This will save a lot of your commute time from your place to others and you will the importance of time management in business.

6. Avoid Distraction

Try to avoid distractions at workplace. We all know that is not necessary to always pick calls or respond to that random mail in your inbox.

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7. Utilize Time

Utilize your breaks in an effective way to connect with colleagues and people that might be of some help for your startup. Get involved in other activities with your colleagues like some game or walk to know each other well in person.

8. Peace Is Important

Get some ‘me’ time for yourself. In this time do things that make you feel relax. A relaxed mind can wonderfully affect your work.

Start your day early than usual. This will give you some time for self care and help you plan your day ahead.

Well, even after using all the above techniques Things may not work out so take a full break from the work and go out for a vacation!


Good time management improves efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of your business. Time is the absolutely crucial asset which cannot be bought and there is no exact science to manage it. But, You own your time. Consider to manage it thoughtfully so that you get significant results without stressing out more. These time management tips might also help you to understand how to manage a startup.


How many hours do startup founders work?

Every startup founder is different and hours of work depends upon the time management of founders. Generally startup founders work around 60-70 hours per week for their startup.

What are examples of time management skills?

List of the important time management skills:

  • Decision-making
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritizing
  • Delegation
  • Multitasking
  • Scheduling

What are the tools of time management?

Some tools for time management includes

  • Calendar app
  • Task manager
  • Time tracker
  • Note‑taking apps

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