How To Become A Modern Day Musician

How To Become A Modern Day Musician

This post is dedicated to curating a business around music. It's possible to make money as a musician. Nearly everyone has a passion for music but no one wants to put in the full-time hard work and efforts required. There are several music producers and musicians, but only a few are able to monetize their skills.

This post provides a generalized outlook on making money in today's landscape as a musician. It should provide you some guidance in your journey towards making a successful career as a musician.

Early Days As A Musician
Music Industry Of Today
Create Your Path As A Modern Musician

Early Days As A Musician

Early Days As Musician
Early Days As Musician

Like any other creative career, the initial days of a musician involve immense toil, sweat, and tears. You need to build a portfolio. It maybe singing, playing instruments, or both. It's important to specialize in a genre or segment. Have a knack for writing awesome rap? Then strengthen yourself in it. Don't inter-twine classical music with rap then. Same goes for musical instruments. You may know to play guitar, piano, and several other instruments. Ultimately, you'll have to narrow down. However, if you are proficient in multiple instruments, then go ahead. People love musicians who can play multiple instruments like a pro.

At the start, don't expect hundreds of thousands of people to go gaga over your songs and creations. Some of your early creations may go unnoticed, but you'll strike gold with one of them.

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And it's about hustling in the beginning. A song you wrote will need several revisions. Late night practice, jamming sessions, and consistent efforts will eventually show results.

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Music Industry Of Today

Today's Music Industry
Today's Music Industry

Gone are the days of CDs, cassettes, and all that jazz. Today, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other digital platforms rule the roost. One's entire music playlist resides in smartphones, laptops, etc. People pay for subscriptions to stream music on-demand.

Emerging musicians are utilizing YouTube to the fullest. The power of social media platforms allows them to reach a large mass. All in all, it's a world dominated by the web, and Walkman, mp3 players, and iPods have become history.

And this is the future of the music industry. Eventually, no one's going to have audio files in their devices. It will be about downloading or stream music as and when needed.

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Create Your Path As A Modern Musician

Create Your own Path As Musician
Create Your own Path

First and foremost, make a list of all platforms allow to publicize and promote your musical abilities. This includes, but is not restricted to, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media websites.

Want some inspiration and success stories to get an idea? Google Shirley Setia. You don't need to participate in national level singing events and musical shows to make name and claim some fame. At present, it's about uploading your music videos on the internet, spread the word, and continuing to hustle in parallel.

At the same time, stay as far as possible from plagiarism. People are quick to sniff out copy-and-paste tunes. And if you get caught once, it's going to taint your image forever. So place originality above everything when composing any kind of item.

If you have some budget to spend, add in some marketing tactics as well. Paid advertisements on Facebook is one example. Purchase a good quality recording equipment to shoot videos of yourself. While a simple audio recorder built in your smartphone is enough for recording your song, you need to have a good camera for video based creations.

If you are uploading your singing or video on online platforms, don't fill it with ads in the name of monetization. At start, viewers will disregard your attempts as spam videos and audio clips. Keep it as simple as possible. Take Ed Sheeran as an example; no, you don't necessarily need to take it to the streets and showcase your skills. Leverage the power, influence, and reach of the internet. It's the quickest way to display your music prowess to several people at the same time.

Also, think of yourself as a business. After all, you are building your identity in the process.

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