Tools to Manage Facebook Groups

Tools  to Manage Facebook Groups

Almost all of us have used Facebook, and most of us still use it to connect, share, post, and owing to its new features, to advertise and enjoy its other services. Facebook has been no less than a behemoth in the world of social media and has managed to plant milestones, which many other social media applications are yet to reach.

One amazing asset of Facebook is 'Groups', which allows people of similar mindsets to connect and discuss. Over the years, this utility has been used to the utmost by users, having created groups in various niches. Consequentially, there has been a rise in demand for Facebook's Group Management Tools, and for obvious reasons.

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Here we discuss some of Facebook Group Management Tools, which might be of assistance to group admins and managers, to seamlessly and effortlessly operate groups, interact with the audience, schedule posts, and manage other aspects of social media.

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Features Offered by Grytics
Facebook Analytics
Features Offered by Facebook Analytics


Grytics Facebook Group Management
Grytics Facebook Group Management

Grytics is one of the few applications focused on Facebook groups in particular. It gives you insights into your groups, builds reports, and analysis of your enterprise social networks. Grytics offers you content analytics for your post content to create an impact, along with customization statistics, to set updates and automate tasks. Moreover, with KPIs and suggestions on post frequency, keep your audience engaged.

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Features Offered by Grytics

  • Grytics helps you sort content on the basis of relevance, hence you can post more accurate content, to get the most engagement out of your audience.
  • Grytics helps you come up with posts based on statistics and comments, while also offering suggestions for the best time to post.
  • It also allows you to manage all your groups in one place allowing you to compare insights, and understand which ones need work and effort.
  • Grytics also allows you to distribute access and permissions among your team members, to manage groups more efficiently.

Pricing for Grytics

Standard $99 per month
Advanced $199 per month
Enterprise Custom

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is an analytical tool to measure the performance of your posts and groups, offered by Facebook itself, and hence, flaunts the prowess and resources like no other tools of its kind. Deep insights and analysis help you discover which channels and groups help you most in your social media campaigns and business. Moreover, anonymous data helps you find people who are more connected with you, and hence helps you recognize your target audience.

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Features Offered by Facebook Analytics

  • Monitor the actions of your audience in your groups and pages and visualize their progress from conversion to retention.
  • Get the bigger picture of customer interaction through groups and websites and segregate your audience by demographics or behavior.
  • Know your audience by age, location, and language, and have automated insights through ML models.
  • Facebook Analytics is designed to work with iOS, Android, Pages, and Messenger with just an app download.
  • Facebook Analytics tracks your data and pages in real-time and notifies you of any abnormal activity.


2Bound Extension

2Bound is an extension service, specially built for Facebook Group and Page Admins, willing to manage group data and member details. 2Bound offers features and amenities which help group admins better communicate and engage with their audience and members, and save available data of group members to analyze on a dashboard. With the 2Bound dashboard, admins can view insights into their community and group members such as demographics, work, and other interests. It also allows you to save the answers that group members submit while joining the group.

Tools Within Facebook

Facebook itself isn't short of tools if you need to manage groups and pages. There are various tools such as Post Notifications, linking to another group or page, scheduling posts, groups insights, and other amenities to manage groups, which can be of great help. Moreover, these don't even require any third-party application or integrations and are built-in Facebook itself.

Turning on Post Notifications

Two different types of notifications that Facebook offers for page admins are Post Notifications and Member Notifications. If you have a team of Facebook page managers, at least one of the members should get both notifications.

Managing Pending Member Requests

Ask people relevant questions when they request to join your group, and Facebook allows you to ask 3 such questions. This also enhances the engagement of the audience and the credibility of your page at the same time. You can also filter the member requests as Facebook shows you the details of your prospective members, and the groups that they are already part of, so you know if people are genuinely interested in your page.

Enhance Visibility

You can always add a description to your group that helps potential members and contributors discover your group and join. Facebook allows you to use tags to cover the topics that the group is about. If required, admins can also add location, to physically interact with members. This can prove very useful for small businesses, that wish to grow through Facebook, and reach a wider audience.

Facebook Location feature
Facebook Location feature

If you have another Facebook page or you wish to link your own Facebook account with your group, for better and interpersonal interaction with your group member, you can link it to the group. This allows for various benefits, such as you will be able to post in the group as your Facebook page. Moreover, you can also link other pages or groups to your group, further enhancing your reach.

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Scheduling Posts

Facebook Post Schedule
Scheduling Post

Managing Facebook groups can be tricky, to say the least. Sometimes the posts need to go up even when you're not there to post. This is where the post-scheduling feature comes in. By clicking the clock icon next to a post, you can schedule the post to be published at a later time, without you having to do anything further.


As you can see, Facebook has greatly improved group admin features to help administrators and moderators build a better community.

Many Facebook groups now use it on a regular basis. There is no danger in using Facebook group software. So, feel free to experiment with the tools.

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