Famous Music Streaming Platforms In India

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Jul 1, 2020 3 min read
Famous Music Streaming Platforms In India

Music is one great healer in this world, it has the essence of divinity, driving magic in people with positive energy, now music is being blended into one's daily routine, looks like everybody is feeling a day incomplete without music and this is why music applications are blooming out with great tools and having good profits. They are having good playlists and sort out songs according to user’s choice, and one more big thing is that they are allowing people to perform and showcase their talent, which indeed helps out singers to go forward in this industry. Here are few great music startups in India so, let us see the complete story on the topic- Famous Music Streaming Platforms In India.

From Mug to Mike

1. Kroomsa

It is founded by Paras Chopra in New Delhi, kroomsa is a good platform for independent bands and artists, these artists can upload their music online which can be downloaded and is streamed online, advertisements are embedded in the songs, the platform gives 20% of ad revenue to NGOs, 40 percent to artists and bands, and keeps 20% for itself.

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2. Marvix


Marvix was founded by Param Arunachalam ,a former Infosys employee, the team consists of Thejesh GN ( technical Architect),Santosh Patil(Content Manager), Gururaj Krishnappa and Fidel Dsouza( Content Analyst). Their main aim is to build India's greatest music discovery engine, the venture has created MySwar.com, which they claim to be by far the most wide ranged guide to Hindi film music.

They have songs dated back from 1941 till today, their database includes artist biographies,credits and award information,they have music information like genre, instrumentation, tempo, and more which is more useful for singers.

3. From Mug to Mike

It is founded by Sunil Koshy, who is a techie and trained singer, Koshy is a good singer and has recorded with famous musicians, like Alwyn Fernandes, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, and Keith Peters, and top lyricist Jayant Kaikini , he is creating a good  platform for potential singers with his startup, he conducts workshops where participants are given the opportunity to record at high end studios, he is giving good training for the betterment of singers.

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4. Saavn

It was founded in 2007 and currently based out of US, Saavn was founded by Rishi Malhotra, ,Vinodh Bhat, and Paramdeep Singh. Company has acquired the rights to over 7 million music tracks, Saavn’s signature products are Saavn.com, Saavn Pro, Saavn Music and radio for  Windows phone, and PC and Saavn radio, Saavn offers free music search supported by display advertisements,it generates good revenue by advertisements,  Saavn also offers a subscription service, Saavn Pro, that gives access to ad free and offline streaming.

5. MuSlate

It was founded by Rohit Goyal, in 2013 , Muslate.com provides a platform to all audience where they can listen to music and also can upload , organize, share and promote their music ,all in one place without any subscription charges, a good opportunity is created for singer Muslate.com saves you from the hassle of managing music in different devices and the need of carrying your music along with you, it enables you to access your music by just logging into your account and there is no need of storing your playlists in your device.

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