How To Use Quora For Business And Marketing? | Ultimate Guide On Quora Marketing

How To Use Quora For Business And Marketing? | Ultimate Guide On Quora Marketing

Marketing on Quora brings a lot of traffic which converts like crazy. The Internet is a great place for brands and businesses to connect with their audience. Social networks. Bookmarking site and discussion forums have greatly helped us to keep building our brand visibility regular promote goodwill in the crowded market where our audiences live.

One site that we surely need to consider is Quora, Founded in 2010 Quora is a social question or answer community. The users can vote which answers are most helpful. Beyond ask and answer you can target your question to specific Quora users, asking them specifically to weigh in with an answer along with others in the community.

You can search for specific questions or topics related to your business and follow these to receive notifications of new questions. Overall it’s a great platform to know about your industry and connects with relevant people.  

If you have been neglecting Quora for a while, go and create a profile on Quora to get the exposure to the potential audience. If you have already signed up start engaging. Quora has great untapped potential for B2B marketers. So, Let's get started on how you can use Quora for business or Quora for marketing?

What Is Quora?
Why Quora Marketing Is Best For Marketers?
How To Use Quora For Business?

What Is Quora?

Quora is a nice place for marketing, people generally concentrate on queries only, and they search for specific solutions for their problems. If they find your link in the solutions section, That traffic is absolute and there is a high probability of conversion. Quora is a goldmine for content creation and promotion. Quora is a vibrant question-and-answer website where a community of users can pose questions and answer those they have the knowledge and expertise to answer. You can easily do Quora marketing and get traffic to your website

What makes Quora so useful is that you can ask a question (an “A2A”) on any topic imaginable and someone will surely have an answer for you. The community is stellar—you’ll find pretty much every CEO and VIP on Quora, all helping the community get the answers it needs.

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Why Quora Marketing Is Best For Marketers?

Quora is probably the best source of free expert and professional opinions other than Wikipedia. You’ll be surprised to know-how more than 3 million users share their expertise and insights every month on all sorts of topics. You name it Quora has it. The best thing is all are accessible for free of cost. This is a significant audience of well-intentioned curious knowledge-seekers.

Next, you can build your expertise and authority in any particular or any topic you choose. You can also get insights and learn from users, customers, industry experts and influencers on the topic you asked or follow. You can find out the question to give a direct answer to anyone asking about your product or service.  Lastly, Quora is a great platform to do market research and for competitive analysis and know what’s hot in the industry currently. Quora marketing can help your business to grow at faster rate.

The links on quora are a no-follow once there may not be many benefits in SEO however you can get very nice traffic from there.

How To Use Quora For Business?

Create The Optimal Quora Marketing Profile

Quora is a community of professionals and thinkers. Once someone liked your answer, they tend to know more about you then connect and follow you. Having a profile without much information can lead to losing that followers or the potential customer.

Try to give your profile a professional look with images, website, writing about me section, adding interest and area of expertise, location, previous companies, and others. You can also add a tagline, website URL, connect all other social media sites which will help people to connect with you in a better way.

Quora also gives you a great exposure by showing your bio (name +Tagline) on the top of your answers. However, these are restricted for 50 characters only. You can use this opportunity to get a great exposure for your brand. Just put up your brand name at the beginning of the tagline.

You can also create an appropriate tagline for each different topic. To set up a topic-specific bio, click on your profile page. In the right column, you’ll see a list of “Knows About” topics. Next to each topic is a link to “Describe your experience.” Clicking here will let you set the topic-specific bio.

One more thing: Quora has an account verification option, but similar to Twitter, the verification is passive. You cannot request it. You must wait for Quora to approach you and make the offer to get a “Verified” label.

Quora Profile - Quora Marketing
Quora Profile

Be Active And Build Your Followings

All this helps you get found for Quora marketing and may make it easier for people to seek you out when they’re looking for Quora users to answer their questions. After you have completed your profile, search for different topics you are interested in and follow them.

You will get the latest discussion and updates on that topic in the home feed. It will also send you notifications so that you don’t miss any questions.  You can read them, upvote or take part in the discussion by commenting on your views. Upvotes appear on your public profile straight away and can be a good sign that you’re active on the site. More upvotes you get means more people follow you and you can easily guide them to your business website through this Quora marketing.

Finding The Best Questions To Answer

You can answer any question and build your expertise around that. However if If you’re looking for a great way to solidify your brand answer questions strategically. It's a great opportunity to let everyone know that your brand is knowledgeable of certain industries, making your trustworthiness "points" go up.  Search for your chosen topic. This will narrow down the questions significantly.

Choose a topic that fits your business, that you’ve written about recently, or that you have meaningful stats for. Find threads with lots of upvotes. The upvotes signal that the questions are viewed a lot. A popular answer here could potentially lead to thousands of views per day (and dozens or hundreds of clicks back to your site). Find new questions. You stand a greater chance of bubbling up to the top of the answers list if your answer comes early. It gives you a great chance to scatter your links---just try not to be spammy

Build A Quora Page For Business

Much like Wikipedia, anyone can create a page on Quora about anything. This makes for a great chance to build a company page for your business. To do so, start by searching for your business’s name in Quora. From the results page, if you don’t see the name listed as a topic, you can look in the right sidebar underneath the “Add Question” box and click the link to “Create Topic".

This gives you the option to name the topic and add a brief description. Once your topic is live, you can request for the Quora community to review the topic. This is particularly helpful for people wondering if they should invest in a subscription to a service or otherwise get involved with a company. For you, it’s a great way to add a bit of social proof and testimonials to your brand’s presence on Quora.

Perform Research On A Topic

What are people asking on Quora? These questions can lead to great blog posts. There are a couple of ways to do this. Flip through the questions-and-answers from the topic that your blog covers. Check to see the popularity of the threads. Are there lots of upvotes? Lots of conversation? These might make great blog posts. Validate your idea with Quora. If you’ve already got a seed of an idea, search for it on Quora to see what people are asking about it. You might find a particular direction to take or a new angle—or even just the validation you were looking for.

Get Quick & Easy Crowd Sourced Content

Not only can Quora help you come up with story ideas, but it can also help you come up with entire blog posts. This idea of crowd sourced content follows a bit in the mold of a roundup post. Ask people their opinion on a topic and collect all their answers into an article.

With Quora, you can ask for stories or experiences that people have had (rather than a specific, closed question with a single right answer). Some great examples of questions like these include: If it’s a general question where the value comes from any and all answers, you can leave things here. If you’ve got a question that’s quite specific to those who know their stuff in your industry, then you can go through a couple of extra steps.

First, make sure your question is unique and categorized correctly. This will help the right people find it.

Second, invite certain Quora users to answer the question. You’ll see this option after you’ve posted your question to Quora (see below).

Have many responses in the category your question resides in Good response rate

  • Cost – are they free to ask or will it cost you credits
  • If you know who the experts in your field are, you can look them up by name and ask them to answer.
  • Once the answers come in, you’ll have the basis for an excellent roundup post with a good variety of sources and input.

Discover New Headline Ideas

Much like you might do a bit of headline research by typing your keywords into a Google search (autocomplete is a great way to learn how people ask things), you can do the same with Quora.

  • Type in your keyword into a Quora search.
  • Filter the results to only show questions.
  • What you’ll see on the results page is how people ask their questions about your chosen keyword and, therefore, how you can frame your content.
  • The most popular questions in terms of answers and up votes can be a signal about the value of the way things are worded. And it can all help with writing headlines for your next blog post.

Help With Customer Support And Influence

One of the biggest benefits for Quora is building authority. And right behind that is this,

Use Quora to provide customer support to your users and to provide a positive influence to discussions about your product. Like all other social media channels, Quora lets you communicate directly with customers. On Quora, they may be asking questions about your product specifically, and what better feeling than to have those questions answered by an employee of that company—or even the CEO.

Analyze Your Quora Stats

Quora provides free analytics for all users, showing you a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • Views
  • Up votes
  • Shares
Quora Analytics - Quora Marketing
Quora Analytics

Quora has inbuilt analytics tools that let you analyze how your answers are performing.  It will tell you views up votes and share your answers for a different time like last 7 days, last 30 days, last 3 months and all-time.

Displaying these stats for each of the following categories
  • The questions you ask
  • The answers you give
  • The blog posts you write
  • All the content you contribute

Crazy Egg has some helpful ways to analyze these stats to best help with your Quora marketing:

Each answer provides stats for the number of times it’s been viewed, and by which users. If you click on “# views,” you can see how readers are being led to your answers. Are they finding your content through your profile, through tagged topics, or through random browsing?

By visiting your personal views page, you can also obtain an overall assessment of who’s seen your answers. A quick glance through these stats will tell you which avenues can give you the most coverage.

Start A Quora Blog To Re-purpose Your Content

One neat way to get involved on Quora besides the standard question-and-answer format is to start blogging. At Quora, you can create a blog and publish stories. To get started, click on your profile and navigate to Blogs. You’ll be able to create a blog and customize its name, URL, and description. Then, add whatever content you choose.

Just like LinkedIn content, these posts get circulated around the Quora network, and you can share your posts on social media to attract readers and followers. We’ve recommended Quora as a possible option for repurposing your existing blog content. Bloggers like James Clear do this to great results.

Quora Hacks

Format Your Answers In An Eye-catching Way

Quora may not be known much as a visual network, which means there could be a big opportunity if you’re able to include some visuals in your Quora content.

Many of the top Quora users add images to their answers to help support their point. And these images, while first of all helpful, are also great attention-getters. See how they’re included in the Quora answer stream here.

The first photo in an answer will appear as a thumbnail beside the answer when viewed in the question stream. Beyond photos, you can also add some custom formatting to your answer, helping it be more readable and hopefully gain a few more up votes. Make your headlines Bold or italic.

Do Competitive Research

Just as you can search for your own brand, you can also search for your competitors and see what they’re doing to market themselves, as well as learn how customers are talking about them. Investigate. Listen. Learn.

You may find a common theme or reason customers choose your competitor over you, and utilize that knowledge to improve your product or service. There may also be opportunities to reiterate your unique value propositions when a user is at the critical decision-making stage of the sales funnel, and ultimately convince them to choose you. What’s more, even if you think you know your industry through and through, you may discover emerging industry trends or opportunities before your competition does by listening to your customers.

Competitor Research on Quora - Quora Marketing
Competitor Research on Quora


Yes, that’s true! People really do hiring on Quora. Once, someone answered a question about some bugs in a very popular online education website. The answerer was anonymous, however, the CEO of that online education website commented to send him his resume as he wants to hire him. This is just one case, there are hundreds of people who are hired on or because of Quora. Quora is a place where only those people come who want to learn something. So, one filter automatically gets applied. You don’t have to worry much about their curiosity. Hence, you can find and hire someone on Quora. And as a matter of fact, those people who want their dream job can start answering questions on your favorite topic and be consistent. However, there is a very low chance but there is still some hope.

Run Quora Ads

If your potential customers are available and engage on Quora, then you should try Quora Ads as well. Quora Ads Manager will offer you to target your audience by topic, geography and platform.

Affiliate Marketing On Quora

You knew it was coming! Affiliate marketing is the best way you can earn from Quora. All you have to do is to get some affiliate links and use them in your answers. However, Quora is very strict for their content. If you are using your affiliate link without making any sense of it in the answer, then your answer will be collapsed. So, write carefully. It should not look like all you want from viewers is to click your links.

Redirect Traffic

You can redirect the traffic to your own website. If you answer a question very efficiently and without any greed, people will go to your website. You can write your answer and at the end of the answer, put the link and ask people to visit it in order to get more deep information. However, I would suggest you to not to cheat your viewer. If you really have a good content and the topic is deeply described there, only then redirect them to your website. If people found you cheating, they will report your answer, which might result in getting your account banned. So, play it carefully and according to the terms of Quora.

Add links to bring referral traffic from Quora - Quora Marketing
Add links to bring referral traffic from Quora


According to the Huffington Post, most of the top brands are being discussed on Quora. In 2013, 84% of the top 100 brands had at least one discussion thread dedicated to them. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a brand with no Quora mentions.

To get the most out of Quora, make sure your account is complete and professional, read through the discussions to get a feel for popular topics in your industry, communicate with others and share your answers on other social media sites. These tricks are not only for Quora marketing but for all the similar platforms like Reddit, Medium, Stack Overflow, etc. You have to choose the best platform. Choose the best platform for your life too, do not go for fame and money only, life is much more vast than that.

Hence, in this way you can use Quora for marketing and for your business. Comment some more ways we can earn from Quora. Have you ever earned some bucks from unusual online ways? Share this post with all your friends.

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