Top 6 Marketing Strategies used by Dabur and Its SWOT Analysis

Manav Makhija Manav Makhija
Mar 3, 2021 6 min read
Top 6 Marketing Strategies used by Dabur and Its SWOT Analysis

Being one of the top FMCG companies in India, Dabur has a wide range of products in the market-leading in personal, health care, and food and beverages. Dabur has touched many lives in India and is considered to be an integral part of Indian families as it has a spread of goods in distinct consumer categories.

In the past few years, Dabur has leveraged its brand and potential to the new online markets and has largely incorporated its business in digital means. The brand has been since then continuously rebuilding and renovating its brand so as to have a digital strategy for brand visibility.

Dabur aims and objectifies itself as a young, modern, and socially conscious brand. In this article, you will find the top 8 amazing marketing strategies used by Dabur to build its brand.

Working Extensively on Websites
Presence on Online Grocery Stores
Marketplace Exploration
Youthful Packaging
Pricing Strategies
Social Initiatives
SWOT Analysis of Dabur

Working Extensively on Websites

Dabur constantly envisions providing the best experience to its consumers. They have started to focus a lot on improving the website in order to improve the user experience. Customers can order anything and explore all range of products from their website homepage.

Dabur Website
Dabur Website

Not only has the website focused on its diversified ayurvedic and herbal product range but also covers the social activities the company is indulged in and various paths through which the public or the customers can collaborate with the company.

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Presence on Online Grocery Stores

Dabur already had its presence in online and offline stores. E-commerce websites like FMCG titan, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc, all were and are selling Dabur products. In fact, Amazon has a separate page for Dabur’s product range display.

In order to increase this customer base and reach, Dabur marked its presence over online grocery stores like Big Basket, and Grofers. Since people prefer to buy groceries online today, it has become easy for them to order their personal care products or Ayurvedic products of Dabur from such places.

Revenue of Dabur India
Revenue of Dabur India

Marketplace Exploration

Dabur wants to increase its reach extensively, for which the company has been working hard on market place exploration. Whenever a consumer visits the website of Dabur, the website redirects the customers to the marketplace/s. The more and more options the consumers get, the more sales the company makes.

Youthful Packaging

Dabur India Ltd has continued to move towards targeting the youth and modern lifestyle consumers. Even though the generation today doesn’t bother to consider Ayurveda as seriously as the earlier generations did, but Dabur has been constantly attracting the youth by its appealing packaging of products and marketing strategies.

The target market of the company covers the consumers in the 15 – 40 years age bracket of which most of them are closer to the upper limit. The smell, taste, and looks of all Dabur products are made consciously with the approach to appeal to this target market.

Pricing Strategies

Dabur has tactfully organized its pricing strategies. The company has differentiated its premium products from other variants under every category due to which prices of the products vary from one another. Considering the competitors like HUL, Pepsi co. etc, Dabur has kept its price affordable so that every family of all income classes can buy Dabur products.

Also by providing premium products, Dabur also targets upper-class families to fulfill their needs as well. Also, the company tries to give a high margin to all the stockholders so that they don’t lose interest in the company’s products and also enjoy good profits on sales.

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Social Initiatives

Dabur often invests its resources in many social initiatives and campaigns, for example, in uplifting the rural areas. By doing such activities, Dabur attracts the attention of the masses by touching the sentiments of Indian consumers.

SWOT Analysis of Dabur

Dabur is operating its functions in the FMCG industry and the following is the SWOT analysis of their business which can give you a clearer understanding of the business environment.


  • Dabur India Ltd. has a good brand name, goodwill, and reputation in the Indian market since it is a century-old company.
  • Dabur has one of the biggest herbal and Ayurvedic product range in India
  • Dabur has a very strong distribution network throughout the country
  • The company has an extremely effective supply chain


  • People have somewhere developed a notion that Dabur does not provide quality products
  • Some of the products of Dabur are said to overprice as compared to its competitors
  • Seasonal demand products like Chayawanprash and Vatika do not cover high sales all the time


  • There is an untapped market of Chyawanprash that Dabur can explore like its competitors
  • The overall market of Dabur can be developed and the consumer reach can be increased.
  • Dabur has an extension to its product like ‘Vatika’ where the company has its skincare and body wash product segment


  • The new entrants in the same sector which are rapidly increasing in the market are a big threat to Dabur
  • Existing competition in various product segments needs to be tackled with great marketing and innovation strategies.
  • The substitute Ayurvedic products that are present in the local market are a huge threat to Dabur’s ayurvedic products.
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Is Dabur Indian brand?

Dabur India is an Indian consumer goods company.

Who is the CEO of Dabur?

Mohit Malhotra is the CEO of Dabur.

Is Dabur a FMCG company?

Dabur India Ltd. is one of India's leading FMCG companies.


Dabur is one of the oldest companies in India. However, it is still leveraging the modern channels of marketing to always stay relevant. Moreover, they are expanding their number of product to cover  the needs and wants of almost all the age groups. It helps the brand to keep the customer loyal as all the generations of a family is using a single brand for their different needs.

In the sector of FMCG and OCT Ayurvedic Medicine, Dabur has been a major player in the market and has its presence in nearly all parts of the world. The company also has a widespread exposure to the e-commerce marketplace. The brand has now been serving the market for over 135 years now. The company aims to keep working towards serving totally organic products that do not have harmful chemicals because that is what the brand is known for.  With continuous improvements, innovations and creative marketing strategies, the brand will continue to grow and flourish in the market.

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