Apple's Unusual Social media strategy | Why Apple does not post on social media

Apple's Unusual Social media strategy | Why Apple does not post on social media

Ever wondered why Apple isn't active on social media platforms? Obviously, it's surprising and at the same time, a little strange that an enormous tech company like Apple does not have a huge social media presence. Apple has always been pretty strategic and surprising with its marketing strategies. And especially when it comes to social media,  Apple follows entirely different social media marketing strategies to reach its customers.

In the era where every brand is competing on this digital platform and opting for various strategies, Apple functions entirely differently.

Other prominent brands work on creating engaging content to reach out the most customers and following the trends to achieve an effective social media presence and let the customers know about their latest along with upcoming products.

When we combine Facebook and Twitter, Apple has around 12,921,598 followers, who have never seen Apple posting anything. In this article, we will be discussing WHY? That is why a brand like Apple does not have any social media presence. Let's begin.

Apple does not require any extra exposure
Apple's Strategic Planning
Reasons Why Apple doesn't Promote on social media
Apple's social media agency

Apple does not require any extra exposure

When it comes to exposure of a company into the global marketplace, Apple has a well-established position. Apple provides its own application for listening to music on AppleMusic, any help of guidelines on AppleSuppprt.

Generally, brands use social media to enhance their company's exposure and awareness on a global scale. But as we know, Apple doesn't need that. The company is well established and widely famous around the globe. Every individual across the globe knows the image and standard of Apple. And that's what this brand believes in.

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Apple's Strategic Planning

Apple goes with a very solid strategic planning with the social media platforms. The biggest flex for it not using social media is, no hate comments and trolls from any users. And if a user did tweet something related to Apple, only their followers will be able to see it.

Apple doesn't work on anyone's suggestion like it's the latest update of restrictions on batteries inside the iPhone; if Apple had published this on any of its social media you can't even imagine how much hate would have come to the company.

When any such thing happens to other brands, people know they'd get a response on its improvement. But since it's Apple, people were already prepared that they ain't getting any response.

However, in the past, Apple has posted a few things on its social media like Twitter and Facebook which you must have seen. This is for general promotion of their products.

Apple posts things occasionally, on festivals or holidays only. They encourage people to give Apple products to their beloved on holidays as a gift and push them out in various forms. Recently, the tech company is pushing more towards such promotions and marketing.

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Reasons Why Apple doesn't Promote on social media

In today's era, when everything is done through social media platforms, Apple doesn't go with this. Here are few reasons why:

Holds the best customer loyalty engagement index

Brands across the globe use social media for enhancing their marketing presence, customer engagements, and building community. Moreover, through some media, they offer great customer service for clients and sales.

But when it comes to Apple, the tech brand already has the highest customer loyalty engagement index with its computers, smartphones, tablets, and Laptops. That's why Apple doesn't need to have a more social media presence.

Social media buzz

Apple works on increasing the social media buzz among its fans for the latest and upcoming Apple products on various social media platforms. Its marketing strategy is based on organizing conferences and events to promote the release of its new products and the PR team manages the rest.

And that's why the company creates social media buzz through its fans, influencers on social media platforms as well as public relations.

Most Valuable tech brand

Apple is stated as the most valuable tech brand in 2015 by Millward Brown, who estimated its value as worth $246,992 billion. With such immense popularity and success, does Apple require to find customers through social media? No, with its popularity, customers get attracted to themselves.

Apple has put great effort and planning into creating its social media strategy. It works precisely with the right strategy. And that's how the company remains on top even without active social media.

Great Customers Service

For any company, formulating a good product isn't enough. Along with the quality, customers should also get the best services in hand. And Apple knows this very clearly. Apple provides the best customer service with its great quality products.

Social media marketing is partly based on improving the customer's services and as Apple already offers them through great customer engagement, it doesn't require a social media presence.

Apple's social media agency

With such immense success, does Apple have any social media agency? Maybe, maybe not! The answer is uncertain but, when we look at the estimated data and Apple's success, we can conclude that the company has an almost non-existential social media presence.

Apple may have someone from their company for managing social media, but they sure don't trust outsiders with confidential and sensitive information regarding the company or any of its products.

However, the subsidiaries of Apple may hire social media agencies for managing their social media presence and promoting their accounts.


Managing social media the way Apple does, requires absolute boldness and global domination. Social media has taken over every other brand across the globe, but Apple doesn't give it the power to increase its global presence.

For a long time now, Apple has been working towards establishing a strong market position. Apple is moving with a very strong strategic marketing planning. And their plans are worth considering! Its distinct form of social media helps the brand to safeguard itself from various social media pitfalls. And who knows, in the upcoming years these strategies grow even more differently.


How does Apple promotes its brands?

Apple promotes its products through commercials and print ads.

What is Apple's Social media strategy?

Apple follows different social media strategy than other brands, it avoids promoting its products on social media.

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