Digital Marketing Business Ideas | Online Business in 2021

Digital Marketing Business Ideas | Online Business in 2021

Digital marketing is gaining immense popularity among entrepreneurs, marketers and consumers. While entrepreneurs and marketers use digital marketing to reach out to a large target audience, consumers life has also become easier as they can explore and buy products and services easily. As a result, there is high scope for success in digital marketing business ideas you can start online like SEO agency and web/app development.

So here, we have compiled a list of best digital marketing business ideas, which are popular and profitable too. You can start them all online.

Best digital Marketing Business Ideas to start Online:

Blogging Agency

Blogs are the arteries carrying the weight of digital marketing. Existing from the time the internet was introduced in the 90s, blogs are an effective way of marketing products and services on the internet, mobile phones and other mediums. The quality and influencing capability of these write-ups are defined by the minds that produce them. Hence, there’s a dire need of professional content writers comfortable in delivering content over an array of topics.

So if you have flair for quality content creation, then a blogging agency is a suitable startup plan for you. You can later diversify your income plan when you have a good amount of audience.

SEO Agency

A lot of companies proclaim being experts in SEO and thus there’s a lot of competition in this domain. But if you’ve worked on real-time SEO projects and have enjoyed success, then optimization can be one of the best business ideas to make money. In in the SEO industry, success depends only on two factors - prior experience and conversion rate i.e. increase in incoming traffic.

Social Media Agency

Virtual presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is imperative in bolstering brand identity and awareness among people. Every business irrespective of the size and area of operation must be present across different social media platforms to attract target customers. Managing social media accounts in different platforms, and keeping these accounts updated is an exhaustive task. In this scenario starting a social media agency is a profitable business idea. Along with that, if you learn a few things about Social Media marketing and the paid ads on social media, then you can build a good clientele. Many small businesses which are coming online don't know how to use the social media and its ads effectively. So, you can approach them easily generate a lead.

Additionally, If you are a social media enthusiast, you can also earn money by selling products to your friends and followers on social media platforms. You do not even need to keep a stock of products to sell online. There are many Dropshipping apps available like Meesho, Shop 101 etc. You just have to download the app and share the products shown in your social media accounts, and you earn commission on every product sold.

You can also promote affiliate links and make money whenever someone buys from your affiliate link. Almost all the ecommerce companies provide affiliate links. Today, social media is one of the best business and there are various possibilities of making money through it.

Mobile and Web Application Development:

Organizations want to expand their market reach beyond the realms of laptops and computers. This implies transporting an entire website to a mobile screen, with no delay and failure in rendering.

As such,mobile/web app development can be a successful digital marketing business plan. The USP is to distinguish oneself from the numerous companies already involved in app development. An example is creating applications that don’t breach the privacy of the smartphone user. This is slowly becoming a necessary feature in the light of various data breach incidents that have occurred in recent times.

Also, there are many businesses which need to get online to expand their business. According to a study (2018) 6 out of 10 small businesses do not have a website. In fact, 35% of those business owners think their business is too small to be online. You can easily target those business and tell them how easy and profitable it is to be online.

Video Marketing

Static images as advertisements are gradually being replaced by short video clips. And it makes sense as well since people are prone to be enticed by a 10-second ad when compared to an image trying to convey the same message, promotion or idea. According to a study, organic traffic improves by up to 157% with added video content. So, if you can form a team that has innovative digital marketing ideas and specializes in creating amazing videos for promoting clients, then video marketing consultancy is your niche to launch a startup.

PPC Strategist

What a PPC strategist do is to come up with the best keywords for the PPC campaign. Pay-per-Click campaigns are expensive and can quickly burn through the budget if not implemented carefully. So, companies need highly experienced strategist who can do deep research and come up with the best keyword for the PPC campaign. If you can convert a $2 fee paid to a search engine for PPC into a $100 lead, then you should lend your expertise to others by conjuring a PPC strategy company. Companies pay the PPC strategist their quoted prices.

Cloud Consultancy

Cloud services offered by providers such as Amazon, Microsoft etc. have made life easier. Whether large storage or high-performance virtual machine is needed, cloud computing satisfies all kinds of requirements. And as more and more companies shift their entire operations online on a cloud platform (especially startups), cloud consultancy is the need of the hour. With a large number of vendors to choose from, companies may not be able to make the right choice and need professional guidance for cloud computing. In such a case, starting a cloud consultancy can be a profitable startup idea.

However to rise up in ranks as a consultant, one needs to have the latest certifications and skills, and above all, the desire to learn and improve daily since cloud computing is making tremendous progress and innovations with each passing day.

Web Analytics Company

Analysis of data obtained through incoming traffic on a website can reveal surprising and useful patterns. Using the power of AI, ML and business analytics experts in these domains can help websites boost productivity, income and effectiveness. If you’re an analytics expert or can assemble a team which specializes in same, you can create a startup providing web analytics services and solutions.

Websites, blogs, and similar platforms often fall prey to copyright and infringement suits due to plagiarizing content for digital marketing. For example, bloggers tend to copy answers from forums like Quora, without giving the actual writer due credits and recognition. Situations like these open up an entire money making domain to legal experts dealing with copyright and trademarks and thus makes a good digital startup.

As such if you are one such ‘cyber lawyer’, then use your skills to start a business in saving website owners from unnecessary copyright violations!

This was our list of top digital marketing business ideas. Comment below if you have any of the listed startup. If not, which kind of Digital Marketing Startup are you most interested in and why?

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