Weird and Creative ways with which People actually made Money

Weird and Creative ways with which People actually made Money

There’s a common saying that goes, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. The world is harsh and everything has to be earned. To survive you need money, and to get access to money you need to work. But finding work is just too hard or even harder than working in today’s world. It would no longer be a surprise if we were to find out that a 1000 people applied for a post with 80 seats. It shows us just how much of a role money plays in our lives. 💸

But fear not! The world is vast and its diverse inhabitants do tend to come up with ways to support themselves. They come up with ideas for new ways of making money, laying the path for someone else in the future too. Now, every individual is unique in their way and each possesses a different set of skills and preferences.

So keeping that in mind and also the fact that as of this moment you might be unemployed since you are reading this we have listed down some weird and funny ways to make money that you could consider👇

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Weird Ways To Make Money

Upload your photos and sell clothes🕺

This works by uploading a photo of yourself and tagging the clothes that you are wearing. When viewers like what they see and buy the clothes, you get a commission in the form of points which you can redeem for cash and various products. This could be useful for people who have a large following on social media since they are more likely to reach out to more people and ultimately bring better results.

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Gaming 🎮

A new trend on the rise is professional gaming. With the ever-increasing use of the internet and YouTube, gamers are gaining popularity by posting their videos or by streaming it live. 💻
Many have taken it up as their source of income with money coming in from viewers who can donate through online transactions as well as through YouTube’s monetization policy.

Apart from that, video game competitions also offer huge sums of prize money. Recognized gamers often enjoy the luxury of free gaming systems and are also given certain privileges by the game they are known for.

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Life for Sale

Probably the only person to come up with this idea, Mike Merrill is an unusual man. He divided himself into 100,000 shares and sold them at 1 dollar a share. His shareholders now make his major life decisions for him.😆

Mike’s investors run his life and, just as with real companies, sometimes the benefits are short-term and put Mike’s long-term prospects in jeopardy. Another instance is Ian Usher, a man who decided to sell his life and start afresh. He sold his old life on eBay for 305,000 dollars and is now a professional speaker, blogger and writer and also the owner of an island off the coast of Panama.

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Become the Owner of Celestial bodies 🤔

Countries may be fighting one another over land claiming their ownership over territories but certain individuals have risen above them all. Among them is a guy named Dennis Hope. In the early 1980s, Dennis, then unemployed, found a loophole in the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty that said that no nation shall have sovereignty or control over any of the satellite bodies. 😳

In 1980s, Dennis hope sold the land on moon to many people.

He noticed that it said nothing about an individual owning them. So, he sent a letter to the UN about him claiming ownership over the moon, the other planets and their moons and his intent on selling the land to whoever wanted it. He also mentioned that if the UN had a legal problem with it, they let him know, but there hasn’t been any kind of challenge by any government to his claim. Since then, he has been selling plots of land on the moon and other celestial bodies for actual money. Not only that, but he also has an ambitious plan to build the first city on the moon.

Become a Fake Patient 😅

Known as “standardized patients”, people with this job help new doctors get trained. It is essentially an acting job where people are paid to play different roles while medical students examine them. These jobs can be found in several medical colleges if you can act and don’t mind being poked and prodded by aspiring doctors.

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Put Ads on your Car 🚗

If you think the ones above are too hardcore for you, this one might be less of a challenge for you, that is if you possess a car. Companies pay people for putting up their advertisement in their car to promote their business. So if you take up this job, you can make money even while driving through town with your friends.🤑

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Eat 🍕 or Loose Weight for money🏋

Ever wondered how fun it must be to be in an eating contest? Well, if you are a heavy eater, you could even earn by eating your way through. Although, you’d have to be quite fast too and also be prepared to face stiff competition.

Now, if you think it’s time to burn all of those now, you could earn money again by betting how much weight you can lose. If you succeed to maintain your weight by the end of the challenge, you get paid. Keep in mind though, both of these are different contests.

Provide Doggy Daycare🐕

Maybe you feel like your pet dog is still too young to be left alone at home and wonder if it’ll be hungry while it is on its own. Well, the feeling is mutual for many people and that is why nowadays some people are willing to take care of dogs while its owner is at work. It could be a source of happiness for you if you are a dog lover. To offer your service, you could get certified or choose not to if you are only going to look after dogs whose owner has trust in your competence.

Cry your way to Money 😭

Remember when you were a kid and used to cry for the things you wanted? This job also involves crying and you get paid for it too. People hire professional, discreet people to attend funerals and wakes. So, if you feel you can act and shed tears, you could give it a try. 😎

Rent your Friendship 👬

If you don’t have a problem mingling with strangers, or if you are a person who likes the company of others, or in other words, who takes a genuine interest in others, this job could be the right one for you to make money.

Naturally, if you are open-minded it adds up to your advantage. If you’re in this job, you will have a page with your online profile and will be contacted if the renter finds you suitable.🔍

Perks of doing this job include free meals, concert tickets, etc. Yes, of course, the relationship is strictly platonic.💵

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These are some bunch of ideas if you are looking for weird ways to earn money. Excluding them, there are so many other things that you could come up with, ideas that could emerge from your interests. Although unusual as they may seem, it does fill your pocket with quick money. P.S. You might find yourself enjoying these jobs.

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